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Sunday, February 28, 2016

You Joined a MLM or an E-Commerce company and Your failing

February 27, 2016

Wow, this is not working out well before I signed; I was assured this was the primary way of generating an extra few dollars. With this outstanding opportunity, it met all of my requirements.

We all have faced this pitch, approach, and some of us even fell for it sadly but very real within this industry. We as humans are always looking for that magical dust that will provide as with the desires we have been seeking.

It is OK to have dreams, visions, goals and even secret desires that we never share with anyone. In reality, all we ever want is what we envision with our inner conscious mind.

But nothing ever generates a positive avenue that will lead us to the land of milk and honey. One that has a different meaning to the few who make it to this Promised Land.

How do we overcome obstacles and generate success?

We need to do our homework much better; we need a coach that can agree or disagree with your choice. Much cheaper if you have a second, third opinion on your direction.

When I say, we need a coach, the individual that officially sponsored you has to be a leader, one that can keep you focused, updated with the latest events that occur in this program.

We have to be able to achieve success at a very early stage of signing up, with any program. Will determine your future success with any Affiliated Marketing Company you join.

How many conferences calls webinars will you be introduced to and be able to lead your new sign-ups to follow your blueprint for success. Let us be honest, every company you ever joined is about duplication, without duplication, you will never succeed with Affiliated Marketing.

Now that we have some understanding of how these's type of programs work, we can better prepare our mindset, with a successful leader.

What You Should Expect From You're Sponsor?

The key element is how dedicated is he going to be with helping you achieving your success with this new business you are involved with.

How accessible is he when you call or email him? Does he call you right back, or reply to your emails within a short period, or perhaps he never gets back to you to address any concerns or question you may have?

Is he willing to help you do three-way calls, has he provide you with a marketing plan for you to engage with new prospects? How effective is he on the phone with your new prospects.

Is he an active listener, who takes the time to address any concerns, questions you or a member of your downline need to be clarified.

Questions to Ask about the MLM company you're thinking of joining?

-How long has the company been in business?
-Have they ever missed a pay period with their members?
-What is the companies financial situation, debt free?
-Who is the founder and CEO of the company and what is his business track record?
-Did he start off as an affiliate with another company, built a solid reputation for getting things done?

Review many of the frequently asked questions, conditions for MLM companies 

You should examine all of the frequently asked questions before signing up with any MLM or E-Commerce company, regardless of how enticing it is.

Doing your homework will save you time, effort, energy and yes money. Sometimes what someone is asking you to do is not in your best of interest.

Leave us some feedback on some of your experience you have had in this industry.
All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, February 25, 2016

"Being a Guest Blogger will Provide Future Potential too You're Site"

February 26, 2016

Many experts in this field will tell you if you ever wanted to create a very sweet blog that has a potential for becoming a superstar in cyberspace. Then guest blogging could provide several key solutions.

So What Is Guest Blogging?

When a blogger writes content for a blog that is not his/hers; they will get all of the credited for the publication along with a very skilled SEO Feature that very few understand, a click back to their blog or website. If your guest blogging within your brand on a very high ranked site, with thousands of daily visitors each day. Then it certainly will entice some of the visitors to check who you are as a writer, author, and perhaps view your site and what you have done. If your delivery good, solid, content that has a benefit to the reader.

Time is the only thing we can never buy, regardless of how well we are off. Just a fact. So we need to invest our time wisely, avoid mistakes at all costs. The odds of success will play into your hand when you have the crystal ball. 

How it All Works?

You need to start reading other blogs within your niche of writing, business or what it is you write and specialize. Once you read a great article, and the site has merit, potential for you as a writer. Then send the owner a message if he would be interested in guest blogging on your site, and you would do the same thing.

You will need to have this tool on your toolbar. Alexa's Ranking Download it, this is valuable information you need to check out. Do not fritter away your time. Study the numbers, but also, make exceptions, with your decision.

Numbers tell a story, but smarts over rank numbers at times, only you understand what you are trying to accomplish, why numbers at times can be miss leading.

Now it's ShowTime, Contacting the Site Owner!

This step is vital, how you come across will determine if he/she listens to your proposal. Simple as that, the key here is how to create better odds for us to enjoy the rewards of his/her blog.  I wrote this step yesterday; you can review the knowledge and skills of achieving this level, for any industry. Read More!

This step is the most important one in becoming a top notice guest blogger, where you become the hunted, not the hunter. It will take time. Why you will need to master each step, you will need to hustle with the right formula.

How Has it worked for Me?

This concept has provided me with many dividends of success; it provide me with opportunities I never actually dreamed about. One of the best guest bloggers I have also encountered a partner of mine we co-wrote the book "The Millionaire Habit," was Don Boyer, who's also involved in one of the businesses I do promote. Don and his wife Melinda are very successful writers, movie producers and have accomplished many outstanding achievements. Currently, on tour with GIN creating exceptional mindsets.

If you read this blog you will see many articles Mr. Don Boyer wrote for this blog. The information is priceless when used and applied daily.

It's all great, but you will have to add a marketing plan in the beginning, yes l will provide you with a comprehensive formula on how to get found in cyberspace, we do need an audience to read, comment on what we do. Read More on How it is Done

Reasons Why This is affordable?

If you're still with me, then you're going to enjoy this journey. Everything we do, we had a reason for implementing it with our concept. We need to become to be the best storytellers that exist.

Learning how to sell with empathy getting your message without selling anything but providing a solution that has positive results. Your prospect was Googling this crucial phrases; you introduced his solutions. Think about it, remember what I said about having a crystal bowl.

The reason it is affordable, there is no fee, not selling you anything other than an opportunity to get an education for a price called your dedication if you can do this. Then you have a future in this industry.

Sad facts, only under 3 percent ever make this a full-time career. Not giving you a pipe dream why would I.  I would feel guilty taking your money knowing you would never do anything.

See my point, why I love the video you will watch, follow this blog. For all the right reasons, could care less if you do or do not. Will not have any effect other than on your success what we do each day research. Not in the babysitting service. 

Gary will show you how to storytelling at a different level, 
sorry, he uses many adverbs, not suitable for all.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You're Best Kept Secret When Engaging With New Prospect

February 24, 2016

What is your best-kept secret for engaging new prospect at its earliest stage? How do you pitch a new prospect without coming across as poverty-stricken? How do you keep the interest level of your new opportunity at the highest echelon of communication? Some of the key questions l feel we all have when prospecting. 

One of the first self-help books that helped me on this subject matter was written by Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People, an all-time best seller if you have never read this book buy it as soon as possible read it over and over until the information becomes ordinary with your abilities of communication. 

If you want awareness from your prospects then talk about them, review their profile on LinkedIn, empathize their interest levels, as no one else, has, gather as much information about them as possible before sending a request for friendship on FaceBook, or adding them as a contact to your Social Media Network.

When you send them a request, make it personable, mention an interest that they have or a hobby, something that will intrigue his interest. Getting his interest should be the only aspiration you have with any prospect you're trying to recruit to your Social Network. 

One of the biggest prospects that I recruited took me almost six weeks for him to join the company I was pitching him. I did all the right things, provided him with an emotional attachment, spoke about how impressed I was with his track record within our industry, went to a few of his Webinars; he invited me too. 

The key with me closing him was that I listen to what he was looking for. Once I understand who he was and what he was looking for, I turn my efforts around, and then he asked me the question I was hoping he would have one day? So how do I get involved with what you're doing? 

I was driving at the time when the call took place, so I asked him if he was in front of his computer, he said yes, then I just walked him through the signup process, not only did he sign up he upgraded all in the first step. He has led me to endless streams of Network Marketers that has built my business beyond my wildest dreams. 

He has spoken to my partner on many occasions asking him, how in god's name I ever closed him. My partner asked him, why did he close you? His answer the man was always busy, just give me a  few minutes of his time, that intrigued me, made me just want to work with him.  

Steps You Need to Understand Before Contacting a Future Prospect:

1) Review your prospects Profile on LinkedIn; this gives you the most accurate Profile if he keeps it up to date. What I always use.

2) Gather as much information about his interests, education, accomplishments, hobbies, what businesses his into along with his Social Media Habits. Read some of the articles he has written if any. Should help you with a strategy for getting his attention level and also intrigue him.

3) Use a platform to write out your pitch to him or her so that you will have proper spelling, grammar, I use Grammarly for all of my writing, tweets, it's easy to use. The free version is fine unless you want to upgrade, that is entirely up to you.

4) Should be easy because the most important step is you have listened, read everything he/she has said either via email, telephone conversation.

5) Take one last review of what you send him, if it all looks impressive click the send button.

Feel Free to Share your thoughts or what you have benefited from this article

You Have to Listen to Your Prospect

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Reasons You Should Never Pitch a Prospect on You're First Message

February 24, 2016

Why do people pitch you on their first approach, they have no idea who you are, what you do or what you have accomplished. Then they ask you what do you do? Indicates to me he or she has not even taken the time to review your profile. 

Has society changed so rapidly that people forgot about the lost commodity called respect and manners? I see it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and all the other Social Media sites I belong too. 

What happened to the soft sell, called empathy for one another? If you're going to pitch me, offer a proposal, and you are not even following me. Guess what I am going to unfollow you for the simple reason you hit a nerve or mine. Your trying to pitch me without even following me, or taking the time to review my profile, then having the nerve to ask me what l do.

Indicates to me several things that are going on with your life; you have no class, far from being a professional within our industry. The only thing I see is your greedy emotional side that I have zero desire to work with anyone who has this type of thinking or attitude. Prospecting is an "Art" few ever master this skill. When I was working for (GMDA) General Motors Dealers Association of the Greater Toronto District teaching the skills of selling, prospect, follow up, theses where some of the most important areas we spent time mastering.

I answer ever email that I get via the personal way, not using any auto responder, I do not believe in them. Robots do not read what is in my email, there are always the great possibilities the sender is asking me a question, and I just sent him a generic reply, just killed my reputation. Think about how many missed opportunities we have messed up by using an autoresponder. 

So the next time you send out your first message or email to a new follower, prospect, client think about you are sending them. 

Hope this advice helps you build a relationship so you can sell many opportunities to your prospects. Relationships require time for building lasting successful relationships.

Request a Free Download of The Millionaire Habit

All you have to do is leave a comment with your thoughts on this topic, and I will send you a down Load for The Millionaire Habit

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

How to Use Google Plus Correctly Creating Results with Your Updates

February 23, 2016

One of the features I enjoy when I am using Google Plus is how fast my page gets placed with Search Engines. Sometimes right after I posted it on Google Plus, I will conduct a search based on my keywords, there it is listed on the first page. The importance of learning how to use Google Plus.

So why would use Google Plus, there are many logical reasons? The one that attracted me the most is how powerful Google is. When you conduct a search, who do you use. Exactly my point. Google has this capability when utilized for all of your extensive searches. No advertising on their home page, what so ever. You get to type your search without any distractions.

Google Plus has zero requirements for you to follow back for your followers to see your post, not like Facebook or many other Social Media Platforms. Google Plus has enhanced the use of hashtags for your branding.  If you review yesterday's post on how to use and attract an endless stream of prospects, you will understand how to use it wisely with compensation.

When someone shares your post on Google Plus, adds a comment to your article. The spiders that crawl your content sees this as valuable information for your page to enjoy a PR Ranking. Meaning the bounce ratio was impressive for the spiders to gather information that was relevant to searches that have been the domino effect on this topic of search.

When you use Google Plus, you get to see your profile picture on your article. This powerful, you're a human that is sharing relevant information with your readers, it will not get any better than that. Credibility at its finest with the author of the article. The same reason many sites now use

Create Circles and Add Followers to Each Circle:

 A circle is a category that you can add followers to that you have created. You can create any topic for a circle, example your circles might be Family, Friends, Networking, SEO, Web Design as an example of Circles. The advantage is when you post a particular article you may want only to send it to two of your circles that are materially relevant to the followers in the circles. So the followers in the selective circles would be the only ones able to see your post on the stream.

Examples of Random Circles

The Advantage Of Having Well Organized Circles:

When you create well-designed circles that have the relevant material you're interested in, then it becomes optimized with people, the information you have an interest in educating your abilities. This process allows you to engage with similar minded people within your industry of interest. You can also add the Extended feature Circles; this means not only the people you have in your circles also, but the people in their circles will also have the opportunity to view your post.

When you use the actual features of Google Plus that only the people you have selected within your circles for the post your publishing. Using this strategy keeps all of your followers viewing only posts they enjoy or have an interest. 

How To Share a Post on Google Plus:

Click on your profile picture in the top left corner of your page, select the profile or page you want to use from the menu then you can share the update you want to share with your circles. You can also add #hastages to increase your audience; without a limited of only 160 characters for your post. 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Monday, February 22, 2016

How To Generating an Endless Stream of Traffic back to Your Site

February 22, 2016

Who knows your site better than anyone else, but you! Would you entirely agree with this logical statement? If so how do we create this stream of new visitors to review our opportunities that we showcase. So the key of this article is to provide you with education on how you can build a stream of endless traffic coming back to your site.

Investing in your abilities should be at the top of your commitments if you do not have this focus, mindset. You're wasting your energy without a return for your work, efforts or whatever it is you like to call it with your time.

The fundamentals I am going to share with you, are quick steps providing you with directions that will lead to windows of opportunities.  Intelligently you can master and achieve this concept, for your overall future success.

Question: What is the most valuable commodity we need with this type of marketing or any marketing?

Shrewdly we understand that our bloodline for survival is new prospects. This theory has been a winner, for the very few who have master this skill. Better knowing as an "Art."

We need to generate an audience to read what we write, just like I am doing. If no one reads this, what effect will it have. It became a waste of time for my work, energy as well as for my results.

In any industry you need to hustle, for your consequences, this is the barometer that will provide you with the guidance you need to correct your faults. Why would I say this? We are humans we all make mistakes. Envision you're a boxer and just got knocked down. What do you do, try to get back up?

Solutions: How to Create Endless Streams of Prospects, for Any Industry.

Two ways you can pay for it, or you can create what you exactly need for almost free. Which itinerary sounds most logical with a likely benefit for your overall ROI. It's a lifetime sentence, one that only perhaps 3 or less percent achieve this accomplishment.

The person you see in the mirror each morning is the master of his destination with all aspects of life. Some call it a self-actualization. A balanced lifestyle, one I have also been dealing daily. Not an easy assignment for many of us. Achieve able with the correct mindset, along with the steps to master the skills involved.

Understanding how the algorithms work with Google is vital to your success.  One of the most important tools I use to study my overall performance is Google Analytics. If you do not have an account, you will need to create one for free.  Create Your Free Google Account.  Take the quick tour for you to get yourself up to speed with all the tools.

Once you have established an account with Google, you will have all the resources to outrank many websites that are your competition. It will take an enormous amount of time in the beginning until you understand how each feature provides you with numbers that will tell you a story of how your performing.

Key areas you will want to focus on is how to get your pages indexed; you will need to use the Fetch and Render, just adds your URL and submit it, You will be able to provide your URL so Google will index it. Create a sitemap if your site does not have one as of yet. The sitemap will list all your URL's with major search engines, including Google, allow them to understand what your content has to offer.

The next step is understanding how the Crawl Feature on your site, providing you with information about your site, such as errors, that will be correctly fixed, so your site can perform better. The reports you will get using the Crawl Stat is the Googlebot's activity for the last 90 days on your site.

It will take some effort from you, but the rewards will provide you with a better ranking with Alexa's, you will also need to understand what ranking your site with Alexa's means. You may need to create a free account, in the beginning, to see how your site is ranking; this is also an excellent tool for getting your rankings higher than your competition.

The information I have provided should get you and your site on the correct road for a much better ranking and getting some of your pages indexed.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this article, 
feel free to leave a comment.

How to Be Found in Cyber Space

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, February 18, 2016

What has Fear have to do with our Success?

February 18, 2016

What is fear first of all? Fear is an obstacle that can hold you back from whatever it is you set out to accomplish in life.  Is fear an emotional state of your mind or is it something else.  Most of us create this illusion that we do not have what it takes to move on with our lives. But actually, fear is a motivator; that we did not even know until we encounter that fear.

We when meeting concerns our whole body and mind changes drastically to challenge that obstacle we have just met regardless of what we are up against.  Think of the times you have encountered fear and how you put up your guards to protect yourself from that fear or you ran away from it, but you did react to in a different manner.  Fear can hold us back, for the simple reason, it takes full control over our emotions and mind.

Fear often interferes with our ability to live more fulfilling lives. Fear is the critical voice in our head saying: "You'll never succeed, so why to try?” Fear makes us listen to those voices and give up before we've even started.  So how do we handle our fears and overcome them, so they do not hold us back from success? Don't beat yourself up over mistakes you've made in the past and being fearful of starting new relationships, jobs, etc. That gets you nowhere. Call a mistake an "opportunity for learning" and seek the learning in every "mistake".

When we let fear rule our lives, we miss out on opportunities and leads us to dismiss people and situations that could help us reach our goals. Fear comes in different guises and various forms - procrastination for example.  Learning how to deal with fear is your first step to overcoming fear.

Here are a few key points that will help you deal with your fears learning and be able to handle is the first step in overcoming some of your fears.

-Get to know your fears
-Get to know the source of your fears
-Step into the things feared
-Make the negative flow stop
-Enlighten all
-Financial obligations
-Providing for our loved ones

-This list can grow beyond our belief, with all kinds of fears we face.

Logically, to overcome your fears, you have to be aware of their existence first.  Once you learn what concerns you have and why they have an effect on your performance, you will be able to overcome them, one at a time.

Make the most of each day

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to Increase More Visitors to Your WebSite For Free

February 17, 2016

Working away on how to improve my overall performance with my blog, so far I am impressed with some of the numbers. I was currently ranking according to Alexa's just a little over 14.5 million on the worldwide web on February 9th. Seven days later this blog is ranking at just over 2.4 million worldwide. Under 30k in Canada.

I have also done over 394K Tweets with Twitter sick, so I have an idea that works. Not about how many follow you, just how many cooperate with you.

Why am I sharing this information, not selling you anything, if I can do this for "FREE" so can you? Advertising is a liability you need to understand why many factors have the ability to provided us with an (ROI).  Is the cream of the crop The Bounce Ratio you will need to pay close attention. It illustrates us with the numbers that matter the most. How long did our visitors spend on "MY" blog, "WEBSITE"? Think about this piece of information.

SEO is all about becoming the best detective you can become your the one being haunted; you're not the hunter at all. The prospects come to us. The most logical reason is rather a complicated one if you do not understand what the bounce ratio is. Once you grasp IT, but YOU WILL NEED TO master this solution, there will be an endless downpour of visitors to your content.

The key you're providing your loyal readers information that will also provide THEM with a benefit at an affordable rate,  with his/her time and effort. Then "YOU" can boost it, get likes, and perhaps do anything he/her wants to, go after any market that provides you with an (ROI). It's marketing at a level that discipline plays an enormous factor in your overall results.

Why would you order another ONLINE course, that has all the features, benefits, along with the best follow up? Honestly now! Have I not gone down that boulevard before, my results did not change. Except my pocket book got shorter, not a good outcome at all. Is it? 

So how do you do this, the same way I am doing it, increasing my visitors from wherever in the world I want to target a particular group of potential prospects for the industry I make a living from. Your "Branding" yourself with the highest possible results you can master. Once you understand how the bounce ratio can provide you with outstanding results

It all takes time; I am going to update this page with links for you to use and master each step for you to outperform your competition with a frightening rate. Look do not invest with anyone else but only with your abilities, we all have them, all we need to do is learn how to use them. 

Let's make this happen one step at a time, this way you will never miss a step, and you can review it, revise it until it provides you with a SERP. Indexing your pages, is vital do it daily, l will show you how to do this. Again one step at a time. Google changes many Algorithms without much warning. What does this mean to what you have created and perhaps have shared it?

It gets lost in Cyber Space, simple as that, why we need to crawl our articles, understand how to read the numbers, correcting your errors, pages warnings. Adding a sitemap to your site so that it can have many links, pages indexed. Think of this?

Is this what you pay for when I can teach you this information for the cost of your level of commitment, other words free. So you will need to subscribe to this blog, so you never miss a step, along with what is new that we should add to our daily activities.

If you want a ton of real people clicking on your site, this is the Tool you should be using. It takes no time at all; you will see a countless amount of hits on your site within an hour or less. The best part is you can use it as a "Free Member or as an Upgraded Member."

Only Business That Provides me with Security against the fiat currency!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Reasons You Need to Change How YOU think!

February 15, 2016

They say time waits for "No One," how you use your daily seconds is your business, during your active days. Some use it wisely; most take our time for granted. Meaning they are looking for some magical crystal dust to make the changes we all want for success.

Hardcore facts, it does not work or will it cooperate in this fashion, not at all. The dedication will always separate winners who are the ones that devote themselves to this disciplined approach. Not an easy method to master at all takes a correct mindset that focused on his or her abilities. Think about it.  The not new material your hearing for the first time. The secret to becoming who you want to be.

We all have spent countless amounts of dollars, time, effort without attaining the correct mindset as we train our thoughts to become who we think we want to become. It is called an image during our attentive moments, we believe it, we want what we see, but we never achieve it. Why is that?

We are in an industry of some sort, either with Network Marketing, using an eCommerce type of company or an MLM company that promise you real success for the first time, prosperity as well as fame for some. So what do most do in this complex situation? We jump onto this new company that is about to launch, you can become a founder, etc. and you get the point. We all been there!

What would happen, if we believed in the company we committed to. Had we focused and became part of the 3 percent who accomplished the feasible. Reason they made it? You one day will know that answer; it's written in this article. 

Very few make it in this industry, I am not exactly sure what the percentage is, but I think I am very close at, 3 percent of the members who decide to make this their lively hood, within this industry make it. That means 97 percent of the members who decided to take this itinerary, will drastically fail. Rather disquieting, when you take into consideration, the time you have invested bearing this project. Forget the money, that was the easy part.

The Marjory of us will always become "Followers instead of Leaders!" Interesting stat when you evaluate your real performance, we do not pay enough attention to our consequences. So we create illusions on why it didn't complement our success along with our efforts.

It's a special weekend in Toronto, paying tribute to an icon as he was referred too. Toronto displayed creatively at a level, that was recognized, appreciated "World Wide." Hosting the NBA All-Star Game they created their story, the first time the game played outside of the USA. Think of the pressure, but Toronto displayed the correct mindset. The Toronto Team did their homework to showcase this All-Star game to the worldwide audience.

We also have this ability, study what we need to accomplish that will provide us with the attention we desire. It is understanding our needs, wants, desire, and what is the correct route to take, without getting lost. The above event was not an accident, it was thought out, and then it took the breakdown on how to display this event. The results are clearly understood when you see it in your inner mind, how it will be performed.

The key to achieving the most rewarding results for the time you have awareness for; that will have an (ROI) of financial, personal success, is how you view it in your mind. Sounds straightforward, so why do we encounter obstacles? Dealing with human emotions, is very unpredictable.

What would happen if you had this type of discipline with your mindset? Do you think you would achieve results, success, or perhaps happiness? I sincerely feel they are feasibly achievable.

Success is not luck at all, it is laser sharp with your mindset, never deviating from it. Regardless of what you do, you're the only person in the whole wide world that has to be happy with his or her results. Who cares what you do, as long as your satisfied with who you are?

Always "Think" with a clear mind
Success has many different meanings, what I like the most is a dislike for each other, likewise. No different from the vehicle you buy, I would not buy it, but some would. See dis-pet what we enjoy,  many will have a zero craving for this type of commotion. Solution to this debate is rather undemanding. I could give you the answer, but for most, unfortunately, it will not provide you with a benefit towards success or just being happy.

You will need to understand what it is that you're looking for; that will supply you with endless odds of happiness, at all levels of self-actualization! 

Some One Had a lot of time? How do you think he did it
He Saw it in his mind. 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tips and Concepts to Use When Prospecting With a Cold Market

February 9, 2016

Without prospects, you have no way of increasing your success with any business whether it is marketing with an eCommerce Business, Multi Level Marketing or a Brick and Mortar Business. Prospects are the blood line of achievement with the mentioned industries.

When I first got into sales back in 1983, selling vehicles at a Large Dealership in Agincourt, Ontario where I worked. I asked a question to my Sales Manager, so where do I get my prospects from? He looked at me, and said l will be right back; he slammed the white pages phone book on my desk. Do you have any other questions?

I got the message, but I had a big problem, I had no education on how to prospect.  So I spoke to all my senior sales partners, but they were old school with established repeat clients, so that was a waste of human energy. We had no internet back then, so I decided to dedicate myself to this field by going to the Library and reading all the books that related to the sales industry.

I would go to the library a couple of times a week, and borrow new books that I had an interest. I came across an author who was called The World's Greatest Salesman Joe Girard. Wow, I said to myself, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I read and study his principles, and started to apply his concepts, tips to my daily activities. Within a couple of weeks of doing what l had studied, I started having results. I had more appointments for the week than most of the senior sales partners at our dealership.

I recall one day my Sales Manager came up to me and asked how I was getting so many appointments when I was only a car cadet, other words a rookie. I looked at him and said I am doing what you told me to do, using the phone book and calling the prospect. What are you talking about to them, so I showed him the script I had wrote and tested, to see where my results were coming from. Yes, I kept records on all of my calls, created a manual file for each prospect, with names and important details, that would help me engage with them and establish credibility.

The number one tip I have learned from all of my years invested in the sales industry is still the same tip I use in 2016, this will never change, if you want results, you have to study your the market, and when applying this concept, you will see results. Learning how to engage with your prospect without coming across as some robot. God give us two ears and one mouth, which one should we use the most?

Let us not forget we as car salesmen do not have an excellent reputation, so this is one of the hardest industries to make a full time living from. The status of a car salesperson has drastically changed with all the new industry standards, but most people still do not trust a car salesman.

"Short Presentation on Prospecting by Joe Girard"

That was how prospecting was conducted back then, but the approaches used have not changed except, now we use different tools, called Social Media Marketing. Creating a brand, getting Likes to our FaceBook Page, using all types of various Social Media Levels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, FaceBook just to name a few.  

When we are using Social Media Levels, we still need to get the most important point across, getting our prospect to engage with each other, without pitching him on the first impression, or second for that matter. It's so important, and most rookies will prospect you to the point of you being spam by their opportunity, never understood why anyone would take this unsuccessful approach.  

"Here is 11 Tips for you to consider using when engaging your 
Prospects, using Social Media as your platform by Michelle Grigsby."

He's one the best speaker that illustrates what it will take to become 
the machine of endless possibilities. He spoke the wisest words 
to making the switch. It took place back in 2007. 
"His one of the Best in 2016!"
Why it is in Red, You need to Learn this!
And he's a Jets Fan! 

You will need to become a master of the skills you learn, the only way this is going to happen is by you practicing your script on a daily base. Keep track of what is working and what is not working, modify it so it can become a seed of endless prospects for you to work with. 

"Remember Networking is a Contact Sport."

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, February 5, 2016

Here are The Reasons on Why I have Not Updated My Blog

February 5, 2016

Life has a way of taking a hold of your time and focusing "YOU" on a different journey. So much has happened since l last wrote a post here, some good some not so good, but how life is.

Been spending a lot of time on home improvements, since my ex-wife finally moved out. We left on good terms, so that is a positive thing. Started with my kitchen, next thing l know l am painting the ceilings, walls, replacing the floors along with all the light fixtures, sink, faucet, you're getting the picture.

 Now the problem is the rest of the house needs my attention, soon to the bathroom same thing, living and dining room, hallways, removed carpet replaced with hardwood, that is a job all on its own. The proper tools is a requirement, why to try to do something if it is not your best work. Fortunately, l had most of the tools to do the job with a professional finish, which I am happy.

How the Upstairs looked like, we had to move everything to get
the below results, it was fun we ate well.
Got a lot done, bonding time, the rare moment also got help!
Main Hallway Under Construction

Finished Product Living Room
Now that first floor is all completed, it's on to the second floor, but before we get there, I need to change the stairs from Oak to Mahogany finish. Wow have you ever sanded banisters on stairs, no fun at all.  I Paid my son to do the dirty job, and then l applied the applications to make them look entirely different.

How the Stairs Use to Look Like

How The Stairs Now Look Like
The madness has not come to an end as of yet, still have the second floor to finish off along with hallways, painting, drywall and all the prep time it takes for you to be ready to paint and lay down the new floor. Since my son works from home he wants me to build him a Music Studio, yes a studio so l did. What his into master and engineering music, along with performing, writing killer lyrics, with the correct beats to enhance it to another level of perfection, as well as producing, and god knows what else. Here is a kind of cool interview on Erik. 

Under Construction

How it will Look When It is All done
 So now l need to get back to the laundry room, replace the waste pump, and then the sump pump, might as well do it all correct, replace all light fixtures. Yes, l also replace furnace and the air conditioning since l got my money worth for both items. When l said l was updating my house was not taking any short cuts. Had to replace all the pumps since they were pretty old, and could go at any time.

By the way, l am not looking for a part time paying job doing what l enjoy making home improvements. Looking towards having this project finally complete within the next three months. How it is when you do it part time.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Welcome To One Gram at a Time

Thank you for taking the time to understanding the "One Gram at a Time Page," it has other meanings, other then the...

Posted by One Gram at a Time on Thursday, February 4, 2016

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