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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to Change unacceptable habits to positive habits

March 29, 2016

On the last article I wrote, it was all about how to avoid making costly mistakes well building your success. The biggest change we all need to address is our habits, some are acceptable, but most are just plain dreadful. How do we change our patterns, not sure there is a formula for this quadratic equation?

I like to use the puppy approach, if your dog dies, you replace it with a new dog, and learn to love it. It helps you with the casualty and loss of your dog that has been part of your family for years. This strategy when applied to any obsession you are having complications with, needs to be addressed with an active practice that allows you to grow with a favorable attitude.

When you replace an unacceptable pattern with a particular affirmative habit, it helps you forget that pattern ever existed, or provides tempory relief until you adjust to removing it totally from your daily routines. No different than when you have a break up with a loved one, most people try and found a replacement for their loss. They need that comfort zone, not easy, but it helps until you adjust to a suitable partner.

If we understand this practice correctly, each time we want to make an adjustment as in breaking away from a bad habit, you will need to replace it with a substance that will occupy your time during the horrible feelings you are having. Keeping your mind occupied is an essential element, I do agree easier said than consummated.

Here is a perfect example you want to stop drinking, how do you replace the drinking? You get home the first thing you do is crack open a bottle of beer, perhaps a glass of wine or whatever it is you enjoyed drinking. Instead of drinking, how about working out, going for a jog, walk, or just taking your bike for a ride. You need something to replace that awful habit during the time you would be drinking.

Instead of taking the same Avenue home, where you would stop and pick up your favorite beverage, take a different path, baby steps but so vital to this type of success. You will not stop at the same shop; you will see other things you have not seen before during your drive home.

Essential Elements for breaking bad habits

The first step you will need to establish is the pattern you want to remove from your daily routines. The mind has mysterious abilities when you write the problem you want to remove permanently. Write a short description of what your craving to change, along with the strategy you will use to eliminate this pattern. Share your emotions, feelings on why you need to modify this habit from your life, and how it will change your attitude. How it will improve your current situation to a more productive frame of mind.

You will need to understand what triggers these's unacceptable patterns.
Who are you with when these obstacles come into play?
Are you at a place where you're not comfortable or familiar with?
Do they occur at a particular time of day?

Increase Your results with this process, hidden secret used by a few!

This system you're about to learn is so powerful, you be able to feel a change almost immediately after one session of using it.

The more information you can gather about the habits you want to change when you're writing your plan for action will increase your overall results with the transformation.

What Creates Bad Habits?

Most of the time it has to do with boredom and stress, the primary reasons why we have unacceptable habits, such as drinking, smoking, laziness along with many other habits we have tried to eliminate from our lives. Sometimes the patterns are deeper issues, which will take us a considerable amount of time to understand the root of the problem. In some cases, we may need to seek professional therapy, never be ashamed of taking this route.

Understanding the core source of our unacceptable habits provides a solution that we can implement with satisfactory results. You do not need to be someone else; you need to visualize your success with breaking patterns that are holding you back from a much more peaceful, enjoyable lifestyle.

I hope this will help you get started with breaking any bad habit forever from your life. Remember it will take time, effort but if you dedicate your mind to this program, you will see results with your progress.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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