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Monday, April 15, 2013

Windows of Opportunities with Gold, could this be true?

April 15, 2013,

Gold has been on a roller coaster ride, this is a fact without any doubts but guess what it still has the value that is undervalued at the current moment. Here is an opportunity to take advantage of, governments will always be able to print money, gold can not be reprinted or reproduce. Review how it has performed, we have seen them charts, we are dealing with an asset that the actual value is being camouflaged by unpredictable global financial circumstance.

So much world debt, so much greed going on with banking systems, just last week a VIP of RBS of Scotland's got arrested on fraud charges, full story here.  We have seen it over and over again, it is not going to stop, greed will always be a common factor in humans, who we deal with. Not so long ago the Cyprus Crises and bank fraud.  Just a couple of examples.

What effect is it having with paper money? Many things that we have heard over and over again, but one asset they have only temporary control with is gold. No different then what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did 80 years ago to control inflation and the value of gold he manipulated the market by confiscation of gold by forcing owners to cash out at a pre-determined fixed rate. The laws at times only have one law, their law so can this happen or is it happening. Again history shows a chart that only grew and were growing again, with again a slight obstacle.

So how do you protect yourself from all of this, not an easy answer at all? Too many factors play here! The odds are hard to read, but history is hard to be proven wrong also. Demand and supply have always controlled the cost factor of what an asset's value was at any given time. So are you holding a paper currency locked up with a banking system that is using your asset's for their benefit or are you in control of your future financial obligations, meaning a real (ROI) return on investment.  I did not create these's odd's, and why gas is so expenses, nope had nothing to do with it, but it affects me deeply. Inflation is what is happening, scary stuff but the writing is on the wall. Can this create windows of opportunity with gold investing.

So what will you do if your job is suddenly a rumor, walking papers last thing you could imagine and since you were on contract with them, no benefits at all. You are done, like dinner, wow! Now, what? You're going to read a section of the paper you have not read in a long time, classifieds looking for a job. Not many very attractive ones being posted is there?  So you turn to marketing on the internet or something along them lines.

Yea you do need to do something "FAST" bills do not stop being mailed at all. Scary, why the odds are not predictable anymore, you have Korea looking for attention, Europe bailing out countries to maintain credibility with the Euro currency. So if you have an interest in getting an education may well be from home, where you will need to be to make this happen. I did this, l got focused and learned what l had to learn. Needed solutions to what l think make the most logical long-term financial sense.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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