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Saturday, October 15, 2011

How Important are Keywords to Your Site!!

October 15, 2011

How Important are Keywords to Your Site!!

In the beginning "Key Words" where the most important factor on how your website got ranked, among the search engines. The better the keywords you used, the higher the score you got for your sites rankings. However, they’re just one of dozens elements that are taken into consideration.

So what are keywords, what role do they play, on our site, blog or articles we submitted to search engines. Keywords are the words the users types in the search boxes when they are looking for a product, advice or anything that they may be looking for. Simply put, keywords are the words that are used to catalog, index and find your website.

So when you're writing an article on your blog, or website, think about who you want to target, who your audience is going to be, what your niche market is. Keeping them important factors in mind, you will select specific words that will be searchable; within your audience. It's an important step, let's face it; you want readers who have an interest in your article, or whatever it is that you are marketing.

Spend some time, and do some research on your competition, and see how their sites rank, and why it ranks higher than yours. What words have they used, that allow search engines to find their place? Understanding your competition is vital to your success, after all, you're competing with them. Why waste your talents, and never have any unique visitors, visiting your site for lack of preparation.

Here is an important element to always remember, when writing your script, make sure you're using the keywords you will use to become searchable in cyberspace. Becomes a good habit if you always remember to use your keywords in your article, you will get noticed and clicked on.

There are two different types of keywords, branding keywords, and generic keywords. If you're not using the branding keywords, you will surely miss out. These are words that are your business name, description of what your company is all about and, of course, the product or topic your marketing.

Generic keywords are words; that are not branded with your business name, for an example if your website is you would use terms such as knives, fishing rods, guns, lures, tackle boxes, accessories, sleeping bags you get the picture.

These are necessary steps for you to get noticed and clicked on the web if no one chooses words that are relevant to your site then you're missing the boat and wasting your time and talents with your original articles.

I hope we all benefit from the information I have shared I will talk more about the elements that will have a real effect on how your site gets ranked and clicked on.

Here is a simple tool you can use to help you with the selection the words you should use on your website, blog or an article you write.

Google Keyword Suggestion

All the Best,

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