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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day, to all the DAD's!!

June 15, 2014

Just like to wish all the dads in this world a happy fathers day. It is a day that was meant for us, a day to enjoy our kids, family and all you have worked so hard to accomplish. Today is suppose to be our day, time for us to shut down the brain, and not think about anything.

Unfortunately, it does not happen that way all the time, we still deal with obstacles, that should have been avoided. Relationships have them moments, just how it is!

We all have happy moments of our favorite fathers day, the day you were made out to feel like a "king." Wow, that actually felt good, and very enjoyable. Some of us are having this type of day, and you have earned it.

Sometimes dads do not get the respect they need, but we are dads we get from them, we forgive and move on. We have the ability to not make things complicated if avoided-able. We have enough stress to deal with, meeting our monthly financial obligations. Not taking anything away from the mothers, many very highly successful women, who never had to rely on this type of obligation or support.

Had to certainly get that one in the opening, for the simple reason, that relationship works best on the power of two. When you have that in your the relationship, it makes good sense, providing you with sound advice on each other.

Most relationships fail for them simple reasons, lack of attention, financial obligations, commitments, kids, and so many other logical or perhaps non-logical reasons. Either way, it just happens, all we can do is watch. How we prepare our minds for this type of mindset, is a totally different topic.

I have always believed in these's words, "Legacy is more important then Currency." When l heard them words being used, l fell in love with that concept. Told me life is a learning curve daily, never forget that! Just how fast and complicated life has become, regardless of who or what you have.

This is supposed to be a special day, and you know it will always be, one for all us dad's, just like mothers day has been and always will be. God, we ask for only one day of the year to be "Special." You know l lost my dad, and so have many of you, but we understand sweet memories will never die. My mom is not in really good condition should have happened but she is still hanging in. Without water, foods, or artificial modifications of keeping her alive, other than her will for the last 7 days.

This article is for all of us who deal with what many of us deal with, not only on a special day but daily. Life is what you make it be, not a really hard concept to understand. Some of us handle obstacles, stress, emotions, feelings better than many. All you need is the correct mindset, that is what keeps my focus, like many of you also.

Hey if we stay away from a negative mindset, we will truly have what our minds thinks, we will achieve it. Steps that will happen, for one reason; we wanted them to appear! The word "think," is the best investment you will ever invest in. When you make your decisions, you have no one else to point figures at.

This is how I remember my dad.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Increasing the value of the American Dollar, could this be the solution

June 4, 2014

Understanding how this all works, is mind hypothesis at its best; just not making any logical financial sense. So why did President Nixon, back in 1971 destroyed the biggest asset that the American buck had? He understood the power of the fiat currency, how it could be manipulated, for the one's that control the shots.

How do you get out of any financial problem, you encounter daily, you pay the price, whether it is interest on loans, bills or any other obligation. You need to make the numbers jive, the simple process with the fiat currency. All you need is ink and paper. If you're calling the shots, why central banks need the fiat currency.

Hyperinflation is like carbon monoxide or some form of cancer, which destroys the system at an alarming rate. What it does and controls, is what you bought last month your going to pay more when you purchase that item again. Sadly it is only the beginning, take notice of what you buy and what you paid for that same item; not so long ago. Numbers never premeditate any fabrication.

The egotistic decision makers are not helping us, the governments who we elected. Let's go back to 2004, drastic changes on the value of the American dollar, it started dropping against many fiat currencies. Losing it's value and power along the way on how business use to be conducted with this fiat currency.

Some of the faults that have logic are the wars the Americans have fought in, yes providing security for the rest of the world. America was a targeted nation, but we all wanted to be part of America and enjoy the freedom it provides all of us.

The cost factor of supporting a war for perhaps merit reason's is a gamble and increases hyperinflation daily. What has been happening, jobs disappear, wages never budget for hyperinflation, are we being manipulated by a concept that stopped working a long time ago. What would happen if we looked after our people and nation, after all why we voted for him?

Could China be on the right track, with a standard that will support the value of their fiat currency and perhaps become the new denomination of world exchange with all international transactions? It will truly have a substance value according to the standards; back up by the asset of gold. Why do you think China is accumulating all of this gold? Who knows how many metric tons of gold China has as a standard since they have been importing Gold.

The question is how will the America Dollar compete with a gold standard backing up the Renminbi, China's currency? How will this affect Central Banks conducting their daily business? Has America have an ace in the hole, if they do, they are not showing too much. Could the US Buck finally come to and end, or has it already happened?

The solution is, exactly what China has a standard backing up their currency, the asset of gold! Can not be reproduced, manipulated, or recreated in any other form that exists. So what would you invest in, paper or the asset of gold, who would you trust? The solution will be defined when China declares its holdings with this asset, gold!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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