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Monday, September 23, 2013

How Gold Performed last week, and some of the reasons why

September 23, 2013

Gold's performance last week had unpredictability inclination that investors need to get used too when investing successfully in this asset. With the announcement of the previous week's Federal Reserve decimal easing, gold took a nose dive as low as $1,292 per ounce, and then it rebound to a high of $1,375. an ounce. Closing the week off at $1,326.

With news that the Fed's had a no tapering decision, astound the markets, which were expecting central banks to taper its monthly input program by as much as 15 Billion in US funds. With ongoing talks regarding this decision, the Fed's could start trimming its asset purchase, as early as, by the end of the year.

Creating a condition called "Quantitative Easing" to ensure that inflation does not fall below the target numbers. 

A general optimism prevails in the United States and Europe that the economies have finally turned the corner and growth are resuming. In the U.S., automobile sales are up, and the housing industry has improved, but many negatives show overall optimism is unwanted.

Read the full story here by, Edmund Contoski, Economies, National Debts and Gold.

Here is an interesting article was written by Jim Rickards from GoldSilverWorld, he shares his thoughts on why we have been in a depression since 2007.! He explains, and shares many logical reasons; why we currently have Inflation, and Deflation, at this current moment in time.

Read the full story by Jim Rickards, We have both Inflation and Deflation Right Now!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Understanding what; too "Look For," under an Investors Microscope!

September 17, 2013

Reviewing the activity and performance of gold, really hard to understand, who is right, or who is wrong? I know the most important factor, you can not reproduce gold. That's the main reason I like this asset, and why it will have the predictions, results of many of the best minds who, are experts in this field.

It's performing like a professional sports team, has a great and long winning streak, but just can not make it happen with the main obstacles; that have a personal effect on this asset. Yes, emotions, media, volume, and the demand will increase in the upcoming months. The main reason it is having a hard time is all the manipulations that are going on behind the scene.

Stocks, Commodities, Options, are all under the investors microscope, this creates windows of opportunities for us investors, who have a basic understanding of this formula. What they use to teach us in grade 9 economic's, when I went to school, never forgotten that lesson. Sorry; showing my age, my hair helps me in that department.

We as investors need security, for our financial future, who do we trust, when we are investing, scams are particular of most restaurants dinner, and lunch features of the day. Brokers get paid for pushing what the brokerage house has not sold; they need to sizzle that special like it's the bargain of the century.  It's called leftovers, just like the restaurants who offer their daily meals, who wants dead wood or eat lousy food.

Now that we understand the above reasons, why investing companies always have the pick of the century, that will produce a very handsome ROI. No different then when you sit down at a restaurant, first thing, they offer, is their daily specials. The both have one goal, to get rid of their specials and offers from the brokerage house. Why they have sales meetings. It's all pre-mediated!

Investing is always going to be a very complexed, complicated, as well as a gamble; with money you can afford to invest with, or perhaps your just taking a very highly uneducated risk with money that you can not afford, to gamble. Dumb, we always say that after we get shafted again, not very smart at all. It's called an emotional state of mind, just like buying a vehicle for all the wrong reason.

The information l am sharing is very logical, for many reasons; that make sense when you review this blog, l have provided you with many links, to educate your abilities, and desire, for success, without a gamble.

Now all you have to do is educate yourself, why hand over your hard earned money to a total stranger when he is sell your something you would encounter in the rain forest, called quicksand! No one needs this at our age. So bookmark this site, for information that you will find on this blog, which will enhance and improve and provide you with a brighter financial future.

OK at what cost, less than your spending right now. Your time also has a price; results are vital. So why do most mistake activities for results? Never could understand that concept, cause your lazy. Did l say that out loud?

Why most fail with their investments!

No, this blog will not provide you with all the answers, but if you're an investor, I learned something back when I was in grade 9, that works to this day. Not going to bore you with that illustration, not complicated either, but time-consuming for me to explain it to you. You will find all them answers somewhere on this blog.

What it will do; is make you a wiser investor, definitely much more educated with a financial plan that makes sense without all they calculated risks, we did our homework. Is what you will learn, from following this blog.

It's no secret; Am dedicated to one company that provides me with all l have shared. It's a business I have studied since I was a kid. I think we all can benefit; from what you will understand, and why it works...

Sounds like I am trying to sell you on this blog, but guess what you're right, and so is the price. Free! What will make it complicated, is your thinking of why it will not work, spending more time, for the wrong reason. It's a proven fact!

Going to leave you, with a video; I watch each day!!

                                                                 Just click on the above link!!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How Important are Your Financial Investments and Obligations.

September 9, 2013

Investing is an important aspect of our daily life, would you not agree? We all have reason's for what, and why we do what we do, this is vital, understanding this concept!

You can read all the advice on this subject,
bottom line; you need to know, "you're why's"!  We have all heard this, but this is what you need to comprehend our abilities entirely. All we truly need is that reminder that we are falling off track.

I enjoy sharing concepts, that have a window of opportunity for your financial planning, what this blog is all about? Providing concepts, solutions to financial concerns. Planning is an economic road map, to that desired success, only you understand you're why's?

If you have the dedication, desire and more importantly, "you understand you're why's"! It's the most important piece of reading you will have achieved. Education; is a lifetime process, very few will every understand this strategy.

The most valuable commodity you can invest in is your abilities to understand your financial direction. Who else? If you think about this, who know's you better than yourself? Making sense; what l provide is advice that can be applied, and when you see the exact reason l am sharing this. Then you can decide if it works, either way, you are right, by the way. Not for everyone, nope; not at all!

Solutions that have financial and logical reason's, on why it will work, is a calculated gamble. Who like's that? To donate, to a bad investment. Have no real interest, hope you feel the same way? What can l say? Have a review of what l write, and believe in, for the reasons; l got you interested in theses solutions? Retiring with financial success, if this is something you desired; then the rest will be up to you?

Here is a short video, that will provide you with the information you may or may not have thought about. This man will make sense, and open your eye to the world that waits for no one. time is the only commodity, regardless of how much money you have you can never buy back time. Watch it Now!! I look at this short presentation every day since l was also introduced to this material, has made a difference in my life.

If you're looking for a financial vehicle that will provide you with an actual ROI, for your future savings towards retirement. I would like to introduce you to a 12-week program that will generate you a weekly return on your investment and efforts. The system is being used by many of my partners currently who are working towards obtaining financial freedom.

How This System will work for you!

Reviewed all of this information. Feel free to leave a comment on the information that l have shared with you. 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Friday, September 6, 2013

Investing is Dedication we all Need to Have to Become Successful

September 5, 2013

Well, summer is kind of over, but kids are back to school for some of us, not a bad thing at all until your encounter the school buses on your way to work. Hey, life is filled with obstacles how you control them is how they will work out. You need to plan everything you do, almost.

Investing is no different, is it; not really, we all calculate the odds and then more than likely thinking about pulling that trigger. Some of us that do it have gossiped among our peers, they are so lucky. We have all heard that a few times. Why is that? Think about it for a second or two!!

Financial planning works when you're dedicated to a plan; that provides you with your real "ROI," all we should worry about is what is our return on our investment. Mistakes can be avoided, with the correct knowledge and forecasts. Then it becomes a more calculated risk with odds that have an opportunity of providing you with the best possible ("ROI")...

I read and study this topic, each and every day, just part of the future financial planning with an asset, which will never be duplicated by Governments what so ever. For theses reason l have shared on my blog, it is the most financial, logical reasoning's that provides you with the above average results.

Hey if you do not understand what your return is? Then this is not for your abilities. Investing advises that can and more than likely provide you with quicksand, not a good walk is it? The advice in the financial world is like the daily special at your favorite restaurant.

They need to sell what they hold, at whatever cost. greed kicks in. Now, what? Your stuck and more than likely going to take many steps backward, and lose a lot of hard-earned retirement money. Not exactly what you had in mind, only had you done your homework, yep that simple.

You know l have felt every single pain l have described here, but it is not about me. Financial Freedom is the easiest thing to achieve, been doing it all my life since I had a paper route. Never, ever; relied on anyone except my abilities.

Dedication is the key to any one's success if you do not have this, you're just spinning your tail in what you're doing or trying to achieve. Mindset is vital, shared by many self-improvement programs and the pioneer of personal development is the man who started this trend. If you watch this presentation more than likely will solve all of your concerns in life, really will.

Speaking at a level that is meaningful, with an impact that can direct you to start reviewing your daily activities, on how you spend, what you make and how you're going to provide for each and every month. Life is spent in two different ways, most of us, dedicate more energy into why things will not work, instead of why they can operate. See what l mean? Just things that you will learn if you decide to dedicate yourself to a more meaningful and fruitful life without the stress.

This blog is filled with articles on this asset gold, interviews with many top experts in this field that provide sound advice on why investment can be very complicated and most never enjoy the actual (ROI) they should have benefited from their efforts.

I like writing because l believe in what l do is making people better, and providing information they already knew, l just provide a reminder for us all. Learning how to think on your own, research, dedicate your retirement with a direction.

You can lose just as much, "Being  Rich, as you can; Being Poor."  

       What a concept makes sense 
when you think about what l just shared with you.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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