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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

James Rickard shares his views on The Death of Money You will be informed

April 8, 2014

The fiat currency has been destroyed now for years, reality is now settled in with more gloom to come in the upcoming years. James Rickards in his interview with Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog shares the history that slowly lead to this catastrophe.

One of the most logical reasons is the US Federal Reserve has for years mismanaged the financial crisis and recovery, in Rickards view. Had things been allowed to correct themselves after an asset bubble, stimulus spending and QE has been pumped into the markets to prop everything up.

In his book, he shares briefly but a very valuable section of what money is, namely an expression of what value and all fiat currency's in circulation today is merely a debt contract. Rickard indicates that gold is the purest form of money, and shares his logical reasons for why we need to return to  a modified gold standard following the SDR's scheme. 

James Rickards interview with Greg Hunter of

On a separate interview Koos Jansen from "In Gold We Trust," had the privilege of conducting a one on one with Jim Rickard well he was in the Netherlands for one day, doing an interview on his new book "The Death of Money.'

Koos Jansen starts off his interview with this question. Do you think there will be a collapse in the worldwide monetary system, including chaos, social unrest, and bank failures because all policy makers we do too little too late?

This is a question we all need to research, our golden years could be modified, to a lesser return on the investment. There is only one asset that kept up with inflation and all the factors. No one really understands the fiat currency, except now it is being broadcasted.

The information l am going to share with you is all on this blog, l will take you to the questions, you may have asked? Not asking you to buy anything at all, now that has to be refreshing. Just going to educate you with all of this, only if you have an interest.

If you learn this concept then you're going to be one of the very few; just how it is. You found the window of opportunity. 

The information on this blog is your first step. All l can say, not actually asking you to call me, but if that happens and l missed your call, more than likely I would call you back.

The Complete Interview with James Rickard, with Koos Jansen

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