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Friday, November 29, 2013

Why is a Mind Set, So Important for Success!

November 29, 2013

Why is a mindset so important for your success? Most people can not do it, so they never focus on what they want, but focus on what they do not want. Think of what I just shared with you, it is so much easier on dwelling on the problem than the solution.  

We beat our self-esteem before we provide our abilities with the positive mindset, that will lead us to that, milk, and honey we all have heard of. We can have anything we want in life! The best-kept secret from the most successful people who have achieved success is a simple process, that is the most difficult one to actually accomplish. Makes no sense, it's simple but complicated.

Complicate, for this reason, we spend more energy, on why it will not work, then on why it will work. The mind, and how you think, will produce the exact results you dwell on. We dwell on the bills we need to pay each month, and all our other obligations we need to meet. So this certainly attracts more negative activity that we need to spend energy on. Really a waste of time, without positive results.

Henry Ford once shared a quote. "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, either way, you are right." what this means is, whatever you think in your mind, the results will occur. The mind is what prevents us all from achieving success. This is a proven fact, that has been studying over, and over again. We have planted the seed for our destination, either way, we are right. With what will happen!

Why I stated earlier, that this is such a simple, but complicated process. We all want success, we mean well, but the only thing holding us back from achieving these's results is the way we think. This should make sense to you. Close your eye's for a few minutes and thinks about what I just shared with you. Review in your inner mind, how you have reacted to your thinking, did it not control your end results?

So how do you get the correct mindset? Different for all of us, some listen to tapes, read books on this subject, but most just accept failure, because they lack the ability to think that success can "NOT" be achieved. They attract and focus on all the reasons they will not become successful. Sad but again, our mindset will lead us in this direction.

Here are three video's that can correct your mindset!

I do listen to them each day, how I listen, not important, I just make time for me to listen to then, and remind me of what I need to do. The one's that provide my mind with results are as followed. How and what you decide in the end is what matters, what works for me, may or may not work for you. But l think you will appreciate them.

Gary Vaynerchuk, from vine TV, provided me with some key phrases, that made me think. He illustrates what it takes to change your life, and the direction you want to achieve. Watch it Now!!

How Bad do You Want Success, is about the ability of how bad you really want to have success in your life, and what your willing to give up to obtain this type of success. Part One of How Bad You Want Success

How Bad do You Want Success, Part Two, this is real to the point, some of you who watch this, may understand what this message is all about? See what your mind thinks, it will achieve it. Simple but so complicated, you can do this. I have and so have so many others, enjoy your journey. Part Two of How Bad You Want Success

If you have enjoyed this information please share it with your network, 
and leave your thoughts with a comment. Would love hearing what your thinking?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Wow, What Happened to Gold, Who do you listen too?

November 26, 2013

Wow, what happened to gold, it is on a roller coaster ride again? Is this a good sign or is at a bad sign with the direction gold is going? If you ask China, they are happy with how it is performing so far. Why would they not be happy, since all it means, is they get to accumulate more gold at a bargain price?

With Iran's agreement, limiting its nuclear program for sanctions relief. Could play a factor on the direction gold is taking, exactly what central banks and governments want. No war or talks of wars means no need for gold to rise. It's a very uncertain market, one that will have huge results for investors. There is no real time limited on how gold will perform. One important factor to concern as an investor, there will be a shortest of this asset.

Investing in any investment takes time, patience and also dedication. World trends and media play such a manipulative game, that it is so hard to understand what the left hand is doing. This is where education, history kicks in. Gold has been around, since the three wise man, actually presented Jesus with gold as a gift.

Patience is what will make, or break your investment with this asset, gold. Do you sell and recover your losses, and move on, or take a small profit, depending on when you bought it? We all have questions without any real solutions. Who do you listen too? Is more than likely the most important question you need to have answered.

You could review all the articles on this topic; some might make a little sense not a lot. Gold will always outlive the fiat currency, that is why it is being manipulated. How can governments print gold, like they do with the paper money? Governments are under these's harsh, uncertain times, and need that flexibility to meet their obligations. This has been going on all of our lives.

Let us review some of the top articles on this subject and see what is really going on, with gold. You think you were confused with what is happening in global financial crises. Think of how crude oil play's in the commodities game, media controlled as well as government-controlled. Governments benefits, additional revenue from taxes that we all pay, when we all fill our vehicles with gas.

Some interesting articles on this topic, hope you review all of this, and it also benefits and encourages your thinking on this type of investment, on how it actually works!

Gold Prices drop 1% on Iran, fed Taper concerns. By

Gold losses after disappointing U.S. pending home sales data. By

Gold takes back earlier losses as market weighs Iran nuke accord By

Gold - What are Investors Afraid of Now? By Daniel Moore via Seeking Alpha

A few reviews to educate, or perhaps provide more questions for you to think about, rather than solutions. Who do you listen too? You need to listen to the person that is putting up the investment, you. After all; your the one who may lose or win, play your odds correctly. So listen to your gut, and educate yourself.

Now let's take it to another level of investing with a gut feeling, that is well financially educated. This could also happen, and provide you with a very lucrative return on your (ROI). Investing is always going to be a very complicated risk, for all of us.

Going to share with you all some interesting predictions, that should be concerned or looked at. The very least you can do, for your education and gut feeling. Is watch these's presentation. At your pace, just bookmark, this article and go back to it, as you have time. Time well spent!

Positive solution "Number One" read more!

Positive solution "Number Two" read more!

Positive solution for the average working investor. "Number Three"

If you have enjoyed this article, feel free to leave a comment or perhaps just shared it with someone who will benefit from this article. So now time to understand what happen to gold.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How Big Are China’s Real Gold Reserves?

November 20, 2013

Came across this article written by Lawrence Williams on a subject that l have had an interest and wrote a few articles on. China's accumulation of gold, and how they have been able to keep the world from understanding how much metric tons of gold they actually own.

China has been playing this game since 2009, with a straight face, and declaring the same amount of gold since 2009. How do they get away with all of this? Lawrence Williams reveals some of the strategists, China has been using rather effectively.

The key here for China is keeping gold prices down, for the simple reason they can accumulate more metric tons at a bargain. This makes perfect sense, buy low sell high, what we all aim at when investing. So keeping the true amount of how many metric tons they actually have, works wonders for this concept.

Lawrence Williams shares this article on Seeking Alpha

There is much speculation over the quantification of China's gold reserves. Are they only 1,054 metric tons as the official figures would have us believe? Or are they considerably higher as many gold analysts suggest? And what game is China playing if they are?

The Chinese impact on global demand is key to likely gold price performance in the months and years ahead and thus of major significance for the investor in gold bullion, ETFs and gold stocks. China is already almost certainly the world's largest consumer of gold this year and is likely to absorb at least 1,500 metric tons of the yellow metal purely through imports through Hong Kong plus its own gold output - it is currently the world's No. 1 producer with 2013 output estimated as likely to be in order of 430 metric tons by the China Gold Group.

The Complete article by Lawrence Williams 

All The Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Hundred Years War Between Fiat and Gold.

November 16, 2013,

Nick Barisheff the founder and, CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc., a company dedicated to providing investors with a secure, cost-effective, transparent way to purchase and hold physical bullion. BMG is an Associate Member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

He will provide the insight and his reasoning back when he indicates that gold would be worth $10,000 an ounce. Truly nothing has really changed, if anything, it could have a higher Return on your Investment (ROI). He shared this information with Greg Hunter of with his predictions of what the true value of this asset and, its true potential of achieving this level of return.

Some of you might have been at his live speech at The Toronto Austrian Scholars Conference back on November 2, 2013. Where he shares’s, the story, of “the hundred year war between fiat and gold." To his audience, some of the topics, that were discussed.

Federal Reserve History and Its War on Gold.

This December 23, the U.S. Federal Reserve aka (the Fed) will celebrate its 100th birthday. This speech takes a look at the Fed’s real accomplishment, and the policies it has employed during this time to rob the public of its wealth.

Why the Fed Hates Gold

The Fed has many reasons for being at war with gold. Gold restricts a country’s ability unlimited amount of fiat currency. The gold held by the Fed and the United States has not been officially audited since 1953; there are several credible indications that gold has been leased or swapped and probably several claims of ownership.

There are several other topics he illustrates with his speech, facts, and possibilities of why gold makes sense and has been at war for over a hundred years with the fiat currency. The most logical reason l would say, is governments cannot reproduce it, as it can with the fiat currency.

Take the time to review this article and its links, education is priceless. This is not only reality, there is no other logical reason that this asset will take over the fiat currency. Power comes to an end; enjoy the hundred year celebration of the fiat currency in power.

Some of us will understand, the logical reasons that Nick Barisheff shares on his articles and speeches, that he has shared, with his audiences across the globe. Investments are sometimes manipulated, by certain parties, no need for figure pointing. Gold Manipulation creates greed, for the very greedy players, who could care less of who they have bankrupted, or investors retirement, and pension plans.

Nick Barisheff Founder and CEO,
 Bullion Management Group Inc.

Now for the full story on his widely circulated News Letter, you be able to review all the material l have shared above. The information, makes a predictable return, on your financial investment with this asset. 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, November 8, 2013

Is Gold actually being Manipulated by certain Banks and Governments!

November 8, 2013

Here are some updates that have value with gold and the direction it will take. It has been a very uncertain expedition for this asset during the last few months.  Gold could be heading higher from here, according to one of Wall Street’s top technical analysts.

There are many unexplained trends, on why gold has had such a rough ride. Some experts in this field have indicated that there is more going on than we actually will ever understand. Governments have always wanted a fiat currency, for the simple reason they can print more money. With Gold it is impossible to reproduce, could this be a key factor?

Then take China's activity, for the last three years of accumulating gold at an alarming rate. They fully understand that gold is currently a bargain. No one really knows how much gold China has, but we will find out really soon.

Platinum is considered the most precious of the precious metals because of its scarcity. The annual supply of platinum is only about 130 tons; approximately 10 tons of ore must be mined to produce one ounce of “white gold;” all the platinum ever mined would fill a space of less than 25 cubic feet; relative to value-minded, platinum has much more industrial use than either silver or gold; there are no large of above-ground platinum.

In 1971, the world’s gold-backed monetary system was replaced a paper system managed by people with Ph.D.'s. Rather than being stuck with fixed quantity of money, academics could instead figure out how much money and credit was the need and provide them as necessary.

Bill Bonner: A Tsunami of Debt

Bottom line: People continue to move money from short-term low-interest bearing assets into currency and transaction balances. The increase in the money stock measures comes from portfolio re-arrangement, and not from monetary stimulus

Therefore, the US economy does not seem to be benefiting from QE, although the Fed says it will continue until the economy shows signs of a faster recovery.

Last April, fifteen days after the heads of the five largest US Banks requested a closed-door meeting with President Obama, gold experienced its largest one-day drop ever. COMEX trading records revealed that one bank, JPMorgan Securities, was behind the huge sell of gold Derivatives

William Engdahl: China, gold prices, and US default threat

However, at this point the evidence is clear. Someone is clearly manipulating Gold lower. This is happening almost every morning when someone dumps gold in massive sell orders, pushing the precious metal's price sharply lower.

Phoenix Capital Research: The Clear Gold Manipulation on Display for All To See

King World News Blog:  Nazi Style Fed Propaganda Used to Smash Gold Markets

Seeking Alpha: Is the Gold Market Manipulated Part One

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

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