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Monday, August 25, 2014

"Do You Depend on Others for You're Success!"

August 25, 2014

Be extremely careful who you depend on. I have seen financial empires and economic fortunes lost and crumbled because people trusted and depended upon people. You're financial future, and business is far too significant and precious to leave in the hands of other people who are not qualified to be depended upon.

I make it mandatory whoever I work with, or partner with me personally Mentor and they go through our Mentorship program. If anyone refuses to learn our Leadership system no matter how good the opportunity looks I walk away period, no negotiation on that principle. Even the people I have personally trained and worked with for over a year sometimes go wrong, fly north and let us down like a led balloon. If the people you train go south at times, why would you want to "Depend" on anyone who does not know your systems, method of operation, mindset, business ethics, principals or long term goals.

Too many times we "Depend" on people who have no clue what we expect, what we want, what we do, how we do it but Say that they do! Depending upon people is a very, very dangerous thing and should never be taken lightly.

For the majority of inhabitants, they have good intentions and mean well, but what comes out of their mouth means "Absolutely Nothing." I am always on a constant mission to train and educate those around me and eliminate those who have proven I cannot depend on them. Depending upon people that will impact your life, "You don't trust anyone?" I trust people, but I am very careful who I depend upon. Trusting someone and depending are two different things. Here are the five top culprits that will cause you to rely on people that end up in disastrous outcomes.

1) They Have Lots of Potential. These are the most dangerous people to depend upon. We fall head over heels for people that have talents, skills, ability, and potential. We find these people, and we entrust our entire future in their hands. I do not look for talent, nor possible but "Character, Teachable, and proven Dependability."

2) They talk Good. They start talking, and when they are done you are amazed and say "they are Smooth" but "Ex-Lax" makes you "Flow Smooth" too, so what is the problem.

3) They were Successful in the Pass. Who cares if they were rich in the past, why are they broke now?

4) They are a Good Person. I am sure they are, being a real person, with a good heart, and even right intentions do not guarantee that they are dependable.

5) I Want to Help Them. If that is the case, sit down and write them a check for up to half of all you have and send them on their way. That will cost you less money, stress and problems than depending on them.

"Depend on" An element that can make or break you, use it with caution.

Written by Don and Melinda Boyer

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