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Friday, October 3, 2014

You're Legacy is more Important then You're Currency

October 3, 2014

I have used this statement as many of my close partners; it has value at a level most will never truly appreciate or fully understand the real meaning of the above words.

Legacy will be only really quality your family, friends, business associates as well for some; their partners at whatever level they trusted each other. Sad in a sense, this is how you will be remembered once you are gone from the earth. You will be judged, compared and God only knows what other words will be used to describe what you have achieved in your life.

Hardcore facts, we will never have to hear about it, since we will be gone!

We are all humans, we have emotions, egos, obstacles we deal with daily like paying bills, is always one that comes in at the wrong time, most say, "are you kidding me!" Reality has its rewards for a few of us and so many options for others, but why do people pick the wrong ones.

Is it fair to say People Fail and well Calculated Systems will never fail, when used correctly? The majority of the ones we encounter spend way too much time on why a system will fail, rather than why it will work! Why only 3 percent have the ability to understand why they generate what they generate financially.

Paying for our children's education should be a given, would you not agree? We will all encounter this Financial Burden, sooner or later! We decided at some time to bring him or her to become part our life. Now they want to continue their education, but you forgot to plan for this step of raising children, oh you done an excellent job so far, just forgot it had a price.

We all deal with this type of obstacle, part of reality, most forget this process, but you need to understand who decided to make him or her part of the family tree? So why did we forget to plan that step, simple reason, we were not focused! We all have faults, not much more to say since we all been there once or twice!

Why it is so Important to have the correct mindset, you will eliminate many mistakes, towards your journey.

It never matters what you are doing, what is important is your passion towards your dreams. We all have heard what dreams, visualization; "How it Will" change your life, but again not for everyone. Reasons, it takes dedication, self-improvement and, adjustments with your mindset, this is not easy stuff. But in an another forum of reality, it is easily done.

Your passion is the key to success, when you open a door, you "do need a key" if it is locked, so what you need to do is unlock your subconscious mind. It's very achievable, takes time, but we all use time differently. The leadership we provide has a way of making you think, perhaps for the first time outside your comfort zone.

We all have done our homework, the most important language you will ever "have" to learn is an international language, the power of the numbers. Somehow numbers have the ability to paint a very accurate road map, most miss this, why they jump from system to system. They never spend enough dedication in learning the system. But it's never our fault, is it?

I came across this man, a long time ago, he had a passion, a message to all who listen to him. Yes more then likely had a mission, one he has accomplished. Yes he has, changed my thinking, open my mind to endless opportunities.

How you play this options, will have an impact, on your whys in life, we all have them! 

I watched this countless times, but I learn something new each time, probably why I listened to this man, he made sense to me. He could make me want to become successful; I hope you will enjoy him as much as l have.

He is from the New York City area, his an Icon in this industry has that ability, started at the bottom, worked his way and his vision. Now let's allow Gary to tell his story.

The man who Lives by the PP Formula

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Understanding Predictable Behaviour Patterns

March 28, 2012

Understanding Predictable Behaviour Patterns

When you understand what this title has in store for you, it will be like having a crystal ball in front of you. You just know how this person will react; making your marketing skills prolific in the sense you already knew their weaknesses by using and understanding this concept.  Using this very useful technique is an absolute “Art”.  Let’s learn more about this subject and benefit from it.

When we test human responses to marketing efforts.  People react to certain words, phrases and enticements, such as words “Free”, “Sale”, and up to 75% off. What creative marketing calls a sizzle; we have now created a niche market for an audience that has our attention. A real dream comes true, in a simply explained manner.

Creates cultural reactivity that we all have felt and learned from; this type of thinking and understanding takes an effort to master and generate the above statement. When we understand a person’s cultural idealism which knowing the excellent pictures that play in their mind, we now know and anticipate their behavior and reaction.  Perhaps l have sparked an interest in you, we all have had this type of thinking, knowing ahead of time.

Predictable behavior patterns occur daily, and they get rather boring as we all know, but when we use this method in a business transaction! Happens, you have created a competitive edge to negotiate a reward winning contract, perhaps a sale or just an excellent contact and lead. Marketing is a contact sport when you think about it.

Master and learn how to use good reactivity to your advantage, is a step in the winner’s circle of successful negotiating with results. This concept has created more wars than any other nation, why because when your emotions get the attention, it becomes personal and we try and protect our boundaries our beliefs. Over time, we break this pattern and strengthen our morals or break apart entirely. This is one of the strongest cornerstones of our conviction.

We as humans, well some of us become emotional reactivity, meaning how we will react to certain situations that comfort us. Make or break the deal, absolutely in its finest fashion allowing you to obtain an additional advantage in your control in this case. We all know some people are just plain weird, they become hot-head, indolent or just plain over emotional. With much luck perhaps with age and maturity they will learn their deviations that prevent them from achieving their dreams.

Mastering your reactivities and keeping them in perspective without over reacting,
is a chore for most of us!
We just repeat our faults!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

APSense Has Totally Changed!

March 21, 2012

APSense Has Totally Changed!

The complete concept has not changed, what has changed is the format and how we get viewed and exposed on the internet. The APSense Team has revamped our total imagine, getting our message circulated is creating what we call a niche market. The market that we all need to tap into, why for the simple reason they have the same interest as we do.

Understanding our target market is a rewarding feature, creating an audience that has the same interest as we do, does a dream come true. We now have an audience that speaks the same language we speak. The have a need, desire and are willing to gather the information for them to make a purchase. Music to our ears is what that states.

APSense Social Media Business
site has created an effective target-ting market that will display your abilities in a whole new arena. Regardless of what you are promoting, the is a "Market" with that type of audience. Sharing your sizzle, is how you get their attention, learn this concept. Being unique, creative with a game plan that works, will enhance your odds for clicks and leads to your site.

Changes have come to how we market our products, offers and whatever it is we promote, is an absolute "ART". You have to understand the concept of how you get visitors to spend time on your site. They create the bounce ratio; they have an interest in what you are offering. They spend time on your site; they have a need for what you are promoting.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Learn How to Expand Your Influence Using LinkedIn

February 23, 2012

I wanted to take some time out of my evening to share this treasured and helpful information that will help you grow and market your business, as well as build your list and see an immediate increase in your business or professional goals by harnessing the power of LinkedIn. Many companies are using social media to build their brand, drive traffic, and get exposure.

What matters is how much time you spend on these websites, and if you're on facebook its hard to see how business connections are made, because you have people sharing all sorts of information, from what they did yesterday at the park to what is their favorite food. Leading your way into LinkedIn you will avoid other distractions and see more interaction related to your brand and your unique business.

Many fortunes 500 companies have a profile on LinkedIn. So when you're using LinkedIn your connecting with people and individuals., with a business mindset who are focused on networking for results! You would bypass the gatekeepers and deal strictly with the key decision makers in your industry. Awesome news, and you won't even know what it would be like to be on LinkedIn and see the actual difference than being on Facebook, but you won't see that if you don't get into LinkedIn.

I see so much opportunity on LinkedIn, and that is why I want to share with you Linked Influence, and I want you to gain the most out of LinkedIn to grow your business and to maximize your potential with LinkedIn through Linked-influence. If your a serious influence looking for serious results, and want more sales, sell more products, build your subscribers list or get leads that are highly qualified people attending your web events, Linked-influence is the road map to your success and helps your navigate LinkedIn.

Experience Linked-influence see how you can transform your LinkedIn profile the way it should be to bring your brand more exposure! To make it even easier, I have included a video to explain what Linked-influence will do for your business. Discover a very powerful networking resource designed to put you at the top.

This article was written by one Fatima Veislari our members at APSense Social Business Media Site. I will be promoting more of our members from APSense, who's article catch my attention. Keep up the good work.

JOIN US NOW if you enjoy Marketing, and it's Benefits

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, February 16, 2012

APSense Social Media Business Site will Have a New Look!

February 16, 2012

APSense Social Media Business Site will Have a New Look!

The revision is all made and ready to be showcased to all our members and new members that are part of this ever growing Social Media Business Site. Wincer Song and the APSense Team have been working diligently, implementing the new look and making sure all the new features are working to their full capacity and potential. Many reasons why the revision and enhancement have been done to APSense. When you want to be a leader you need to set the standards for the followers.

Here is more information on some of the revisions coming our way created and written by Neville Dinning on his Rev-Page APSense Upgrade. This page will illustrate the essential new features that will be introduced to our Members and New Members, review this page and it will bring you to speed on what APSense new focus will be on.

The entire site has been modified from the start up the page which will have an entirely different look, that is very slick, with a totally professional new look to our Branding Marketing of APSense. Making it much easier to attract new members to join us here at APSense. I honestly believe you will be impressed and inspired to be part of the APSense Social Media Business Site.

With new features that are at your fingertips, and an entirely new look you will be very impressed with the overall look that APSense has to offer. Much cleaner, sharp and provides a much more professional look to the whole site.

I will add more information later today to this article once l touch base with Wincer and review the final steps and features.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, February 9, 2012

How to effectively Use Personalized Postcards

February 10, 2012

A very powerful tool, in your business marketing approach of maintaining customers for life. One of the most difficult tasks to handle, why because it takes great discipline here to accomplish this next step. The reason l say it's hard, is because you have just left to go on vacation with your family, wife, girlfriend or whoever you left with. Not imperative who you're with, What is important is the steps you will need to make this vacation into a real working vacation.

It doesn't matter what type of business you're involved with. What is important is the ability to build client loyalty is no easy feat. You need to be able to romance your customer for as long as he or she is your client. A very complicated and long process before she or he buys from you, it may take up to five years or more, depending on what you're selling. We all know about sending out little "reminder" postcard to remind the client that it is time to do business with you again. Nothing new about this process, would you not agree. Those techniques will stimulate some interest and perhaps turn into new found business.

Now let's take the topic of Personalized Postcards to the next level. When you leave for a vacation, in additional to all of your luggage bring your list of clients with you and a big stack of postcards. Well, you're on the plane ride to your vacation destination, instead of catching some sleep or reading a magazine. Start addressing your letters to your clients and write a brief personal message on the back of each postcard.

The Postcard may say something as simple as.

Hi Mr. Client,

I was here sunbathing on the beach in Cuba and l was just thinking about you. When l get back, I'll have a present for you.


Your name

You can fill each and every postcard the same simple way, the moment you land all you need to do is buy local stamps and send the postcards off and enjoy the rest of your holiday.

What's the present? The present is something simple, an inexpensive little gift that you will have to buy for all of your clients you sent a postcard to. When you give your client the gift, it will strengthen your relationship with one another, and also provide you a reason to drop by and see if they want to do some business. Its pretty slick and it works.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to Romance Your Client Well Achieving Rewards

February 7, 2012

Developing the Art and understanding how to create a personal relationship with your clients is such a dynamic and cost-effective method of retaining your customers for life. Let's all agree on one critical cost factor here. How much did it cost us, to obtain this client? How easy is it, to lose this client? Now that we have established a dollar value on our client, each client came to us with some form of advertising. Each time we advertise there is a cost involved, knowing the value of each client is understand the term we use for getting a bang for our advertising dollar.

Believe it or not, your customers are not just looking for the "lowest price" when they're deciding to buy (regardless of what they say).

There are many deciding factors to be taken into consideration, such as "how well do they like you". Here is an example. If you were competing for business at your best friends place of business and a complete stranger were competing against you, who do you think would win?

Unless you were running a very second rated business and your best friend knew it, you would more than likely win. Here is Why this would be this would happen! You have a personal relationship with him. He already knows who you are, what you're all about and to some extent has confidence in you.

Now let's take the next step. If you could show or provide ways of making your client, your best friend. You would create a competitive edge over your competition and more than likely win his trust, resulting in a sale. When your client knows you and what you have to offer, it becomes a personal transaction among two people who know each other. Why it is so critical to establishing a bond with your clients, as l covered in my topic regarding my NEWSLETTER Your customers already feel at easy, because they have knowledge of your company and what you can provide and do for them base on your past track record.

One very simple step to establishing a personal relationship or as I like to call it, romancing your client. How do you romance your client is by sending each and every client a personal letter or a simple thank you note. Personal letters create an existing personal relationship with someone. A personal letter allows you to have a conversation with the reader (we all know it is one-sided). Provides you with the perfect opportunity to update the text with any new information you want them to have.

Think about this situation in some of them old war movies we have all watched. The part where all the soldiers are standing around the mail person as he hands out the mail. Each soldier stands up excitedly waiting to see if he got a letter from home.

The moment he gets his message, he tears it open, founds a comfortable spot and reads each and every word over and over again. People love getting personal letters. People just love reading about other people's lives and what is going on with their lives. Think about the last time you got a personal letter, how did you feel? It has been a real long time has it not.

It's a very useful tool for keeping your clients romanced and building trust with one another. When was the last time you got a thank you letter for an item that you purchased from a company. What You can't recall, so is it not the time for you to take this very simple step, and making it work for you. This very simple step will provide you with one of the most competitive advantages your company can buy over your competition.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Sunday, January 29, 2012

What Can You Do To Make Yourself Unstoppable?

January 29, 2012

Most of us have kids, and at times we see them playing video games, l mean for hours. You know why they play for hours, not because they are winning, but because they are losing. They are doing all they can, to get to the next level of that game, and then they get sent back to square one. They do this over, and over again, trying to achieve the next standard of the match. Where they made a mistake or a wrong turn, they take the approach and the challenge with a new strategy.

Let's talk about our Kids

Let's think about this here for a minute, kids learning, and teaching themselves to get to the next level over and over again, is this not what our life's as adults is all about. We as adults, give up way to quick, just because we made a wrong turn, and fell flat on our face, and got sent back to square one. How come we do not approach our mistakes as kids do, and start all over again, and apply new strategies to get us where to want to be.

They Understand what they are doing

One of the biggest reason l never get upset watching my kids and friends playing video games because l know one thing they are learning problem-solving skills, and experimenting with different approaches, they're gain confidence but most of all having fun but yet learning life strategies.

They Take one step at a time

Each time they get to next level of that game, they will have to repeat the same process over and over again. The ability of not beating or winning that game never even enters their mind. Wow; kids have this ability to tackle problems, and face them over and over again and yet we as adults, we have a tendency to hide from our obstacles in everyday life.

They Understand How to Start over

So the next time you have an obstacle in your way and you're having a real hard time with it, think about your kid or any kid playing a video game and how he approaches the obstacles that sent him back to square one. He thinks, and decides to apply new found strategy to his new approach, how we should also as adults approach our let downs, never allow the thought of defeat even enter your mind.

Their Magical formula 

If you approach each obstacle with this mindset you going strength your conviction, raising your expectations and then you will conquer your fears that have held you back for so long. The more you apply this formula, the easier it will get, and you will recognize each small victory along the way making you stronger and you will start to believe in yourself like never before. How you make yourself unstoppable one small victory after another.

See kids do have the ability to teach us, we just have to understand how they think, they have no boundaries in life defeat never enters their minds. So the next time your kids are playing a video game learns from them by watching what they do.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Almost Five Years Have Passed by Here at APSense for Me!

January 8, 2012,

What I mean by that is I been here since September 15, 2007, learned a lot from all our members who originality had a concept and that was to write quality content, why l joined. Just loved the APSense Concept, you wrote an excellent article, you got replies, comments that were at times bigger than the actual article. Wow, I was impressed and hooked!

Why I joined and watched APSense grow, to what it is today, for all the information with credibility just check APSense Ranking according to Alexa’s Rankings. Once you are there, review what Alexa’s says, review trends, what works, back links to APSense, all the information that you need to take you to the top. APSense philosophy has been this since day one.

Got to meet Wincer Song a long time ago, glad I did, and he put up with me, yea he did. I think I may have driven him crazy at times, but he was like me; never satisfied, regardless, deep inside we know why we did it, new concepts and abilities is what APSense has taught me the last five years. Just like going to school!! Glad I only skipped a few classes if I did not say that, then this would not be real.

APSense has a lot to offer all our members at whatever level you decide to use the features at your comfort zone, but you will understand one thing it has a way of getting results. Results are vital for me I need to look at stats, what l like, numbers do not lie, if you know how to read them. Alexa’s is the leader in this industry if you’re not using their services you’re missing out.

The whole reason for me writing this article is to allow all our new members and current members what we have come our way, why l been here as an active participant we are always founding ways to improve our social media business site. Learning how to use APSense effectively will definitively provide you with a solid foundation for 2012, Marketing is where it all starts with.

You will do well, l have and so have many other loyal members, that been here as long or longer then l have all for the same reason. We found success here at APSense, why it works one member at a time.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Branding and Creating a Niche Market at APSense!

December 14, 2011
With all of this said, Wincer and the APSense team have been working diligently on making APSense a state of the “ART” business social media site.  APSense has gone through many changes, all for the better, incorporating new concepts, ideas and methods that will have an immediate impact for all our members. Marketing is what every social media site promises you when you join.

has had a dream as we all have if you have no dreams that we had no goals or directions in life. The most genuine issue is we all have dreams, desires and ambitions to become the person we all want to be, leading by example are what APSense is all about. APSense understands this concept why we have always improved and adapted to the trends of the internet; it changes daily. Here at APSense, we have a leader in Wincer who fully understands the reasoning behind his revisions.

I  am not going to sell you on APSense for one particular reason, l do not have to sell you on this site, it has all the tools, marketing, information for you as a marketer on the internet to utilize our features and most of all; how your articles will rank. The ranking is what means your story got looked at, did it get read no one knows except for the person who clicked on it.  It is all about a numbers game, some read it, few read it, and not many "EVER" leave a comment on your post.

The reason many never leave a comment on your post, they are way too busy on the internet, forgetting that each time you leave a comment; you have just created a back link, back to your site. Back-links, bounce ratio provide the search engine with a good score of how you will rank, means you get looked at.  You need to focus on this, why it tells you what you are doing right and what you’re not doing to get notice, read and even comment on the article.  You will learn all of this if you are serious about making on living here, or extra money.

The changes that are coming will be different, more (SEO) for all your articles, why; for the simple reason you’re articles will be directed to a certain market that you have selected.  We have taken many ideas and implement them into the APSense Social Business Media Site, to provide you with all the tools that will help us spread what APSense is all about.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Creating a Niche Affiliated Market That works!

December 10, 2011

I have been doing a lot of research on this topic, why it works and what effect it will have on your results for your efforts. The whole mission you should have in mind is making money with your products. The biggest mistake most of us all are making we promote way too many programs and have zero focus on any of them. I said most of us, not all of us. The fair statement, would you not agree, we all do it. Why most of all never make any money with affiliate programs.

So understanding what l have just used as a topic l would like to proceed to a more intelligent and efficient way of marketing our products in cyberspace. Big world out there not many postings, article, blogs, and websites get the attention they require to become money making sites. So what can we do to increase our potential for making a living with advertising on the internet? There are many factors we can do immediately to enhance our chances of this becoming a reality.

The most important step you as a marketer can do to choose 2 or 3 programs in a niche market, what is a niche market; it is a market that is entirely interested in what you are promoting. This market you have target have a credit card beside them ready to buy the products you are promoting, wow is this true, absolutely happens every second of the day somewhere on the internet. So how do we get and find these people with credit card beside them, we need to target this type of audience. By select the correct keywords, key phrase and understand who will be viewing your efforts.

Now you need to know who will use your products, what words are they using to search for your products they have an interest. Our job now is to focus on our products and understand what benefits it will have for the buyer. You need to play with different keywords and phrase and until you know your clicks and your ratio of conversions. It may take weeks before you finally found the correct combination of words that lead you to this audience, just like musician takes the time to find the right beats to make his or her song stand out to its audience. Once you have found the key phrases and words, you have now opened a new door of opportunity.

Understand this concept will certainly provide you with a dangerous combination of keywords your buyers are using to found you in cyberspace, is that not like music to your bank account. The most efficient way you can become magnificent with affiliated programs, stick to relate content that you believe in promoting and support to you niche market. It's not an accident it takes hard work to become successful her on the internet. I will provide you with some relevant articles that will help you understand this concept more effectively.

Additional related Links that is all about this topic!

Understanding Marketing Concepts
Understanding and using creative marketing
How Effective are Your Marketing Skills
How important are your selection of keywords and key phrases

If you want to make money here and make this a part time job, extra spending money or you wand and have the desire to make this a full time living. You have the abilities to do this, but the question is do you have the dedication to achieve the results you visualize in your mind. We all have dreams; some make them happens most just leave it as a thought. Which one are you?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Easy Fan-Page design

November 26, 2011
Long time marketer Justin Wheeler has just created a Wordpress plugin called Easy Fan-Page Design. This plugin allows you to create professional looking Facebook fan pages quickly and easily.

Creating fan-pages for fun or profit has never been easier.

Facebook is HUGE.. and it gets bigger on a daily basis. Vast and small businesses alike need an internet presence. It does not matter if you are a HUGE corporation or a small mom and pop shop... having a web presence allows people to connect with you quickly and easily.

Having both a website and a Facebook page is the BEST... but if you had to choose between the two, the Facebook page would be the better choice.

Small business would benefit greatly from having a Facebook page; they would be able to post daily specials, give directions and display hours of operation, are just a few things that come to mind.

Facebook fan-pages for schools, clubs, churches, etc. are all an excellent way to keep connected.

Once someone “Likes” a fan-page, every message, every link, every anything you post to your page shows up in your fans’ news streams so they—and all their friends—can see and click on fan pages can quickly go viral!

When you have both a blog or website "AND" a Facebook page you can quickly post on the Facebook page about the new post you just put on your blog/website.. there we go with that viral thing again. Got to love how all this works together.

Now I don't want to get all tacky here, but I LOVE to talk about those Google Spiders... they love good original content.

If you were to post to your blog and then post that URL on your Facebook fan-page, those hungry Google spiders would crawl all over not just your blog but also all over your Facebook page. Are you getting the BIG picture here about how important it is to have a Facebook fan page?

Let me give you an example, My partner and I have a website, Tops in hCG Drops. We also have a Facebook fan page also about HCG liquid diet drops, they both work together.

Creating Facebook fan pages for yourself or others is a great way to put extra money in your pocket. Not only would you be able to build "Your Own Targeted List" but if you made fan pages for others, you would be able to charge them a fee to do so.

Most people think they don't have the time, or there would be too much to learn to create their Facebook fan page just don't tell them how easy it is to make GREAT looking Facebook fan pages when you use Easy Fan-Page Design.

Here is another pointer on how to earn money also do you know how to market/promote? Those same people who are too busy to make their Facebook fan pages are probably too busy to support it too. Offer to help them develop it for them for a fee and earn extra income from that as well.

Written by,

Cindy Bolley

Cindy has been a member with APSense since May of 2007

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Sunday, November 20, 2011

What is Your Dedication, Here at APSense!

November 20, 2011

What is Your Dedication, here at APSense!

Social Business Media Sites work effectively and have the ability to provide you with Leadership in your marketing skills. Marketing on the internet is a hard gig, for most of us! Many of else rely on others to promote us without having to do much work on here what so every. APSense provides you with applications, tools and a very clever way of getting your articles, promotions, and marketing skills get noticed in cyberspace. So let’s share whatAPSensewill do for you when you understand the concept of marketing and using the features here at APSense

Your articles will always be ranked high when you promote and share your articles on Twitter, Linkedin, facebook and all other major social media sites you have access too. In order for this to take place, you will have to become a little more dedicated with your articles that you write. What is meant by that, you need to appreciate what you have written, and now it is time for you to promote it and share it logically with your networks? This is an important, effective and rewarding step for generating traffic that will lead back to your ads. Is this not our mission is to create a niche market that will read and reply to your articles.

APSenseis currently ranked at 3,614 with Alexa’s Ranking, means our articles have the ability to be piggybacked with APSense rankings watch how your articles rank and you will understand this concept of the value of having a high ranked article in your specialty field. The traffic will increase, in some case visitors actually post a comment on your article and that is a reward you cannot buy. Not only a reward but a visitor who has actually spent time on your site clicked on some of your links and increased the bounce ratio as a visitor on your site.

APSense provides each member with the ability for each and every member to have the same advantage with their abilities when it come to marketing on the internet, some of the outstanding features we have in place is a list of features that will provide you with the success you need to become successful with your promotions and marketing skills. Review the key elements that will enhance your over image, branding of your abilities and talent showcasing it in a very Professional displayed profile.

Creating a Killer profile is not only wise but it is the image and impression you will ever have to capture the attention of the reader. The profile will provide the reader with confidence, integrity, loyalty and most of all, telling your reader who you are and why he should do business with you and your companies. Here is an article l wrote on this topic it should provide you with ideas that will improve or add to your profit.

You’re Profile on APSense, why it is so important!!

Then next and very important step for you is to grow and dedicate your desires to learning how to become very effective marketer on the internet. This next step will be one you will need to change daily and l have not been doing this myself. I found it to be very creative and a very good display of your raw talents. This section is called your “Business Section” This is also known as your “ABC’s” where you get to display your showroom of promotions, products etc, etc.

“You’re Business Section at APSense”

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Monday, October 24, 2011

Welcome Back Wincer, You’re a Married Man.

October 25, 2011

Welcome Back Wincer, you’re a married man.

Yea life is getting better for you as your career has been; now you have the most important ingredient in your life for success. The woman you love made a commitment to will make you jubilant and fruitful. Your life has more meaning than it did a few weeks ago; you have found your partner for life.

We have worked hard on many projects all for the better, as we have in the past, always looking for the right formula for success. The formula is the ability never to be satisfied with what you have, always something we can improve, implement or revise, so we all can benefit. Has been the “APSense Formula” regardless how good we look and operate we just have not arrived at our desired level of “Marketing.”

We talked about some new changes coming to “APSense”.  They will be presented shortly to all the members and new members to benefit. The “APSense Rewards” the revision that is being considerate will be tested and fully approved by the APSense Team Marketing Department, IP department, and all members who have contributed to these upcoming implementations. The team has come up with some ingenious idea’s that l endorse, wholeheartedly supports them, why l see the total benefit, we will all enjoy.

I honestly believe you will also see the benefits from the new revisions and it provides us to become more “Professional Marketers” here, along with all the other sites you currently work with. The key is you will have some of the most creative “Marketing Tools” to share, promote and most of all make you a “Leader in YOUR Field”.  It's not a pipe dream; it will require work on your part also.

Let’s review our current “Rankings with Alexa”, review our stats, keywords, traffic audience, and performance tables will provide you with a very educated outline of our future.  I will leave you with this and Wincer will take over from here.

Wincer Song Founder of APSense
Social Medial Sit

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Sunday, October 23, 2011

How effective is your Marketing skills, when writing headlines?

October 22, 2011

How useful is your Marketing skills, when writing headlines?

Marketing is a changing environment, what worked yesterday may not work today; if we keep this in mind, we will adopt and implement current market trends in our niche industry. Understand our market is the most important aspect of becoming a very creative and innovator marketer. We can write the most create articles, but if no one reads them, they are useless and nowhere to be found in cyberspace.

Marketing is not only a skill but an “Art”; we need to multiply our audience, gain their attention and entice them to read more of what we are offering. Once we have accomplished this step, we have an opportunity to make a first-class impression. So let’s be fair the most import line on your ad, would be the headline of your article. What we all read first, the headline also knew as the title of any article, book, etc. If it does not trigger our interest, more than as we click on the next item until we found one we like. Let’s review some ideas to writing real ingenious headlines for your ads, articles or eBooks.

-telegraph the promise of a positive benefit.
-emphasize the best; strongest benefits to your niche market.
-outline two and sometimes three benefits on your title that will entice your reader.
-if you can be attractive a creative a title that stimulates curiosity is an absolute bonus.
-stay away from fancy words; keep it simple and easy to understand.
-review and make sure you have used proper spelling and grammar.
-the last one l like using is to make your headline stand alone.

The Stand Alone Test:

What the independent tests means if how much of response have you gotten or will get. Here is an example of this trial, “Write for More Information’ would this draw attention from your audience if they like what they had read so far. This leaves your reader with a moment of curiosity, in most situations they will provide the information you have requested so they can have that information.

Writing creative headlines is an art and science in all of itself, and well worth spending some time learning and mastering. The best headlines written are the ones you find on tabloids, such as “The National Enquirer” (l would strongly recommend and suggest you studying these ads in the tabloids).

They have some of the best Headlines that gain your immediate curiosity and for unknown reasons you have done exactly what they want you to do. Buy their useless material! Here some examples of some innovative and productive headlines those tabloids like to use. “AMAZING DIET SECRETS OF HOLLYWOOD ACTRESS THAT CAUSES OVERWEIGHT LOSS.”
Now you just how to see how this will work for you, and again you buy their magazine again goal accomplished.

So with a little understand of how important a headline is you should review and change your headline or title until it has some of the key ideas l have listed for you.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What Makes Apsense so Different From other Social Sites

October 27, 2010

What Makes Apsense so Different From other Social Sites.

I feel like an absolute "NEW" member right at this very moment. I have been away from here, most of you know why nothing to do with Apsense's at all, due to the lost of my dad back in early June of this year. I have been a member of Apsense since the early days, so do have an idea of what l am going to share with ALL who reads this. Since today is his Birthday, l decide to come back... made perfect sense to me!

The reason l found it really hard to ever leave is for the very simple fact, you will not found no other Social Site you join the tools and the opportunity you have at your finger tips. This is not a get rich site, no promises made towards your success and what l mean by that you can enjoy all the features for free if you decide to stick around. What good are all the features, if you never learn how to use them effectively.

Getting back to my point on why l feel like a new member, for the changes and improvements that the team within Apsense has made for all of us to benefit the rewards from. How many other Social Sites change features and provide you with all the benefits you have here to use effectively as changes on the internet occur daily. I came back and l was lost for about 32 seconds. l said wow this is totally different, so l tested the new stuff out one by one. Created my first Rev Page, checked out all the different areas l needed too.

Now how many people can say that about other sites having an impact with features that have been revised, improved and most of all able to promote you more effectively then three months ago. Why they actually care, the more we work within Apsense the more back links we created with in the world wide web. Sorry what is the cost again for being a member. Not really important most will never upgrade or be able to effectively use the system but we need them also. This is why you fail, actually at any site...

Learn the system here at Apsense, promote your product with out having to using Spam. Set up your profile is the very first step within our community, use your real picture. People will buy from a real person, not from some dumb picture that has been posted by you. Your in business to make money, l hope l am correct and you have this burning desire for success. If you understand what l just wrote, you will go back to your home page and review your Business Center.

Success comes to all who have a burning desire, means one thing working smart within the team, learning from other members, joining groups. By the way l created a couple of groups and plan on carrying out each and every missions statement l promised all who joined one of my groups. Yea l been away but not l am back, going to make sure Apsense becomes the biggest Social Site in the industry. See if this happens several things will happen you will all become very successful, if you learn what Apsense will teach you and what you learn form other members....

I am going to add links and solid information to make sure you all become successful, and re start my journey on making Apsense the most successful Social Site on the internet. But l need your loyal support and a burning desire to chase a dream that will all have. Starts right after you read this blog, you need to do one thing in life change your attitude. If your in for the money not happening, you need to earn it before you can have it...then you can actually spend it, buy things and enjoy a wonderful life with money....

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Welcome To One Gram at a Time

Thank you for taking the time to understanding the "One Gram at a Time Page," it has other meanings, other then the...

Posted by One Gram at a Time on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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