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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

You're Best Kept Secret When Engaging With New Prospect

February 24, 2016

What is your best-kept secret for engaging new prospect at its earliest stage? How do you pitch a new prospect without coming across as poverty-stricken? How do you keep the interest level of your new opportunity at the highest echelon of communication? Some of the key questions l feel we all have when prospecting. 

One of the first self-help books that helped me on this subject matter was written by Dale Carnegie How to Win Friends and Influence People, an all-time best seller if you have never read this book buy it as soon as possible read it over and over until the information becomes ordinary with your abilities of communication. 

If you want awareness from your prospects then talk about them, review their profile on LinkedIn, empathize their interest levels, as no one else, has, gather as much information about them as possible before sending a request for friendship on FaceBook, or adding them as a contact to your Social Media Network.

When you send them a request, make it personable, mention an interest that they have or a hobby, something that will intrigue his interest. Getting his interest should be the only aspiration you have with any prospect you're trying to recruit to your Social Network. 

One of the biggest prospects that I recruited took me almost six weeks for him to join the company I was pitching him. I did all the right things, provided him with an emotional attachment, spoke about how impressed I was with his track record within our industry, went to a few of his Webinars; he invited me too. 

The key with me closing him was that I listen to what he was looking for. Once I understand who he was and what he was looking for, I turn my efforts around, and then he asked me the question I was hoping he would have one day? So how do I get involved with what you're doing? 

I was driving at the time when the call took place, so I asked him if he was in front of his computer, he said yes, then I just walked him through the signup process, not only did he sign up he upgraded all in the first step. He has led me to endless streams of Network Marketers that has built my business beyond my wildest dreams. 

He has spoken to my partner on many occasions asking him, how in god's name I ever closed him. My partner asked him, why did he close you? His answer the man was always busy, just give me a  few minutes of his time, that intrigued me, made me just want to work with him.  

Steps You Need to Understand Before Contacting a Future Prospect:

1) Review your prospects Profile on LinkedIn; this gives you the most accurate Profile if he keeps it up to date. What I always use.

2) Gather as much information about his interests, education, accomplishments, hobbies, what businesses his into along with his Social Media Habits. Read some of the articles he has written if any. Should help you with a strategy for getting his attention level and also intrigue him.

3) Use a platform to write out your pitch to him or her so that you will have proper spelling, grammar, I use Grammarly for all of my writing, tweets, it's easy to use. The free version is fine unless you want to upgrade, that is entirely up to you.

4) Should be easy because the most important step is you have listened, read everything he/she has said either via email, telephone conversation.

5) Take one last review of what you send him, if it all looks impressive click the send button.

Feel Free to Share your thoughts or what you have benefited from this article

You Have to Listen to Your Prospect

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Reasons You Should Never Pitch a Prospect on You're First Message

February 24, 2016

Why do people pitch you on their first approach, they have no idea who you are, what you do or what you have accomplished. Then they ask you what do you do? Indicates to me he or she has not even taken the time to review your profile. 

Has society changed so rapidly that people forgot about the lost commodity called respect and manners? I see it on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and all the other Social Media sites I belong too. 

What happened to the soft sell, called empathy for one another? If you're going to pitch me, offer a proposal, and you are not even following me. Guess what I am going to unfollow you for the simple reason you hit a nerve or mine. Your trying to pitch me without even following me, or taking the time to review my profile, then having the nerve to ask me what l do.

Indicates to me several things that are going on with your life; you have no class, far from being a professional within our industry. The only thing I see is your greedy emotional side that I have zero desire to work with anyone who has this type of thinking or attitude. Prospecting is an "Art" few ever master this skill. When I was working for (GMDA) General Motors Dealers Association of the Greater Toronto District teaching the skills of selling, prospect, follow up, theses where some of the most important areas we spent time mastering.

I answer ever email that I get via the personal way, not using any auto responder, I do not believe in them. Robots do not read what is in my email, there are always the great possibilities the sender is asking me a question, and I just sent him a generic reply, just killed my reputation. Think about how many missed opportunities we have messed up by using an autoresponder. 

So the next time you send out your first message or email to a new follower, prospect, client think about you are sending them. 

Hope this advice helps you build a relationship so you can sell many opportunities to your prospects. Relationships require time for building lasting successful relationships.

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All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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