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Monday, June 10, 2013

Who do you trust, when your investing with your retirement?

The reason l use the words l choose as my title! Who do you trust, when you're investing in your retirement for a rather complicated reason. We all have felt and tasted what it is to be lied too, the only pain l ever suffered from that statement is when it a effects my wallet.

From an investment point of view, you just lost a small or perhaps a large portion of some advice that had no value but only hype. Hey, they sell the sizzle, without the most important factor your (ROI) return on investment, your efforts is not always monetary.

What truly qualifies as a safe investment? Anything to do with a fiat currency will have a future disadvantage on your return. We all have read and followed many frightening global financial crises develop and are not going away very affordable.

Who is the blame for all of this, we can point many figures in a simple and more then likely very accurate way of why we are in this global financial crises, Global Governments creating outrages debt that is being added to already a UN-payable debt in our lifetime for us who are over 50. Governments solution was print more money, creating a fiat currency, that is losing value at an alarming rate.

Then you had all the bailouts that the Governments had to do to keep the economy going, from automotive to financial corporation that where thriving not so long ago and now need Government assistance. The sad part of it all the big name CEO got their bonuses when these companies could not meet their daily obligations without Government assistance.

All you need to do is watch CNBC American Greed   and understand all the scams that happen daily with new ones being tested for the next big scam. How it has been working lately, many investors get played by them right words that were magical when you first heard them. We all have heard it, if it sounds too good, then there is something wrong with it.

I got the passion for gold from Nick Barisheff, President, and CEO of "Bullion Management Group" located in Toronto Canada with Asset Holdings of Over $650 million and author of Why Gold by 2017 will be worth $10,000.00 an ounce. l decided l would learn as much as l could daily of what was happening within this industry.

Did as much research on this topic from all the articles that interested me such as the books "The Case for Gold" by Ron Paul and Addison Wiggins "The Little Book of the Shrinking Dollar" and, of course, Nick Barisheff book. Just needed to understand the history of this asset that started to make more sense, for a real simple reason. Governments had no ability to print this asset as they have with the fiat currency paper money.

Review all the Google alerts on gold investing, reading each article just keeping on top of why it moves up or it moves down. Along with the smartest updates one can ever buy, Agora Financial.... the 5-minute forecast that reviews in short form, all the latest business trends that are occurring globally. If your not taking advantage of this, you should be, its fast and accurate.

So who do you trust when it comes to investing for your retirement? I decided to invest in this company for all the right reasons it is a member of the LBMA and currently has the capacity to deliver a volume of 1 million grams a week through its new contract with "Nadir Metal Refinery" in Istanbul, which is of course listed under the LBMA "Good Delivery Refinery."

I watched this presentation and it made sense to me, each card has the following features that provide confidence for any investor who invests in this asset you're provided with 6 main reasons that make logical financial sense.

1) The serial number on each card, that you invested in.

2) Along with a serial number on the gold bar.

3) Nadir Gold Refinery Certificate.

4) Nadir Gold Refinery LBMA

5) Hologram on the physical Nadir gold bar.

6) Gold Bullion verification code.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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