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Friday, April 8, 2011

Is Success What you're Looking For in Life

April 8, 2011

Is Success What you're Looking For in Life:

We all want to become successful in life, some of us make it a habit to achieve this goal and try out every new program that tells them success is within you're the reach. We have all read lines that make us all want to read more about it. But in the end, we all fall short of obtaining this goal of becoming successful. You can buy every program that will guarantee you success and still never achieve it. So the question is why can't l become successful in life. I read all the books, listen to all them CD's, Tapes or MP3's, why haven't I attracted success.

The above opening paragraph reminds us all, that we have tried and done most of what l have listed and yet the results are not there at all. So the mystery continues with our journey into the land of success. Why do some people found success well others who are smarter, better looking and have more ability never found it? What did these people do that l didn't do, we ask ourselves repeatedly over and over again. Why them and not me? Then we do what we do best, we give up and go looking for another program that will help us achieve what we are lacking. Guess what, it happens all over again, same patterns of, though, same excuses, why me how come l can't found success.

This is the most frustrating thing that we can encounter in everyday life. This is the biggest obstacle to holding us back, of becoming who we know we should be, or having the ability to become. We all have the same advantage as one another. The biggest difference is some we learn how to use certain powers that we all have. The ability to be able to visualize who you want to be in your mind and understand what it takes to becoming who you see in your inner mind. The mind has the ability to be controlled and manipulated to thinking in an exact manner you program it to think like. It is up to you to spend some time and working on reprograming you're positive influence to create the vision of the individual that you see through your inner eyes. Once you see who you are and start believing that this is really who you are not who you're going to be, but who you are already. I want you to re-read the last sentence, close your eyes and re-read it with your inner eye's. This will provide your mind with a little workout.

Let's talk more about working and getting your mind to think and create the image of who you are already not who you're going to be but the person you see as being successful. Now take that person and replace him with you, do this with your eyes closed over and over again. Talk, think, and start acting like that person is you. It takes at least 21 days to get your mind programmed, so you will have to work on it on daily bases. It is no different then you giving your body a work out with weights, running or whatever form of exercise you do. You now have to exercise your brain and train it the way you training the rest of your body.

You can buy all the books, tapes, Cd's, and mp3's and never found the results until you understand one very important step. This step will change your ability to become who you want to become and found all of the success you have looked for in your present life and never been able to found it. This step is so overlooked and simple and no one uses it because it is too simple and something so simple can't possibly work. This is how we think, we have been programmed that the more we spend on ourselves the better the program is. Well, guess what, most unfortunately not true at all, except you have just made someone money and wasted a lot of your time and effort again.

Now if you're really serious about founding the secret of how to become the successful person that you are already are and make the change that will enhance to becoming that person. You will found the most simple step in life all you really need to do is stop read this blog take a walk to the washroom. Why the washroom, because it has a mirror, now look into that mirror and you will see the problem and the solution to becoming who you want to be. The answer will look you right into your eye's. This is what is stopping you from being the successful person you already are, and nothing else is. The answer is there in front of you, now it is up to you to understand and do what you know you have the ability to do. Yes, only you can found the answer, why it is so simple but so many of us rather spend money instead of investing our time in applying what we already know.

The answer is in front of you, now take the time to understand what l have just shared with you and apply this very simple costly step and improve, achieve what you have desired all of your life make your dreams become real. So simple but, most of us will click to the next blog and keep on a search for the next self-improvement program and yes more than likely buy it and found the same results again. When you think about it, how much did I t cost you, other then time and a walk to the bathroom to see who you're truly are capable of becoming.

This could be the most powerful lesson you will ever learn about your own personal changes in life. Then again if l had charged you a great deal of money would you tried it, since it's free, how can it possibly work................why l have so much time free time l tried it and now sharing it all who would like to try it.......This is where l leave you to decide what you really want.....Remember when you meet them eyes they never ever lie!!!!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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