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Thursday, February 16, 2012

APSense Social Media Business Site will Have a New Look!

February 16, 2012

APSense Social Media Business Site will Have a New Look!

The revision is all made and ready to be showcased to all our members and new members that are part of this ever growing Social Media Business Site. Wincer Song and the APSense Team have been working diligently, implementing the new look and making sure all the new features are working to their full capacity and potential. Many reasons why the revision and enhancement have been done to APSense. When you want to be a leader you need to set the standards for the followers.

Here is more information on some of the revisions coming our way created and written by Neville Dinning on his Rev-Page APSense Upgrade. This page will illustrate the essential new features that will be introduced to our Members and New Members, review this page and it will bring you to speed on what APSense new focus will be on.

The entire site has been modified from the start up the page which will have an entirely different look, that is very slick, with a totally professional new look to our Branding Marketing of APSense. Making it much easier to attract new members to join us here at APSense. I honestly believe you will be impressed and inspired to be part of the APSense Social Media Business Site.

With new features that are at your fingertips, and an entirely new look you will be very impressed with the overall look that APSense has to offer. Much cleaner, sharp and provides a much more professional look to the whole site.

I will add more information later today to this article once l touch base with Wincer and review the final steps and features.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, February 3, 2012

Great Expectations are Expected With These Scores

February 3, 2012

Great Expectations

It's a story l came across and decided to share with you all who read it l thought it was rather funny and had something to offer us here at Apsense, but only you can be the judge. I hope you enjoy it, and it made you smile all that matters.

On the first day of school, a teacher was glancing over the roll when she noticed a number after each student name, such as 154, 136 or 142.

"Wow! Look at these IQ's," she said to herself. "What a super class." The teacher promptly determined to work harder with this class than with any other she ever had.

Throughout the year, she came up with innovative lessons that she thought would challenge the students because she didn't want them to get bored with work that was too easy.

Her plan worked! The class outperformed all the other classes that she taught in the usual way.

Then, during the last quarter of the year, she discovered what those numbers after the students name were: their locker numbers.

The lesson here is very simple if you have the attitude from the start you can pretty much accomplish anything you want to settle so never your goals or desire little if you think who you are you will become who you think you are it's all in your mindset. It all started because she thought that they were top achievers, and she didn't want to disappoint them, and she believed and convinced herself that she had to apply extra effort. It is all how you see yourself will determine what you can accomplish in life so never settle for anything less than you deserve.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

How to Create an Effective Targeted Niche Market!

December 21, 2011

How to Create an Effective Targeted Niche Market!

I have been sharing a lot of information lately on this topic, for the simple reason, it will obtain your immediate results with your marketing skills.  The who focused so far has been to being very selective with a profitable product for a very particular market?  To get to this location, you will need to be creative and be able to revise what you have done until it gets you the best results.

The most important factor you need to do is be very selective, creative and research your keywords and key phrase used to gain the most targeted audience you are targeting to sell your product to.

How do we do this? We need to understand how important keywords and key phrase play in getting noticed in cyberspace. I am going to provide you with a tool you more or less already know about.  When this tool is used effectively, it will give you increased odds of you founding your buyers.

You will need to mess around with this tool and get to know all of its outstanding features for it be able to actually displaying your talents worldwide, any location, market, age group, you get the picture.  That is good if you do, this takes effort and time to be able to get this type of attention. Learn this tool inside out, all l can share with you is the most important data you will review, learning how to read all the graphics for all levels of information that you will have to found your market on the internet.

This tool has helped me create the market l have been talking and writing about, sell health ability to allow us to earn an above average income, entirely based on our marketing skills and how we find the buyers.  They want all of us to become successful; do not take my word on all of this.  Just review this company here,

l think you may be overly impressed as l was, and the main reason l joined this company.


All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Understanding Marketing at APSense, why it works!

November 27, 2011

Understanding Marketing at APSense, why it works!

Marketing is an ongoing process that takes effort, to perform at your highest ability, it changes daily with all the new trends, understanding this skill, will increase your overall performance. Why it is important for you to work the articles you have written, revise them, review your work from top to bottom. Change your branding tags if you have to; use key phrases instead of keywords. This is more effective way of getting attention from the spiders that determine your ranking and bounce ratio.

What we have in mind is to be more focused in our niche market, this is an important branding processor if we create a market that is effective with orientated results then APSense has created a stream of income for all who understand and work this concept. How do we work it, understanding are daily goals that we have to accomplish daily for us to become fully convinced that this is actually working? If we are going to invest our knowledge, time and effort we better get some convincing results, would you not agree. This is what we need to master and become very effective using this process, you can read more here

When you joined APSense you had a reason for investing your time here, since you are nowhere why not learn what APSense can do to your marketing efforts here in cyberspace? We have all of the most sophisticated tools, that you have access to and use, the key is to understand and master them one by one. Understanding how to communicate and your daily chores will provide you with rewards you only dreamed of. I say this cause l do it daily, l understand why it works, credibility, and a professional first impression that opens doors to your clients wallets.

List of items you can master and become a leader in networking marketing. Setting up a killer profile with results

-Setting up a killer profile with results

-Writing effective emails here at APSense

-Creating effective Rev-Pages

-Understanding our dedication here

-Create an award winning Business Center

These are the most important steps you need to learn and revise daily until you are totally satisfied with what you have created. The main reason is you can now promote all of this on the World Wide Web, a killer profile that will get attention and replies, with your “Social Media Sites” you work and promote on. This is a very effective marketing tool, we now have created the ability to showcase and communicate at the highest level.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, November 4, 2011

Well November is here and October is done!

November 4, 2011
A new month and new goals for all of us to achieve, we all have ambition and determination to achieve our financial goals in life. I have read many books, but one always stands out for me, written by Napoleon Hill, in his book “Think and Grow Rich” he speaks about the mastermind plan. The mastermind plan is about duplication and getting results done. Having a group of minds developing and sharing concepts, ideas and making them all grow without boundaries.

Without boundaries,
what key phrases to have! The opportunity to achieve what the minds have created and the ability to take action on your new found opportunities. We all have this ability, but to accurately, efficiently and have the determination to achieve your dreams is a step most of us never achieve. Why is that? We all get distracted by our mind, thoughts, personal surroundings, obstacles in your life has an effect on this creative thinking.

Working as a team, creates a very positive atmosphere, motivating one another to achieve the goals that were written to be performed and reap the rewards of success. The internet has become so competitive with so many unrealistically affiliated programs that promise you success without any work involved. No recruiting, no sponsoring, no need to get your family involved, etc., etc. We all have read countless, splash pages, landing pages that lead you to that promised land of milk and honey.

So what is my point for taking the time and writing this article if it has no direction, solution or meaningful information that will enhance your abilities and talents. The point is “Marketing is an Art,” how you rank, promote, showcase your first impression is the most important step you can achieve. Why l created the “APSense Blog TO support WRITERS WITH TALENT,” who share information that would help us all achieve success by helping one another out.

Everyday l read article after article, view sites, blogs, forums and most are just after one thing them self’s why many do not stick to the dream that was written. When you have support from a team of winners, you will always be reminded of how to get where you are going if you get off track. I will promote, your articles as l have always in the past, APSense is now Ranking 3,400, let’s get under 3,000 before Christmas. How do we do this, understanding how rankings are determined by the World Wild Web?

Creating Backlinks, leaving comments on blogs, following other blogs, understanding how the “Bounce Ratio” works within the spiders that crawl your site and provide you with a score. The bounce ratio, good and original content is an important bloodline in your success for page ranking, SERPs, and indexing your articles. I would like to post at least four articles a day on the APSense Blog from different members. Items that our readers, followers will benefit from reading and sharing our knowledge so we all can benefit from our efforts.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this article, if you got this far! Now all you need to do is applying what you learned and found useful from this article. Do your homework, not a get rich piece, just one that will make you a lot of money when you follow these steps.

But l have written many articles on this subject, review what l have writing on this topic, check the groups l created and you will understand one thing. I did it because if you become successful, then l got my prize l helped you become successful.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Welcoming All our New Members, to APSense!!

October 18, 2011

You have strumbled into a unique site, no other site that you will encounter will provide our "Free Members" with the features, tools, and abilities to promote your "Business links" the way APSene will.

Why would "Wincer Song" our founder do this, he has one goal as his always had, l can say this because l been here since 2007.  His biggest investment is in our members, you will lead us to where APSense wants to go, and that should be a mutual goal, to become one of the best "Social Business Media Sites" in cyberspace.

The implementation we have come is going to shock indeed, perhaps surprise a few loyal members that we are a significant business media site. Yea, we all take the different direction, part of the gamble and experiment, trial and error. We would never of knowing this if we had not gone in the wrong direction.

Wincer is actually on his Honey Moon; please do not tell his wife he has been popping in and out on his business. How he is, very dedicated, hands on owner, with a brilliant mind for the future and the success for all our loyal members, we will all benefit, from our new direction...why l wrote this article.

Like you take some time and read this article, so this post will make even more sense in our direction here is the link.

"New Changes Coming to APSense"

Wincer and I agree on one thing!!!  I will leave it at that.

More information to come on this topic.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Monday, October 17, 2011

What are Backlinks and What Role will it Provide Your Site with!!

October 17, 2011

Yesterday l wrote an article on, "How important are BackLinks", if you like to review it before you read this next article l am writing on this subject, please take the time and absorb what l wrote on this topic.  Backlinks play a significant role in search engine, they provide them with a vote that someone has actually spent some time and liked your site, so gives you a better score towards "Ranking."

Let's understand how the search engine finds you, you could be the most successful business owner at buying products that are of the highest quality and sell them at the most attractive price.  But yet your competition, which sells less of a quality product and sells it for twice the amount you're asking for yours.  Yours is far better and has a more attractive price than your competition.

His doing something that you are not doing, he has an active marketing campaign that is targeting the actual market of buyers for the same product that your selling, and making many sales. As you sit back, scratch your head, asking why me, why is he getting all the sales, mine is the buyer and cheaper. Very true statements but buyers have no idea you even existing in cyberspace.

Backlinks provided credibility to your site and allows the spiders that crawl all the search engine that your site has been noticed and indexed by the search engines.  Combine your backlinks with "Inbound Links" now you have gathered some attention from the spiders if your sites are compatible with one another.  What this means you want the site that inbound with you to have an interest in your site and products your pitching.

The worse thing you can do when yo are writing any material is have so many links to your article that people click and get lost, or found one of your links more attractive, and also, you get penalized for this by search engines a term called"Linked Farms" another type link spamming.

Taking small steps in understanding some of the techniques and strategies the will make you visible in cyberspace.  You need to try it at your pace learn some of the concepts l have shared with you and just make mistakes and learn from your mistakes.

Beats spending countless amounts of dollars for the same results you can do on your own. All it takes is your dedication to choosing the direction you want to go with all of this.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Sunday, October 9, 2011

If it's Not a Money Making site, "NO" One reads it, Why? Part 2

October 9, 2011
When l wrote that article, l was not telling you to "STOP" doing whatever it is your doing to make money on the internet. What my main "Objective Here" is to make you "THINK" of how your affiliate program is going to become noticed and clicked on.

How we Market our programs are the most important step in having someone stop and check out your offers. It's called a competitive edge in the internet marketing; you're doing something different from the rest of the members that are promoting your very same affiliate program that you are. How many are pitching the same program on the internet? They got from the same place you do if it was a "Click Bank" offering or from another member.

I have seen them all, joined some and made exactly what you have achieved so far. The ("ROI") return on your investment, is not looking magnificent. You invested mostly your time and perhaps a little money, all for nothing, except "frustration" Now you see the point that your investment was a dud for a lack of a better word. So how do we change all of this, get noticed and get the click you need. If you have a lot of money for your advertising, then you can use "PPC".

Most of us have no idea what "PPC" even means or how the bid system works by your selection of keywords for your campaign. learning an efficient and active process for the seasoned marketer on the internet. I have used it religiously and liked my "ROI" what it is all about making money when that is the direction and mindset you to have.

But most of us have no intention of investing on "PPC", so the other route is "FREE ADVERTISING" l got your attention. A Very sensitive method for the simple reason; many do not know how to do it effectively. Sending your tweet to Twitter is effective if you provide the correct sizzle with your tweet. The sizzle is your "Pitch Line" getting attention from the audience that reads and decides to click on your link.

I want you to read and study these steps if you have a desire to earn an income on the internet. Marketing on the web is an "ART" very learnable, skills. Teachable to all who want to invest in their marketing abilities and seeing results,
With their progress.

Here are some examples of how you can better market your program differently than the rest. Take a little time review my Rev Pages here and learn how l did it and did it. Hope this give you some ideas of what l was trying to teach us all.

I have a group here at APSense called. How can you Earn Income on the Internet" if you have time have a look at all the members, read some their advice as well as what l have written, simple and some complicated steps for you to learn and start earning an income here on the web.

I will "ADD" another step to what l have shared so far, you can bookmark these articles, print them and most importantly you learn and perhaps for the first time on the right track for success as an "AFFILIATED MARKETER."

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Saturday, October 8, 2011

If it's Not a Money Making site, "NO" One reads it, Why?

October 8, 2011

If it's Not a Money Making site, "NO" One reads it, Why?

Been doing some research tonight on what sites get the most attention on the "Social Media Sites"!! I am not at all surprised by what l discovered at all, totally expected it and knew it for a long time. Most members, are to focus on clicking the sites that will actually lead them to the never, never land.

So if l promote useless links from let's say "Click Bank" they have made millions of dollars not knocking them at all, just how many other members are promoting that same product; the same way as all the other affiliated members are doing it. So let's be honest here when you decided to promote that product, your mind said wow, l am going to become rich with this. Forgetting one thing, if you find it, how many others are using it before you find it.

So the point here is if you are up against all the other affiliated members, what competitive edge are you using to make your link different and optimized differently with creative meta tags, keywords and keyword phrases. What makes you stand out. With all due respect, anyone can copy and paste and then click the hit button and send it to cyberspace. But did you get any confirmation in your "INBOX" saying Congratulation you have made a "sale"?

If you do not, believe me, go to your email account and see if you have any....I hope you do, really l do. Not that easy at all, when you have so many people pitching the same items you are. Everything you found on the internet, someone has beaten you to it. How do l know this been doing this since l learned CoBAL, RPG, DOS yes showing my age.

When you fully understand and learn how the search engines crawl your site and perhaps index your site and how it is being ranked by "Alexa's Ranking" then you have a competitive edge. Investing in your abilities, will provide you with an accurate 'ROI" return on your investment.

The internet is the fastest way to make real money and the most frustrating place when your not making money. You say how come l am not getting clicks, how come no one likes my articles, what did l do wrong. Yes, l could go on...but why right you all know the point and the,'WHY FACTOR"....

How to additional back links to your site everyday....So what are you waiting for? Join SocialMonkee now while it's still free!
Join SocialMonkee Now For Free!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, October 6, 2011

How do you define the word "LUCK"

October 6, 2011

This word is a word that is overused in many fields of life, we have all used it in one way or another. We all wish we had a little more luck in our daily lives. Some of the terms how this word is used.

He has so much luck in life.

Only if l had some luck l too could be like him.

Why can't l have in luck in my life?

We could go on and on and never really understand what it means or how it is defined. Luck to me is defined this way, and l will explain why.





Good Luck to all who read this and you apply the above to make yourself luckier in life; only you are in control of your life.


So when you bring this all own together and apply the meaning of each letter you get the correct definition of the word "LUCK".

So when you use the labor involved and obtain the correct knowledge; then you will see your LUCK increase all of a sudden. There is no such thing as luck you can control and create your luck at work, in business by having the correct knowledge to obtain the success that you deserve....................Except if your buying lottery tickets, then it's a whole new word to me also.............If someone founds the definition of that sort of LUCK, please share it with all of us.

I hope you can all apply a little luck to your day and your life just remember the definition of luck and use it to your advantage, and your luck will change cause you're in control of it.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Sunday, October 2, 2011

How many Managers, understand this concept, the 4-3-2-1 rule?

October 2, 2011

It will provide you with an actual value of what you are getting for your advertised dollar. Simple but very useful tool, to understand and apply it each and every day....If you where a Manager was working for me and you could not provide me these number daily, we would have a problem?

Who has used this rule in Their Dealership?

Part One. This formula allows you and your Sales Manager to see your progress with how you are handling customers. I will tell you how many customers you had for the day, week and the month. Part two it will allow you and your Sales Manager to know what percentage of the customer are taking a demo drive. Part three it allows your Sales Manager to know how many offers you are getting from your walk in traffic as a percentage. Part four it indicates your closing ratio from all of your efforts....When you understand this concept, you will know where you will need additional training. We are all aware you will always have 100 percent customers so the top number will always be 100 percent.

Part Two is the demo drive....when you take the number of clients and divide them by how many demo drives you had it will provide you with a percentage. I good number is 75 percent of customers should be going on a demo drive.....if you're getting let's say 44 percent you will need to work on how to get more demo drives why are your clients not taking more demo rides with you.

Part Three. Is the offer how many customers are you getting an offer from after you have taken them on a demo drive. It's imperative percentage. It is where most sales people get week or do not have the proper training to get a customer to present an offer; no offers no sales... if your only getting 30 percent of the customers to make an offer, then you will need to focus on what you are not doing....Once you learn this, it will increase, and you will have more sales.

Part Four. Is the actual close, when you make a purchase, you have done all the steps in order, and correctly, now you have earned a commission for your efforts. A good closing ratio, depending on how many customer you spoke to is in around the 17 percent.

Let's review the 4-3-2-1 Rule

4 - is the number of how many clients you spoke to today, so it is always a 100%

3 - is the number of how many clients you took on a demo drive, so it is 75%

2 - is the number of how many clients presented you with an offer, so it is 50%

1 - is the number of clients you close using the above steps, so it is 25%

You made a sale, means you made a commission.. so if you want to make two sales, just double the numbers.

Now that you have an understanding of how this works, please feel free to ask any additional questions on this subject. The most competitive formula you should be sharing with your sales staff, as a Sales Manager. Learn this and you keep your job forever, and more than likely get recruited by other dealers who see your value.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Monday, June 27, 2011

APSense Administration Team Announcement

June 27, 2011
As I’m sure, you all noticed the changes with the upgrade. As APSense grows into a more professional site, other changes are also being made including putting in place an official APSense Administration/Support team. There will be Admins, Moderators, and Advisers. Please check the APSense Wiki to find out what each does.


You can find a List of Moderators on the Wiki. Moderators are in charge of different add-ons and Niche Communities. You can find out who is responsible for each area on the Wiki.


You can find the Adviser responsibilities in the Wiki also. We will be building a team of Advisers to help members. As counselors are added to the team, you will be able to find their information also.


A new addition to the team is admins. Admins will work directly with Wincer and will have admin powers for the site to remove spam and abuse, and scammer profiles. Please check the Wiki to see what the Admin responsibilities s are. It is the function of the Admins to keep APSense clean and to run smoothly to free Wincer’s time to work on updates and improvements to the site.

Admins will also verify and delete abusive spam posts. Posts will only be removed if the post falls into the accepted categories listed in the radio buttons.

The official APSense admins are:

Bill Brown( Bjantiques)-Bill
has been a member of the APSense team since the beginning and has invested many hours in helping APSense members.

Cheryl Baumgartner (pplcheryl63)-Cheryl has been a member since 2007 and has been a member of the APSense team since the launch of APSense 2.0

Paula Van Dun-Paula
has been a member since 2010 and has shown herself to be proactive in assisting members since she joined.

If you have questions about the upgrade, please contact one of the Admins. Once we get advisers in place, you will be able to communicate with them also. The goal is to build APSense into a professional, trustworthy network and that effort is being rewarded in our lower Alexa rankings.

Official Site Announcements

It is important as we move forward after the upgrade that members, know where to find official site information. Any member may post articles, but these are not in any way official or endorsed by Wincer.

The only official site announcements come from the site admins. Also authorized to make official statements are Joseph Botelho and, of course, Wincer Song as the owner.

Written By Cheryl Baumgartner

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Build 25 Unique Backlinks to Your Pages Every Single Day, FREE!

June 25, 2011

Building backlinks to your pages is an essential part of SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) for two reasons. The first reason is that it helps your pages get indexed faster, which is imperative because you want the search engines to find them as soon as possible and crawl them regularly. The second reason is that it helps your pages get higher search engine rankings for the keywords of your choice. The more backlinks you have, the better. Period.

However, building backlinks can be a time-consuming, annoying process. You can outsource the process to an agency and pay a lot of money. Or you can do it yourself with SocialMonkee! SocialMonkee is an instant backlink builder allowing you to build 25 unique backlinks, every day, FREE! All links are on unique C-Class IP addresses and domains. Imagine being able to create 25 unique backlinks every day, with the click of a button, FREE! Well, you can stop imagining.

So, 25 unique, backlinks every day. That's a total of 175 backlinks every week, 750 every month. If you upgrade, you will be able to build 100 unique backlinks, three times a day! That's a total of 2,100 backlinks every week, 9,000 every month! The good news is you can get a Premium Account, FREE! All you need to do is to refer 12 members, and your account will automatically be upgraded. If you're not really into referral marketing, you may upgrade right now for a low one-time fee.

Submitting a page to SocialMonkee via the members area takes under two minutes, but there's an even faster way! They created a Firefox plugin that allows you to submit your page to up to 100 sites in just a few clicks, using nothing else than Firefox! If you have a Premium Account, you will also get access to link reports and RSS feeds, which are great to keep track of your backlinks and get them indexed fast. Submitting your RSS feeds to RSS submitters is the first step in link building.

So what are you waiting for? Join SocialMonkee now while it's still free!

Join SocialMonkee Now For Free!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are You A Star AT Show and Tell

June 23, 2011

STARS ALSO KNOW HOW TO USE THE RIGHT MESSAGE WITH THE right audience at the right time. They are superb communicators. But being a good communicator doesn't always mean "being on." In fact, one of the things that average performers do wrong is to communicate over: Every day, they send another memo to the boss. They chatter on, but they have done anything to contribute. People turn a deaf ear to them. Star performers know how to time their message, and how to craft them, so people pay attention.

If you want to excel at "show and tell," understand your audience: What moves people in a particular audience? Who do they listen to? What languages makes sense to them?

For one person, it's going to be dollars; for another, it's going to be valued. You match that language with the way you deliver information---whether you're making a presentation, sending a memo, or cornering someone in the hallway to test an idea.

Figure out the message that moves people, put it into the language they speak and deliver it in a way that works for them.

The whole concept here is for you to understand how to perform without even having to think about what you're doing, working at your highest ability. Showcasing your talents and address solutions that provide the reason for your audience to listen to what you're saying.

Let me know what you thought of this little bit of information will it help you can you apply what you just read. Post your comments and let's all learn from this!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Solution for Network Marketing Tug-A-War

May 26, 2011

Written by Lonnie Niver

Being in network marketing is hard when there is so many to choose from to start making money. If you're just starting out, you are probably overwhelmed by how many there are. You are probably getting bombarded with people trying to sell you on their opportunity that sounds excellent.

It's like tying you to a rope and playing tug-a-war as to who is going to sign you up. You are probably feeling like you are being tugged in a hundred different directions, and it is wearing you out. Believe me, I know the feeling. I have been where you are at, and it is time for you to cut the ropes.

Start by evaluating each opportunity

Stability - Make sure the company has been in business for at least five years.
Do they have a legal product/service that has a high demand?
What is the commission based on recruiting or sales? If based on recruiting it's a scam.
Look at how fast you will generate income. If you are spending more on the ADP than you are in commissions, you will lose money. There are opportunities that require a one-time fee with no ADP obligations. One that comes to mind is Multipure.
Attend the seminars and learn what you can from each company.

This list may sound like a lot of work, but it will save you time and money. When you do find the right opportunity, stay F.O.C.U.S., Follow One Coarse Until Successful. Will keep you from being pulled in a hundred different directions.

Also, stay consistent. Most of the successful Network Marketers I have met say that the Key to their success was being consistent. It will build your credibility to market online and people will be more apt to follow you no matter what you do.

Another is to work as a T.E.A.M., Together Everyone Achieves More. Working as a team will give you ideas to build your business. Have you heard the phrase,"Two Heads are better than one"? People on your team may have some ideas to share with you. If you find something that works then share it with your team. Their success is your success.

You can't do every single network marketing program that tugs on you so you have to narrow it down to the one that is suitable for you. These are just a few ways you can free yourself from network marketing tug-a-war.

Networking Champs

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This is Great News, APSene now under 4,000, Yep It Happened

May 25, 2011

Fantastic news simple and very short to the point, we are now under 4,000 on Alexa Ranking wow do you know what this means it has opened a whole new ballpark. New Playing field!!

This is how business is conducted, how we lead by example and show you the results, share it, expand on it and most of all of our members will enjoy the rewards.

Here are all the details on this Bulletin.

We are "Now" under 4,000 on Alexa Ranking

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Power of the Internet earning, one step at a time.

May 23, 2011

The group here is as we all know it is "How to Earn an Income on the Internet." We are now going to take that step, to see a reward at the end of your day for your efforts. This concept will work, why you will need to do a little work each and every day for you to earn an income and become qualified to for that day payout.

You will see your efforts and payoffs each and every day that you place an ad, all you have to do is copy and paste it, we supply all the steps, where to place your ads, we have all the ads written up, with your referral link. Why you are getting rewarded this way is, for your efforts in promoting our company, we save on advertising with the ad you place daily.

There are several different memberships, you can join as a "Free Member," and get to understand the concept for free, or you can make a small investment of $10.00 per month and buy $10.00 of bids, to start earning daily, for your efforts, how I did it...Glad l did! The compounder formula you will be exposed to will provide you with black and white results daily.

You decided to join this group, for one reason only and that was to "Earn an Income on The Internet." Try this the way l have tried it, see if it is for you, little investment, good advise and a lot of support for a team that built this concept around an all-time winner E-Bay.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Earning Income on Line Direct result of Earning Authority!

May 20, 2011

Earning Income On-line is no different than Income Off-line, through the Sales process. People BUY from people they know, value and trust.

One of the easiest, least expensive and most productive ways to Establish that authority is to Create and maintain a "Viable BLOG" in the niche of your passion or choice. There are so many people who have tried to follow this principle but never took it seriously. You should be posting minimum three times a week to your readership, and develop a cross promotion system with Social Media to your targeted audience.

Watching so many struggles for the past few years and realizing the difficulty of "going it alone", we designed a Networked Blog System, which is giving serious minded business persons the venue to establish Internet Authority Quickly, enjoy traffic and conversions.
However, this is NOT an Auto-pilot system and requires "YOUR" attention.

What is included is a setup and hosted Word-press system, with several thousands of dollars of PREMIUM plug-ins available and SEO friendly Themes.

But more important, one-on-one support LIVE, once a gain video recorded Webinar and a once a week INTERACTIVE live talk show sharing the intricacies of SUCCESSFUL blogging and introduction of new ideas.

We know how to enjoy High Ranking, Traffic Generation and Revenue production. Regardless if our system has any fit for your Master Plan.
Focus more of YOUR time and energy into BLOGGING.
Your bottom line will appreciate it.

If you are serious about information on the "Networked Blog System, call me direct, Days Pacific. I return all calls within the hour.

All The Best

Written by, Chuck Bartok


All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goodbye to an idol and role model-Ron Springs

May 14, 2011

Today I learned of sad news out of Dallas TX. Former Cowboys Ron Springs running back passed away yesterday after a 4-year coma. I'm not much of a football fan, so I'll explain why this news is sad for me.

I grew up in what back then was a small city, Williamsburg VA. One thing Williamsburg did well in those days produced NFL Players. Or maybe I should say my old Alma mater Lafayette High School did it well. There was a point when three young men occupied the gridiron at the same time. Who could have know that all three would end up in the NFL?
Lawrence Taylor of the NY Giants, Mel Grey of the Philadelphia Eagles and Ron Springs of the Dallas Cowboys.

These three men belonged to us. Those of us who walked those halls identified with them. Then were role models to all of us and we sat in classes with siblings or cousins of these NFL Superstars. They were something big from our tiny little town, and we all claimed them with pride. Pride in our city and pride in our school.

I can still remember Ron walking across the stage in the auditorium on the day we had a special assembly to retire his jersey. And when he walked out on that stage it was not so big time celebrity, it was one of us. Ron was a Lafayette Ram, an alumni of our school. And he gave us something that day. Someone we could look up to as an example of success. We felt like we weren't some dinky little school in a backwater town, he gave us pride in who we were.

Today I found out that one of those bright lights, one of those icons of my youth is gone. He will be missed not just by his family but by those of us he belonged to as a fellow Ram. Rest in Peace Ron, you will always be an idol to us.

Thank you for taking the time Cheryl and writing a very particular article on one of life's real hero's, who gave it all, on the field and off the field. May god bless him and his family.


Written By, Cheryl Baumgartner

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, May 13, 2011

Getting Started with Video Marketing

May 13, 2011

Video Marketing is increasing at a very high rate. Just in May of 2010 Youtube exceeds over 2 billion viewers a day. Even though it is a new social media platform, it can still be used to market yourself, and it's FREE.

Okay, not 100% free because you still have to buy the equipment to make the video based on the type of video you are going to make. If it is just an introduction video with you talking, then you'll need a video camera or webcam. I would go with a webcam because they're cheaper but the quality is not all that great. If you're going to show others how to do something like and instructional video, then you don't need a video camera or a webcam. Online Instructional videos can be done using free desktop recording software like CamStudio. Camstudio is an excellent way to get started if you don't have a video camera of the webcam.

Once you have the tools to make your video, then start recording. When you're done, use Windows Movie Maker to do your editing. Windows Movie Maker is a free software that comes with most Windows computers now. It is an excellent way to add some animated effects to the video to be more attractive.

The next thing to do is upload the video to Youtube this is where you will add some annotation to the tape so the information will stay in front of your viewers. I have added an example of mine at CHECK THIS OUT

If you are marketing Click-bank ad, you can add an annotation to your video directing your viewers to check out a site, product or service. This type of marketing is not spamming and is easy to do, plus if you're showing a video, you don't have to feel like you're spamming people. What I also do is offer other video makers to add the annotation to their videos and provide a percentage of the sale. I have been very successful with this.

Don't feel like you need to go out and get yourself an expensive video camera just to start creating the video. There are other ways to get started that are less costly and will save you time and money.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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Thank you for taking the time to understanding the "One Gram at a Time Page," it has other meanings, other then the...

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