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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Marketability, How to Become Good at It

January 11, 2012

Ever since the passing of the model T, the automotive industry has sold cars regarding everything other than fiction-the power, sex appeal, luxury (where would we be without "rich, Corinthian velour"), economy, and on and on. Automotive advertising, in fact, has historically been so persuasive that has not only shaped perceptions but created them.

The industry l am involved with and know most about, what l enjoy and do for a living write, teach, train sales staff to be the best they can be. I deal with owners, not always agree with them but at times l have too, rather sad if l don't.

Here are the areas you need to understand and become the best you can be at them, if you learn this then you can apply it to any industry you're involved with.

Know your product, Believe in Your Product and Sell with Enthusiasm.

These are the fundamental selling truths. If you don't know your product, people will resent your efforts to sell it; if you don't believe in it, no amount of personality and technique will cover that fact; if you can't sell with enthusiasm, the lack of it will be infectious.

Two Reason I Wouldn't Buy from Me.

Part of knowing your product is knowing all the reasons someone might want to buy it.

Beating Dead Horse meat.

Sometimes an idea, product, concept is just plain wrong.

The 80/20 Rule.

Focus on the interest, predilections, and tastes of your top 20 percent, and take the time to figure out what you can do to keep them there.

Know the Company.

Two key points are knowing, your customer's company. First, that knowledge can tell you something about the best overall approach. Secon, though the person you are selling to may have total authority and autonomy.

If You Don't know, Ask.

Most sales are not cold calls. There is some contact or connection which gets you thinking about a particular company in the first place.

Don't Be Misled by Titles.

Assume almost nothing from titles l used to think, for example that the head of General Motors International would be an important decision maker regarding GM's overseas operation. To my surprise, he had no decision-making authority, except in the broadest sense.

Apply these steps and watch how you become better at the way you Market your Product. Learn them and you will see results before your very own eyes. Marketing is all about one thing getting a bang for the dollar you have invested in advertising. If you're not making the phone ring, then you know your dollar has been wasted or invested incorrectly.

All the Best,

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