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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

"How to Stop Marketing Backwards Achieve Results Now"

February 22, 2012

Stop Marketing Backward

It's been my experience that having a small or no Marketing budget forces you to become creative, sometimes you learn this on your own quickly and other times you have to suffer through wasting your whole Marketing budget with little or no results. Below are a few suggestions that may save you some time and money:

Step One:

When you hear complaints from people who've tried going into business on-line and failed, the chances are that it’s not that their efforts were wrong, they just weren't practicing effective e-commerce marketing techniques. Where many of the Internet marketing center and programs you can fail the average business person. They give an introduction to different ways you can promote your business on-line, but they only go that far and stop. They don’t give in depth information about how to tweak these techniques to make them work for you, and what to do if they don’t seem to be working.

Step Two:

There’s only one real secret to effective Internet marketing: Re-evaluate often and change tactics when necessary. Most sources of information you’ll find on Internet marketing urge you to try many different models of promotion. Traditional ads, pay-per-click marketing, search engine optimization, joint ventures and a variety of other magnificent suggestions for ways to get your product or service out in front of those who would need or want it. So you’re introduced to all these various modes of marketing.

Step Three:

Then many people think that’s all the information they need, so they jump in with both feet, blow their budget on pay-per-click advertising or some other expensive promotion. The reasoning is that the profits made from this promotion will replace the funds spent and even increase them for the next advertising campaign.

Step Four:

Unfortunately, it rarely works just this way. Very often a person will put these e-commerce marketing techniques into effect all at once hoping for a significant return, but instead microscopic happens and now there’s little budget left to try again. While there’s nothing wrong with advertising campaigns that cost, like pay-per-click marketing, this type of promotion isn't right for every business, despite what the expert might say. And it’s hardly useful Internet marketing to start out with pay-per-click spending.

Step Five:

Where most fail is that they don’t carefully monitor the response of every type of e-commerce marketing techniques they have in place. Effective Internet marketing isn't done once and forgotten, left to work behind the scenes to generate enormous profit. It’s an evolving process, one that takes regular adjustment and change to be truly successful. And you actually can begin this process without spending very much money, and sometimes without spending anything at all.

Step Six:

Aim for the lower cost forms of marketing first. Article marketing, for instance, and filling a blog with fresh keyword optimized content to attract good search engine ranking effective Internet marketing and a great start. Yes, you’ll want to optimize your web content, even if you have to pay someone to do it correctly.

Step Seven Avoid this out if you can:

But hold off on the expensive pay-per-click campaign until you see which keywords and which articles and blog post are referring you the most customers. Then put your money where your customers are, in essence, but creating a pay-per-click campaign based on results you've already seen with other methods.


Effective e-commerce marketing techniques require you to reevaluate all of this often because your best keywords can change even from day to day.

This article was written by Paul Hines, a member of the APSense Social Media Business Site. Review and have a look at other items that Paul has written. Good job Paul well was done!

All the Best,

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