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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Understanding and Applying Creative Marketing Concepts!

May 25, 2016

The more creative your title and article becomes, the curiosity factor kicks in, making you stand alone with an audience that will follow and read your articles.  The internet has drastically changed; competition for the same brand is overwhelming, overpowering and creates a tremendous opportunity for you to succeed.  The originality, creativity of headlines is truly none existing when promoting affiliated programs on the internet. They all use the same splash pages, landing pages, links that lead the reader to the same program he just read 15 minutes ago on another social media site.
What if, you were to change all of the rules and make your related links much different than your competition that is promoting the same opportunity that you are?  What would happen is the same thing that just happened to you; l got your attention to read more of what l been sharing with you at the moment.  The most important factor you need to completely understand is that creativity is what sells.  So vital I cannot stress the importance of this strategy from standing out from your competitors. 
How are you going to do this? The main ingredient is your desire to dedicate your talents and abilities in achieving, ingenuity, shrewdness, and level-headedness “Marketing”, called working smart.  You need to understand fully what your “ROI” is (return on investment) your time you have invested and the return you got your efforts.  How much time will you spend with your article to make it stand alone? Why it is so hard to make a dime with affiliated marketing you’re just another link that ends with a number or a unique code that leads back to your back office.
The tools you need to accomplish and master this technique are what l like to use, my “Rev Pages” same concepts as a Fan page on Facebook, but l find them to be more useful for single promotional items. You have the ability to create them, show off your creative skills, and enhance the image of your links with and efficient marketing campaigns, which will have an immediate impact on your audience.   
Let me illustrate this compelling, creative marketing concept for your benefit of getting what you want and the results you visualized in your mind as an “ROI.” If you create and implement these steps, you will institute and establish a loyal following of readers who will share your articles, buy from you and originate a niche market. So let’s get started.

Steps You will want to take
-Create a blog and become a blogger, if you have one, implement and create a niche for your readers.
-Get your readers to follow your blog; subscribe to your blog via e-mail or by RSS feeds.
-Get your readers to share your articles on Facebook,  Twitter, or the many other applications they use.
-Work social media sites productive with your creative abilities, never post anything without reviewing it, this illustrates your raw talents, expertise within your topic. Creates an impressive impression!
-Your ads will stand out, with the key phrases used in your headline to keep your audience reading more about your promotion. Creates a different bounce ratio within search engines, for higher search engine ranking scores.  
-Leave comments on articles you have read on blogs, hub pages, forums and material that has a relevant semi-literate with your niche market.  Will institutes and establishes you with a target and unique market.
Now you’re seeing where this is all going, along with the benefits it will provide you with. Ideas are now dancing in your mind at the moment that you want to try and implement the new strategies.  I will showcase what you have the ability to do all you need to do is a little research to what l have done and carbon copy it with your modifications that suit your desires and requirements. I will provide you with some links for you to view, gather ideas, concepts that you can use with your marketing talents. Below are some links you can review if you have a curiosity to what l am sharing with you.  

Don’t join an easy crowd.  You won’t grow.
Go where the expectations and the demands to perform are high.

All the Best,

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Joseph Botelho

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