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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You're Personal Energy Can Create an Abundance of Wealth

September 16, 2014

Personal Human Energy is by far too valuable of an asset to waste. Therefore never waste it in arguing with people or try to convince someone who is of a different opinion. The only thing that accomplishes is resentment from both parties, frustration, energy depletion. It does not change the other person's opinions nor does it accomplish anything positive. There are far too many individuals who are on the same wave link we are. Invest your energy in these types of people because it increases your energy creates a win-win success for all involved.

The reason many people fail and lose friendships at the same time is because they are trying to make one kind seed produce another type seed of fruit. Brain Tracy said when your friends and family tell you they are not interested in your opportunity. "Believe Them."

What good is prosperity without peace, money without management, success that comes by way of stress? There is a much better way to wealth and success, and it comes by the way of "Principal." People get lost in spending all their time on details instead of principal when they should be spending the majority of their focus on principal, and the details will take care of themselves.

Money problems and pressure does not come from the economy, lack of talent and ability or a lack of education. Most of the time those conditions are the result of neglecting principal, Many people have created a million dollar portfolio on a $40,000 a year income while others ended up broke and bankrupt who had a million dollar annual income.

The key to financial freedom is not how much you earn but how you "Position" what you earn. The secret is to learn how to take the money you receive and apply "Positional Equity" to it. Taking some of your paper currency that you now work so hard to accumulate and turn it into "Gold Currency" is one of the best ways to apply positional equity to your income.

Don and Melinda Boyer
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Do You Have The Millionaire Habit?
"Saving a Part of Your Income Each Week and Putting It into Gold

"Our mission is to educate you about the importance of owning Gold Bullion so that you can make an intelligent decision about your financial future."

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