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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The Art of Duplication with an E-Commerce or MLM Business

March 1, 2016

When I joined my last and current e-commerce company, I was labelled as (NFL) I am also not talking about the National Football League. What it stands for is (No Friends Left) for me to contact.

When I would start talking about my new business, my friends politely excused themselves from my presence. Honestly now, how could I blame them, they all had been so supportive of my other projects, whether as customers and some even took the gamble to become a member of my team.

I have been with this company now for over five-plus years, not one friend, not one relative did I encourage to join me. They do ask me if I am still doing that business I had talked about; my reply yes I am. Some even ask how is it working out so far, I tell them yes it's working out very well.

Understanding Networking Marketing is Imperative

Why is this so important, the moment we mention Networking Marketing, people immediately create the reasons why it will never work, or will you ever make any money with this scam.

Truth to the matter, people fail as stock brokers, writers, professional athletes along with many other professions they associate with or decide to make it their career.

It's just reality with the career that we chose for making a living with for the rest of our lives. There is no guarantee just because you graduated with the highest mark in your class you're not guaranteed success in that field of choice.

If you learn and study the very few who succeed, you're going to increase your odds against failure.  Your sponsor is the key element of your success; they need to be a coach, leader as well as provide you with the foundation for you to build a successful business.

Resources are training you with the business aspect, educating you on how to become a master of Duplication. Without any duplication this type of activity will never generate the income, you desired.

They need to take the time and show you how to approach your prospects, friends or relatives. Each one has a different approach; you can not sell a family member the same way you are selling a raw prospect.

The Secret with Duplication is working a hot market:

Questions for some what's a hot market mean? How do I create a hot market? Where do I find a hot market? These's are important questions that we need to be aware of if we are going to accomplish this project successfully.

The Hot market involves prospects who already know you and your reputation from past projects, a family member, close friend or business associate. They already trust who you are. Many will join for the simple reason they trust your judgement with what you are doing or have accomplished.

When I signed someone up, I would make it as comfortable as possible. Never asked him how many people they knew, I would always ask do you know two people who would also do what you are doing. Eliminating the thinking that I would need thousands of people for me becoming successful.

Now he is thinking in a logical frame of mind, yes I am pretty sure I know two people who would also benefit from this project. The principal component is all they need to do is introduce two new prospects to this journey for results to happen.

Providing this type of logic has benefits, you have simplified the recruiting process down to just two prospects. When I used this formula, we were closing in a ratio of 68 - 72 percent of new partners that joined our team.

What we did was repeat the same process with each new partner who joined us. Do you know two people who would also benefit from doing what you are doing?

We ae now always working a hot market, because the new prospects trusted the reputation of his sponsor. Keep in mind you never know who the new partner knows as a prospect. Never judge the level they come in at, it doesn't matter, when you work with them they will upgrade to the level that feels comfortable once they are ready.

A big mistake many Network Marketers do, they will push for the new prospect to join at the highest level, for their benefit and no one else's. Creating duplication is working smart, understanding how to use empathy at all levels will provide massive rewards.

Tips on How to work a Cold Market

Providing you with ways of generating streams of new prospects.

How To Engage with New Prospects from your cold market

Showing a blueprint step by step on how to approach your new prospects,

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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