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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Do you believe there is manipulation going on with gold and crude oil

March 26, 2014

The reality is that something smells rotten with this "global economy," is there manipulation going on with the asset gold? Do you believe that the Feds have been controlling the price of gold, as well as crude oil?

How can a barrel of crude oil drop, but the gas at your local gas station never drops in price as of lately? Prices have been fixed for the past three weeks, as the barrel drops under the $100.00 US mark. The moment the barrel moves upwards, the gas stations do not hesitate to increase the price at the pumps.

Been following the nonlogical results from gold and crude oil, seems like it's a one-way street, certainly not for the average working stiff. Sorry l fall into that category, do you? Exactly my point, we are definitely not enjoying the start of hyperinflation created by the greed factor.

Going to Provide you with some facts.

Fact One: Who do we trust, with our money, certainly not our banking system. Banks have the ability to use a system most of us never figure out, called an algorithm system in which they increase your service charges by a little, each month. If you never complain they increase it again, just check your service banking fee's. Read More

Fact Two: There are many unexplained trends, on why gold has had such a rough ride. Some experts in this field have indicated that there is more going on than we actually will ever understand. Governments have always wanted a fiat currency, for the simple reason they can print more money. With Gold it is impossible to reproduce, could this be a key factor? Read More

Fact Three: Some of us will understand, the logical reasons that Nick Barisheff shares on his articles and speeches, that he has shared, with his audiences across the globe. Investments are sometimes manipulated, by certain parties, no need for finger pointing. Gold Manipulation creates greed, for the very greedy players, who could care less of who they have bankrupted, with investors retirements, and pension plans. Read More

What happens when Hyperinflation kicks in, FULL time?

Hyperinflation is happening actually, each time you buy something, hyperinflation is built into that price, so we are suffering at all levels. All one needs to do is recall what they paid for, when they bought their favorite item, as in food, drink along with bad habits, smoking, drinking, they have sharply risen in price. Due to transportation, crude oil kicks in, as a dominant factor now.

The two most powerful assets, work against each other, why is that? Worldwide Governments dominate the ability to control a fiat system that is worthless. As long as they can re-print money that has zero backing by any physical asset. Wicked and damaging concerns, if you're a human.

"OPEC" is in bed with the "Governments of the world," it is an item we all need and they have the resource to supply and control the demand. What a concept? Do you think there might be the odd, "pay off," to someone who has the ability to approve the scam?  Read More.

The End of America! There Will Be No Economic Recovery, Because!

How can you overcome issues, which have a need, and a demand for survival? America needs to increase borrowing to avoid defaulting on their debt, beyond September 30, 2013. This with a fiat currency; just is not really going to look, overly impressive.

Could Congress be heading towards a government shutdown?  With the Republican leaders in American House of Representatives refusal on President Barack Obama’s demand for additional printed money to run the government beyond the demand date of September 30, 2013, so it may perhaps avoid default. Read More

How Important are Your Financial Investments and Obligations?

You can read all the advice on this subject, bottom line; you need to understand, "you're why's"!  We have all heard this, but this is what you need to fully comprehend our abilities. All we truly need is that reminder, that we are falling off track. Read More


The information l have shared with you may provide benefits, l say this for many reasons, first of all not all will read this, then l am sharing information with humans. Hardest sell in the universe.

The reason l am sharing this is for logical reasons look around at what is happening. We are getting screwed royally, l think that is an old saying.

The question is what will you do to protect your retirement, also your current financial situation?

Life is filled with up's and downs, l call it "Snake's and Latter's," without logical results.

Once you have clicked on some of them links, you're going to be educated, with this direction of advice that will perhaps provide you with a rewarding (ROI) would you not consider that an accomplishment. Due to unforeseen global financial uncertainty.

You were smart enough to avoid them land mines, they can be very devastating providing you with an unforeseen sudden end to your life. Same results, when you lose it all, you may as well be dead, for most.

Invest some time on your future, read what l share, follow this blog and provide me with your feedback. How we learn, from each other. Not selling you anything by the way. Just a way for you to protect your assets.

l decided to invest in this one specific company, you can review the benefits that can also be stored for you if you follow the steps, that it will share with you. This slide presentation has the ability to secure and change your current financial situation, l will leave you with that concept!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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