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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reasons on Why You Need Back Links.

October 31, 2010

Why You Need Back Links.

If you re like me you just hate paying for services that you can achieve on your own, creating and understanding this step will enhance how your website gets a higher (SERP) Service Engine Ranking Page. This is a crucial step; you have already made a good decision when you joined Apsense it provides you with the ability to create countless back links back to your site as l have done.

Apsense is one of the many sites that l have used in order to create back links leading back to my main site. It allows you to have so much flexibility within the community, understand this method will enhance your ability to fully understand and mastering this concept. You need to start creating these back links where ever or whenever you see an opportunity to channel proven activity leading back to your website. Sounds simple because it actually is with the advert knowing as Web 2.0; makes it easier than ever before within the power of the internet.

When your blogging and your receive comments for your content, your actually creating an interactive with another webmaster which creates a back link back to your site. When you get new members to follow your blog, your comments, each time you supply original material or a comment to a blog, forum you re establishing new relationships that will trigger spider crawls that will recognize the possibility of you having a SERP done on your content. It takes less the an eye blink for the spiders to crawl through millions of sites looking for original content with new establishing links when they determine who gets a SERP rating.

So the more sites we work with this concept the more back links we create, establishing relationships within as many different combination of back links we can create. No one ever knows who the target market comes from, what l mean by this it takes communication to establish this type of relationship with other members who understand this concept. See you have found it at Apsense the ability to use many different tools to generate knowledge for your goals towards success. See the more successful you become within Apsense the more we all win.

You will need to think about that last paragraph for you to be able to see this wonderful window of opportunity in working order. So for the members of this group and the ones you help understand this concept the better we do this the better our SERP will be allowing us all at having a high rank within search engines. Or you can take the other solution pay someone to put the SEO in working fashion for your site.

So when before you leave this blog leave a few comments on the articles you have read and you are on your way to creating additional back links. Good luck and do have fun with it all the more the better the results will be.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Don't be a Twitter follower... Learn 6 Ways To Be A Twitter Leader

October 30, 2010

Don't be a Twitter follower... Learn 6 Ways To Be A Twitter Leader

Written By Lonnie Niver

I wrote a post about how you can generate more traffic to your Twitter postings by using Keywords. Click here to read more on Twitter keywords...

There is much more to Twitter than using keywords. Have you ever noticed the difference in your following and follower counts. Your Following count seems to be much more than your followers.

Why is that?

It's because you're trying to follow everyone and everybody to sell them on your business opportunity. When your following count is bigger than your follower count you're a follower or someone who just wants to spam everyone you are following. You don't have any valuable information to offer so, people who were following you will UN-Follow you. Leaving you look like a follower instead of a leader.

There are 6 ways you can fix this:

1. Start offering valuable information

People want solutions to their problems and if you offer a solution they will keep coming back for more. (Returning customers)

2. Don't follow just anyone

Remember Target Market? Find your Target Market on Twitter. You have to find your audience before you can offer an opportunity. If someone is posting on Twitter Sports information they want nothing to do what you're offering unless it's about sports and Don't follow girls who offer sexual pics. It's very tacky and not good for business.

3. Only post about your business opportunity once in the morning, once in the afternoon and again at night. All other posts should offer some kind of value.
Advertising less is better, people are tired of sales pitches and they will smell you coming before you have a chance to present your opportunity. Add a post about your opportunity 3 times a day.

4. The link in your post should go to your blog or personal website instead of the lead page. This lets people know that you have information that is valuable to them and you're not trying to push your opportunity on them. Creates a good relationship.

5. Archive your following count. This is very easy to do. Go to the list of people your are following. Click on the link that looks like a gear for each person you are following. If they are following you there will be a direct message link in the drop down box. If there is not one then that person has chosen to not follow you. I would UN-Follow them back because they are not getting your posts and you are getting all their posts. If you have a lot of people this will be time-consuming but worth it. If you are just starting out you can implement this in your daily routine.

6. Re-post your followers post.
This will get your followers to re-post your postings. Why is this such a big deal, well because if they re-post they are telling other who may not be following you about your post. Therefore, you get more readers!

Now that you now the 6 ways to become a leader on Twitter you should have no problem becoming successful. Don't be a follower, be a leader!


Together Everyone Accomplishes More Lonnie Niver

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, October 29, 2010

Interesting Information and Stats Regarding Apsense:

October 29, 2010,

Interesting Information and Stats Regarding Apsense:

This information l will share with all the members comes directly from the main source of Ranking Web-Sites on the internet, most of you have heard of Alexa Traffic.
The article proves to us that we are very serious of where and how far we can all take Apsense if we all work smart as a team and develop the correct approach with all our blogs, articles and everything else we do here at Apsense.

We are currently working on some features that will enhance our imagine and Rankings on the internet the higher we Rank the more we all make by being part of this "TEAM CONCEPT" will show cases these features very soon.

This is the actual article posted on Alexa Traffic Ranking has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 5,612. While the site is ranked #3,197 in the US, where we estimate that 31% of its visitors are located, it is also popular in South Africa, where it is ranked #1,152. Relative to the overall population of internet users, this site's users tend to browse from home, and they are disproportionately women over the age of 35 who are not college graduates. Visitors to view an average of 12.5 unique pages per day. Visitors to it spend about eleven minutes per visit to the site and 38 seconds per page view.

If you would like to learn more about this report and study it and see how we are performing on a regular base you can go directly to the site review all the stats. Once you study these stats you can definitely use them for your own benefits. What l mean by this you will know how to attach the most popular key words to the blogs and articles you write, this will provide with a possible (SERP) for that page.


All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apsense Members do help One Another!

October 28, 2010

September 25, 2007 (original date written)

Been a member now for almost two weeks, how time travels so fast when you're having so much fun on here. Still learning all that l can, l been learning mostly from reading the How To Sections, of This Community and a lot from the members who have been wonderful on here with providing me with information and feedback on questions l have asked.

I have formed a few groups l need some New Administrators, Members and some feedback on my groups that l have created. I feel this is the best way to learn what you're doing right or wrong, constructive feedback from the members

If you have the time to review what l have done and provide me with some feedback l would greatly appreciate it and l will do the same for you if you would like me too.

I suppose the best place to start is going to my Business Center and checking out all that l have done and the groups that l would welcome New Members and Administrators to help me provide the best possible information l can provide and help me with any advice that you can provide me with.


Please don' forget to review my quote of the week l hope it brings something positive into your life as you read them each and every week that l change them.

The power of affirmation is the most powerful thing that most of us never use in our daily lives. My favorites one that l use every day is reminding me with these words that l will quote.

I Believe Something Wonderful Is Going To Happen to Me Today

Try this for yourself for one week and you will see the magic of Affirmation work for you as you will become more positive and good things will start happening for you before you know it.

Once again thank you for taking your valued time in reading what l had to share with our members l hope it was very positive and upbeat and WE BOTH learned something from one another.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Why was your campaign submission declined?

October 28, 2010

Let me explain this is simple terms for those who still do not understand. You do not get credits simply for joining a paid to a campaign, you get the credits for completing the task. If you do not complete it satisfactorily, your campaign submission will be declined. so let me explain the five areas that will result in your submission being declined.

Advertising-It does not matter if you use a link or not. Campaigns are not created for you to advertise so do not advertise in any way, shape or form. If you do your submission will be declined and you will not receive the credits.

Nonsense/gibberish/unintelligible comments- Submissions in the form of a line of question marks or other punctuation marks, random series of letters and the DINGDINGDINGDING are complete nonsense. Submit nonsense and your submission will be declined and you will not receive the credits.

Unrelated comments-Read the task requirement. submitting comments and posts that have nothing to do with the campaign will result in your submission being declined and you will not receive the credits.

Plagiarism-Copying any part of the campaign and submitting it will result in your submission being declined and you will not receive the credits.

Now I want everyone to understand this very clearly. All of the above reasons for your submission being declined is also ABUSE. Doing any one of the above will result in members using that report abuse button to report you. Many of you are already so heaped up with abuse reports it's not funny and you continue to do the exact same thing again and again. I will say enjoy it now because you will soon be shown the door.

The last thing that will get your submission declined is failing to satisfy the requirements of the task. Please read the task requirement completely and do what it says. If the requirement is 350-500 words, do not make a submission to 150 words. Your submission will be declined. Make sure that you satisfy the task requirement.

Understand that the credits you get for joining a campaign are not released until the campaign creator releases them to you by accepting your submission and they are NOT REQUIRED to accept your submission just because you make it. They are only required to accept submissions that fill the task requirement.

Written By

Cheryl Baumgartner 
the best identity protection is restoration

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Succeed with Apsense and its members

October 27, 2010

How to Succeed with Apsense and its members:

Apsense has grown at a very alarming rate, which is a good thing or perhaps a bad thing. Why would l say this remark at this present time? For the simple reason it has grown, but most of the new members have very little idea of what they have. Listen not your fault at all; we all are searching for something why we are here, most of us anyhow.

To all the new members that have joined here so far, what you have enjoyed or have you felt completely lost with all of the features we have installed to make you successful. The biggest problem, you have is you have no idea what you're doing or suppose to be doing. See the sad part is l have watched AL of the new members and how you all have lacked direction on here. So just by joining we do not benefit anything other than another number on the stat counter.

Saying all of this l want you as an NEW MEMBER, leave a comment on your experience on here so far whether it is a few hours, a few days , etc, etc your feelings. What you need from Apsense, NO such thing as a dumb question. Share your thoughts with all and you will get answers and make you're a better marketer on here.

If we all learn from one another is this not a good thing, as we climb one step at a time towards are dreams and goals. See LIFE has a word in the middle, who honestly once to be an IF in life. We need to dream and start living are dreams from when we were kids. Understanding human nature is a special thing, understanding our dreams is living them only when we understand our true potential. Sadly most of us will never know this about who we are.

If you want to learn to be successful on here or any other social site it all starts with a comment. See each and every time you leave a comment you make a back link to your site on here. Then you also make a commission, you didn't know that. Each time you write an NEW BLOG you make a commission, don't ask how much, do it properly and you will never ask that question.

So who will be the first to post a common on here? I will reply to each and every comment posted on here ..... So other words me against all of you let's see who can type the fastest .....

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

What Makes Apsense so Different From other Social Sites

October 27, 2010

What Makes Apsense so Different From other Social Sites.

I feel like an absolute "NEW" member right at this very moment. I have been away from here, most of you know why nothing to do with Apsense's at all, due to the lost of my dad back in early June of this year. I have been a member of Apsense since the early days, so do have an idea of what l am going to share with ALL who reads this. Since today is his Birthday, l decide to come back... made perfect sense to me!

The reason l found it really hard to ever leave is for the very simple fact, you will not found no other Social Site you join the tools and the opportunity you have at your finger tips. This is not a get rich site, no promises made towards your success and what l mean by that you can enjoy all the features for free if you decide to stick around. What good are all the features, if you never learn how to use them effectively.

Getting back to my point on why l feel like a new member, for the changes and improvements that the team within Apsense has made for all of us to benefit the rewards from. How many other Social Sites change features and provide you with all the benefits you have here to use effectively as changes on the internet occur daily. I came back and l was lost for about 32 seconds. l said wow this is totally different, so l tested the new stuff out one by one. Created my first Rev Page, checked out all the different areas l needed too.

Now how many people can say that about other sites having an impact with features that have been revised, improved and most of all able to promote you more effectively then three months ago. Why they actually care, the more we work within Apsense the more back links we created with in the world wide web. Sorry what is the cost again for being a member. Not really important most will never upgrade or be able to effectively use the system but we need them also. This is why you fail, actually at any site...

Learn the system here at Apsense, promote your product with out having to using Spam. Set up your profile is the very first step within our community, use your real picture. People will buy from a real person, not from some dumb picture that has been posted by you. Your in business to make money, l hope l am correct and you have this burning desire for success. If you understand what l just wrote, you will go back to your home page and review your Business Center.

Success comes to all who have a burning desire, means one thing working smart within the team, learning from other members, joining groups. By the way l created a couple of groups and plan on carrying out each and every missions statement l promised all who joined one of my groups. Yea l been away but not l am back, going to make sure Apsense becomes the biggest Social Site in the industry. See if this happens several things will happen you will all become very successful, if you learn what Apsense will teach you and what you learn form other members....

I am going to add links and solid information to make sure you all become successful, and re start my journey on making Apsense the most successful Social Site on the internet. But l need your loyal support and a burning desire to chase a dream that will all have. Starts right after you read this blog, you need to do one thing in life change your attitude. If your in for the money not happening, you need to earn it before you can have it...then you can actually spend it, buy things and enjoy a wonderful life with money....

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Welcome To One Gram at a Time

Thank you for taking the time to understanding the "One Gram at a Time Page," it has other meanings, other then the...

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