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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Learning the steps and secrets of how to recruit

June 30, 2016

Imagine if you could do this, your biggest obstacles with any industry your are involved with. Without prospects, you have absolutely no way of generating a return on your investment. Investments have many meanings, you either invested money or a combination of the worst possible investment, Time, and money, one of them you will never get back. Simple fact!

There are so many programs out there that only have one goal how much can they generate from suckers like us. Hey, I have researched most of them, yes they have merit, for the one's who use it. Most never do, they expect an autopilot type of system. Meaning they have the ability, to do nothing, no magical dust in this industry. It is called Labour by love.

This is what I studied, from my early days of working for (GMDA) General Motors Dealer Association of Toronto. Training entry level sales representatives, who had no experience what so ever in this very lucrative industry. You write your pay cheque. Hey, I need more money this week, the concept is I know and understand how to generate what I need. Review this article on how to increase your paycheck daily. Read More!

So what are the steps for success in recruiting more prospects no different than walking up a ladder? Miss a step you will fall, makes sense. Correct? You need to understand you are dealing with ego's, period. Like mastering the ability to solve a quadratic equation. The Very complicated process, so why make it so difficult? The lost ability in life today, people do not listen to understand, they listen so they can reply. Think about what I just wrote, we all have done this.

Having a mindset with the only thing you need to remember is to listen, it is pretty confusing to many. Not really our fault, just how we are we react too quickly. At times you need to take a deep breath and listen and play the game I call ping pong. He hits the ball, and I hit it back. Other words he asks me a question and I answer it with a question, keep the conversation alive with progression

Dale Carnegie taught this process in "How to Win Friends and Influence People," a best seller. If you have never read this book, please read it and learn from the master. Another one I keep under my bed for the simple reason, it is easily accessible. Is David Schwartz "The Magic of Thinking Big," you need to read this book if you want to make it in any industry.

Prospecting is so simple no different than trying to get a date, all you want is the ability to share some common interests, then make your move. Sounds so easy it is when you think of the ladder one step at a time, miss one you will fall. Listen and then answer the question with a question. Keep the ball coming over the net, and hit it back and you will know if you are on your game he or she will hit it back. Why it is very important to answer a question with a questions keeps the conversation alive.

If you have an interest in this subject, you can post a comment on what your biggest fears are about cold calling, prospect, being able to do more three-way calls, with someone who understands more than you. People join companies not because of the rewards, but for the individual who introduce them to the opportunity. If you are going to make it in this industry, you need to become an "Alpha Type of Person" only three percent make it or have this ability.

This article is not an overnight success story, hell not even charging a dime what so ever. That has to be a relief? What you need to do is read the two above books I shared with our readers. Becoming good at what you do takes time, repetitiveness is the mother skill, so you need to practice. If you want to learn what I mentioned in the title, follow this blog. Some of the answers are on this blog, read more on prospecting.

I will teach you the art of seduction at a level your in total control. People, unfortunately, are looking for that magical dust I said earlier. Not going to happen, at all. When you read them two books and follow this, you will see why recruiting is so simple.

Do not forget to leave your thoughts, much appreciated.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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