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Friday, April 26, 2013

Reason's why Gold, would perform this way!

April 26, 2013

Came across this story today that was written a well back when gold decided to nose dive, and no one knew why it took that direction, some made money with this dive, others sold out, what really happened?

Many of the main suspects are covered on this story, found it very realistic since l know more 15 or so days later, l see how it is playing out. But in today's uncertainty global financial investing world, hard to really predict, facts make no sense.

Makes it very interesting for many logical reasons, who controls all of these's markets and why are they effective so harshly when encountering unforeseen turmoil in the global economy. Should we be paying what we pay at the pumps, l have watched the crude oil barrier drop, except at the pump.

This market alone is responsible for the inflation period we are all suffering from unless your part of the OPEC society, then you have no concept of what is going on. They have more stories then we all have read books from the library, just creative marketing is all they are doing. They are very good at that, wonder what that cost's us all.

The "GREED FACTOR" takes over everyday living for most of us all who have the daily family, personal and business obligation and rely on our wheels to cover the distance at a very heavy price. But this is totally out of control, crude oil at the current rate would reflect a totally different price per gallon or liter for us to enjoy at the pump.

Now that l got that off my chess, if you're still with me let's get to the next obstacle or mystery that has had an impact on our overall financial obligation and retirement investments we had created for our future. We all have different types of investments but some of us believe in this asset "Gold" it did some unimaginable drops for really no apparent reasons.

So when l read this article posted on CNBC website one of my favorite past times is watching that station. l just had to share it with all who have an interest in this topic and understand that steps that took place and how to react and play this asset. It's really a simple one actually...


All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Monday, April 15, 2013

Windows of Opportunities with Gold, could this be true?

April 15, 2013,

Gold has been on a roller coaster ride, this is a fact without any doubts but guess what it still has the value that is undervalued at the current moment. Here is an opportunity to take advantage of, governments will always be able to print money, gold can not be reprinted or reproduce. Review how it has performed, we have seen them charts, we are dealing with an asset that the actual value is being camouflaged by unpredictable global financial circumstance.

So much world debt, so much greed going on with banking systems, just last week a VIP of RBS of Scotland's got arrested on fraud charges, full story here.  We have seen it over and over again, it is not going to stop, greed will always be a common factor in humans, who we deal with. Not so long ago the Cyprus Crises and bank fraud.  Just a couple of examples.

What effect is it having with paper money? Many things that we have heard over and over again, but one asset they have only temporary control with is gold. No different then what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did 80 years ago to control inflation and the value of gold he manipulated the market by confiscation of gold by forcing owners to cash out at a pre-determined fixed rate. The laws at times only have one law, their law so can this happen or is it happening. Again history shows a chart that only grew and were growing again, with again a slight obstacle.

So how do you protect yourself from all of this, not an easy answer at all? Too many factors play here! The odds are hard to read, but history is hard to be proven wrong also. Demand and supply have always controlled the cost factor of what an asset's value was at any given time. So are you holding a paper currency locked up with a banking system that is using your asset's for their benefit or are you in control of your future financial obligations, meaning a real (ROI) return on investment.  I did not create these's odd's, and why gas is so expenses, nope had nothing to do with it, but it affects me deeply. Inflation is what is happening, scary stuff but the writing is on the wall. Can this create windows of opportunity with gold investing.

So what will you do if your job is suddenly a rumor, walking papers last thing you could imagine and since you were on contract with them, no benefits at all. You are done, like dinner, wow! Now, what? You're going to read a section of the paper you have not read in a long time, classifieds looking for a job. Not many very attractive ones being posted is there?  So you turn to marketing on the internet or something along them lines.

Yea you do need to do something "FAST" bills do not stop being mailed at all. Scary, why the odds are not predictable anymore, you have Korea looking for attention, Europe bailing out countries to maintain credibility with the Euro currency. So if you have an interest in getting an education may well be from home, where you will need to be to make this happen. I did this, l got focused and learned what l had to learn. Needed solutions to what l think make the most logical long-term financial sense.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gold confiscation 80 years ago, Can it happen again?

April 10, 2013

Gold confiscation occurred 80 years ago to become a manipulative factor of controlling inflation by the U.S. President at the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What he did was forced owners to cash out at a pre-determined fixed rate. Could history repeat itself, not sure with all the uncertainty going on with the global economy, like rolling a dice and hoping for the best? Could "Government's" do this and force all owners of bullion to cash out at again a prevailing rate?

So gold dropped approximately another $15.00 bringing it to $1,559.00 an ounce, makes no logical financial sense when you review all the trends and what has happened with Cyprus and many other primary indicators that provide the investor with information to make an intelligent investment move hopefully, we do hate mistakes. The key factor is homework is a must, l mean the asset gold is the only benefit to a global financial recovery. Why do you think China has aggressively being buyers rather than sellers. Think about what this country is doing!

So how do you leverage this asset towards your financial benefits for retirement, educational funds for your grandkids, if that was part of your thinking! Education is a must when to understand world trends, can you afford to make yet another mistake. Only you can answer that! Times and the economy have drastically changed into a more complicated, unpredictable environment that we have created as humans. Stop blaming others for mistakes, the greed factor is like gold it has always been around, why it is a wise investment for that simple reason. It can control life's and, more importantly, a global world.

One of the wise's experts in this field that l believe in for all the right reason's I have studied his methods and his predictions over the last eight months or so. This man Nick Barisheff, President and CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc. has more knowledge and concrete facts that will make you realize what he is saying about the asset gold. Nick Barisheff, predicts this asset will have a value of $10,000.00 an ounce by the year 2017. Is he wrong? Too early to say, but his logic makes more sense as all the rules become more complicated in the economy. The actual benefit is that Governments will never be able to print gold and devalue it, as they are doing with the paper money. The only solution for Governments would be what  Franklin Delano Roosevelt did! So the question is can it happen again?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, April 5, 2013

There Will Be No Economic Recovery, Because!

April 5, 2013

The Sad title,
"There Will Be No Economic Recovery," really is, but the actual meaning behind it is an absolute nightmare, really has the potential, not what l wanted to hear. Came across this video that l am going to share with you very shortly, the messages you will hear, will make you mad, angry. Why? For the reasons you will learn and none of them where you're doing, the man you elected or may not have selected is providing you with this grief. Our Governments should be accountable for their unwise decisions, yes they have pressure, for sure!!!

If you're a business person or own business, an employee, going to school for your future education regardless of what you do, it will affect you in more ways than we ever imagine. Then another obstacle kicks in if you're like most humans you have a "bank account." Now think for a second, who has control of your money within the banking system? Not you that is a given!!!

Here is a perfect example of how banks have this ability, they been robbing us since they existed and that is a very long time. Watch this it will provide and illustrate why they are real criminals that are masked as solutions to our needs. They have full control; we need banks to pay our obligations daily, monthly all the items we took for granted. But what a cost!!! The points which are very logical reasons for why we will have a real hard time or if we will ever recover from this economic fiscal. If you want to look into a crystal ball that has merit on your future and perhaps share a solution if there is one.

There Will Be No Economic Recovery, Because!
All the facts that make sense; for these's following reasons!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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