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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tips and Concepts to Use When Prospecting With a Cold Market

February 9, 2016

Without prospects, you have no way of increasing your success with any business whether it is marketing with an eCommerce Business, Multi Level Marketing or a Brick and Mortar Business. Prospects are the blood line of achievement with the mentioned industries.

When I first got into sales back in 1983, selling vehicles at a Large Dealership in Agincourt, Ontario where I worked. I asked a question to my Sales Manager, so where do I get my prospects from? He looked at me, and said l will be right back; he slammed the white pages phone book on my desk. Do you have any other questions?

I got the message, but I had a big problem, I had no education on how to prospect.  So I spoke to all my senior sales partners, but they were old school with established repeat clients, so that was a waste of human energy. We had no internet back then, so I decided to dedicate myself to this field by going to the Library and reading all the books that related to the sales industry.

I would go to the library a couple of times a week, and borrow new books that I had an interest. I came across an author who was called The World's Greatest Salesman Joe Girard. Wow, I said to myself, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I read and study his principles, and started to apply his concepts, tips to my daily activities. Within a couple of weeks of doing what l had studied, I started having results. I had more appointments for the week than most of the senior sales partners at our dealership.

I recall one day my Sales Manager came up to me and asked how I was getting so many appointments when I was only a car cadet, other words a rookie. I looked at him and said I am doing what you told me to do, using the phone book and calling the prospect. What are you talking about to them, so I showed him the script I had wrote and tested, to see where my results were coming from. Yes, I kept records on all of my calls, created a manual file for each prospect, with names and important details, that would help me engage with them and establish credibility.

The number one tip I have learned from all of my years invested in the sales industry is still the same tip I use in 2016, this will never change, if you want results, you have to study your the market, and when applying this concept, you will see results. Learning how to engage with your prospect without coming across as some robot. God give us two ears and one mouth, which one should we use the most?

Let us not forget we as car salesmen do not have an excellent reputation, so this is one of the hardest industries to make a full time living from. The status of a car salesperson has drastically changed with all the new industry standards, but most people still do not trust a car salesman.

"Short Presentation on Prospecting by Joe Girard"

That was how prospecting was conducted back then, but the approaches used have not changed except, now we use different tools, called Social Media Marketing. Creating a brand, getting Likes to our FaceBook Page, using all types of various Social Media Levels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook just to name a few.  

When we are using Social Media Levels, we still need to get the most important point across, getting our prospect to engage with each other, without pitching him on the first impression, or second for that matter. It's so important, and most rookies will prospect you to the point of you being spam by their opportunity, never understood why anyone would take this unsuccessful approach.  

"Here is 11 Tips for you to consider using when engaging your 
Prospects, using Social Media as your platform by Michelle Grigsby."

He's one the best speaker that illustrates what it will take to become 
the machine of endless possibilities. He spoke the wisest words 
to making the switch. It took place back in 2007. 
"His one of the Best in 2016!"
Why it is in Red, You need to Learn this!
And he's a Jets Fan! 

You will need to become a master of the skills you learn, the only way this is going to happen is by you practicing your script on a daily base. Keep track of what is working and what is not working, modify it so it can become a seed of endless prospects for you to work with. 

"Remember Networking is a Contact Sport."

All the Best,

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