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Monday, February 15, 2016

The Reasons You Need to Change How YOU think!

February 15, 2016

They say time waits for "No One," how you use your daily seconds is your business, during your active days. Some use it wisely; most take our time for granted. Meaning they are looking for some magical crystal dust to make the changes we all want for success.

Hardcore facts, it does not work or will it cooperate in this fashion, not at all. The dedication will always separate winners who are the ones that devote themselves to this disciplined approach. Not an easy method to master at all takes a correct mindset that focused on his or her abilities. Think about it.  The not new material your hearing for the first time. The secret to becoming who you want to be.

We all have spent countless amounts of dollars, time, effort without attaining the correct mindset as we train our thoughts to become who we think we want to become. It is called an image during our attentive moments, we believe it, we want what we see, but we never achieve it. Why is that?

We are in an industry of some sort, either with Network Marketing, using an eCommerce type of company or an MLM company that promise you real success for the first time, prosperity as well as fame for some. So what do most do in this complex situation? We jump onto this new company that is about to launch, you can become a founder, etc. and you get the point. We all been there!

What would happen, if we believed in the company we committed to. Had we focused and became part of the 3 percent who accomplished the feasible. Reason they made it? You one day will know that answer; it's written in this article. 

Very few make it in this industry, I am not exactly sure what the percentage is, but I think I am very close at, 3 percent of the members who decide to make this their lively hood, within this industry make it. That means 97 percent of the members who decided to take this itinerary, will drastically fail. Rather disquieting, when you take into consideration, the time you have invested bearing this project. Forget the money, that was the easy part.

The Marjory of us will always become "Followers instead of Leaders!" Interesting stat when you evaluate your real performance, we do not pay enough attention to our consequences. So we create illusions on why it didn't complement our success along with our efforts.

It's a special weekend in Toronto, paying tribute to an icon as he was referred too. Toronto displayed creatively at a level, that was recognized, appreciated "World Wide." Hosting the NBA All-Star Game they created their story, the first time the game played outside of the USA. Think of the pressure, but Toronto displayed the correct mindset. The Toronto Team did their homework to showcase this All-Star game to the worldwide audience.

We also have this ability, study what we need to accomplish that will provide us with the attention we desire. It is understanding our needs, wants, desire, and what is the correct route to take, without getting lost. The above event was not an accident, it was thought out, and then it took the breakdown on how to display this event. The results are clearly understood when you see it in your inner mind, how it will be performed.

The key to achieving the most rewarding results for the time you have awareness for; that will have an (ROI) of financial, personal success, is how you view it in your mind. Sounds straightforward, so why do we encounter obstacles? Dealing with human emotions, is very unpredictable.

What would happen if you had this type of discipline with your mindset? Do you think you would achieve results, success, or perhaps happiness? I sincerely feel they are feasibly achievable.

Success is not luck at all, it is laser sharp with your mindset, never deviating from it. Regardless of what you do, you're the only person in the whole wide world that has to be happy with his or her results. Who cares what you do, as long as your satisfied with who you are?

Always "Think" with a clear mind
Success has many different meanings, what I like the most is a dislike for each other, likewise. No different from the vehicle you buy, I would not buy it, but some would. See dis-pet what we enjoy,  many will have a zero craving for this type of commotion. Solution to this debate is rather undemanding. I could give you the answer, but for most, unfortunately, it will not provide you with a benefit towards success or just being happy.

You will need to understand what it is that you're looking for; that will supply you with endless odds of happiness, at all levels of self-actualization! 

Some One Had a lot of time? How do you think he did it
He Saw it in his mind. 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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