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Friday, October 3, 2014

You're Legacy is more Important then You're Currency

October 3, 2014

I have used this statement as many of my close partners; it has value at a level most will never truly appreciate or fully understand the real meaning of the above words.

Legacy will be only really quality your family, friends, business associates as well for some; their partners at whatever level they trusted each other. Sad in a sense, this is how you will be remembered once you are gone from the earth. You will be judged, compared and God only knows what other words will be used to describe what you have achieved in your life.

Hardcore facts, we will never have to hear about it, since we will be gone!

We are all humans, we have emotions, egos, obstacles we deal with daily like paying bills, is always one that comes in at the wrong time, most say, "are you kidding me!" Reality has its rewards for a few of us and so many options for others, but why do people pick the wrong ones.

Is it fair to say People Fail and well Calculated Systems will never fail, when used correctly? The majority of the ones we encounter spend way too much time on why a system will fail, rather than why it will work! Why only 3 percent have the ability to understand why they generate what they generate financially.

Paying for our children's education should be a given, would you not agree? We will all encounter this Financial Burden, sooner or later! We decided at some time to bring him or her to become part our life. Now they want to continue their education, but you forgot to plan for this step of raising children, oh you done an excellent job so far, just forgot it had a price.

We all deal with this type of obstacle, part of reality, most forget this process, but you need to understand who decided to make him or her part of the family tree? So why did we forget to plan that step, simple reason, we were not focused! We all have faults, not much more to say since we all been there once or twice!

Why it is so Important to have the correct mindset, you will eliminate many mistakes, towards your journey.

It never matters what you are doing, what is important is your passion towards your dreams. We all have heard what dreams, visualization; "How it Will" change your life, but again not for everyone. Reasons, it takes dedication, self-improvement and, adjustments with your mindset, this is not easy stuff. But in an another forum of reality, it is easily done.

Your passion is the key to success, when you open a door, you "do need a key" if it is locked, so what you need to do is unlock your subconscious mind. It's very achievable, takes time, but we all use time differently. The leadership we provide has a way of making you think, perhaps for the first time outside your comfort zone.

We all have done our homework, the most important language you will ever "have" to learn is an international language, the power of the numbers. Somehow numbers have the ability to paint a very accurate road map, most miss this, why they jump from system to system. They never spend enough dedication in learning the system. But it's never our fault, is it?

I came across this man, a long time ago, he had a passion, a message to all who listen to him. Yes more then likely had a mission, one he has accomplished. Yes he has, changed my thinking, open my mind to endless opportunities.

How you play this options, will have an impact, on your whys in life, we all have them! 

I watched this countless times, but I learn something new each time, probably why I listened to this man, he made sense to me. He could make me want to become successful; I hope you will enjoy him as much as l have.

He is from the New York City area, his an Icon in this industry has that ability, started at the bottom, worked his way and his vision. Now let's allow Gary to tell his story.

The man who Lives by the PP Formula

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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