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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

How to Avoid costly mistakes well building you're Success

March 22, 2016

Number one obstacle will always be the person who is pressing to achieve success; that would be you. You have no one to blame for your past failures; understanding this statement will provide a perspective on who you are. The reason I make this statement it is never our fault, we never take accountability with our personnel development. However, we never change our methods of approaching it with a confident frame of mind.

Understanding our miscalculations is like winning a lottery, we then have the ability to improve our vulnerabilities. We are all humans, we deal with many issues daily, too many distractions, we lose focus. How do we change all of this? Our inner desires want nothing more than to become successful with our life. We want our spouse, families also to feel proud of our achievements.

We have read countless books, listened to CDs, watch videos on personal development, spent larger amounts of money for us to change our habits. However, nothing works or provides the solutions we are seeking. The reason, we always give up. Most of us, not all are just not committed to changing any bad habits we have.

The deal destroyer is, not being able to concentrate on what you should be achieving each and every day. The most logical reason I can come up with, most people have no idea what they want in life, I was one of them also. You think you do, but reality then sets in and slaughters your dream. The primary reason was not as important as you thought it was.

Another logical reason we all suffer from is one of the most miss understood circumstances not many will every compromise or concede to it. The fear of failing with knowing our dream might not materialize again. Fear can also be the biggest motivator you will ever have. When you use it to motivate your desires. Creates raw energy that stimulates your thinking with your mindset.

The one that terminates our dreams the most is our comfort zone. When your mind starts to trick you, convince you that your life is not that crummy at all. Why do you have to change anything, you have everything you need at the moment. Having a dangerous mindset will provide you with the results you have achieved countless times, with your personal development.

How do you change your mindset to become laser focused on your goals, dreams, and desires you want to enjoy. Modify the people you associate your time with, is a good start. Start understanding that time is your most valuable commodity, one you will never get back. So use your time efficiently, organize your day with what has to be addressed and achieved today not tomorrow. 

My rule is, Yesterday is History.  
Today is a Mystery and Tomorrow is an Adventure.

You need to embrace all of your new challenges that present themselves like windows of opportunities. Understand that intelligence over time is being developed if you do not understand something do your homework on that topic. Google it, and study what you did not know at the time. You will find the answers. Learn from all of your past mistakes, and never repeat them again.

Keeping a daily journal is not a bad idea, during your private time writing your days activities, some positive, some negative. The reason is you can always go back and re-read it, and learn from what happened. Just the other night I re-read some of my thoughts from 1987. I said well I forgot about how happy I was on that day. I did it before I can achieve this mindset once again. See my point why a daily journal is not a bad idea. No one knows I do this, my private time, my thoughts, emotions as well as a little history of the past. However, now the cat is out of the bag.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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