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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Biggest Obstacle that Holds You from Success!!

January 21, 2014

We have just ordered another program on some site, which promised you so much success. We get all excited, and say this is the one that will make me "rich and fruitful." Within a very short time, it gets lost with all your other programs. That never lived up to your expectations.

Hang on; we just joined another program that is on it's "pre-lunch announcement." They say a spot and secure your position. It's the biggest decision ever on the Internet, so you did it again. How our minds work, always looking for that magical freedom dust, as in results, without any dedication or effort.

Our minds work in mysterious ways; we have the ability to control the thinking pattern, but most of us never do it. So we defeat our abilities before we provide them with an opportunity to become a reality. It happens so often; we second guess our thoughts, why is this? Been studying this thought pattern for a very long time.

The biggest investment you will ever make, also the most complicated, the most difficult one you will have to appreciate fully, or perhaps learn how to understand why it works! It's the only investment you will ever have to become well educated. Like I said, not going to be easy. Most of us can invest in any investment with money; this one is not about money. What this one is about, it will make or break your future, simple as that.

The biggest obstacle that holds you back is how you think! People pay for this advice, but unfortunately, they never understood the concept, skills involved with this investment. They were too busy, memorizes formulas that provided an (ROI) on their stocks, options, or whatever they invested their money. "This is why investments are so complicated."

Education in any specialty is a lifetime process; we can never allow our minds to accept a comfort zone. If we do not learn something new each and every day in our brand, then we have not invested wisely at all. It all of a sudden became a gamble with our investment.

I am no expert on investing, but I like my (ROI), it is a calculated risk that provides you with positive results, all that matters. Why would l allow someone who would ask me, what is your account number before you can ask questions? Sad, next time you talk to your financial advice, listen to him differently. The only thing you should understand is he cares nothing but his commission. So results are a well-calculated decision on his part unless you were on his end. Then you would also benefit, your just a file on his daily duties.

I was good at that; I played that game to an excellent return on my investment, which was my time. Only thing l understood, if l invested in my day, it's the only asset I can never buy back. So learned that my time had to be productive, wisely used. See I understand one thing, there is an international language in investing, it is called numbers, they can be abused, but they can never lie. Numbers are the "International Language of Investors." They are traceable with the feds, why they also understand this language.

Learn This Concept on WHY, and we are programmed to fail!

We are all magnificent on making excuses on why it will not work; we have an excuse for every move we make. We spend more time on why it will not work than it will not work. There is an old saying, one I need you to eliminate from here on. Misery just loves company; we feel at home. Stop doing this, right now.

Age, education, looks, who we married, schools we went to, friends, family, luck, setbacks due to a way we think. We can come up with so many excesses just the way we did it when we did not want to go to school as the child.

It could be a fact, and our minds have attached us to becoming defeated much easier than applying steps for success. Not as much work involved, and besides, so many people have tried this and failed. Why should l do this?  We only have an ability to think small, when the other has the same price, with much more financial results. Never understood them numbers, at all. So understand this concept "The Magic of Thinking Big."

So to become successful, you have to know this type of accomplishment. Learning what it takes in building confidences and destroy you fear. You have to re-read what I just shared. It's all I have, really is. The magical dust for success invests in your abilities.

It's what I share with my partners, building a solid foundation, has nothing to do with the above, we become, who we think we are sometimes. It's more than likely the greatest secret ever shared, why it is the greatest secret. Now you know the secret, use it wisely.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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