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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Understanding what; too "Look For," under an Investors Microscope!

September 17, 2013

Reviewing the activity and performance of gold, really hard to understand, who is right, or who is wrong? I know the most important factor, you can not reproduce gold. That's the main reason I like this asset, and why it will have the predictions, results of many of the best minds who, are experts in this field.

It's performing like a professional sports team, has a great and long winning streak, but just can not make it happen with the main obstacles; that have a personal effect on this asset. Yes, emotions, media, volume, and the demand will increase in the upcoming months. The main reason it is having a hard time is all the manipulations that are going on behind the scene.

Stocks, Commodities, Options, are all under the investors microscope, this creates windows of opportunities for us investors, who have a basic understanding of this formula. What they use to teach us in grade 9 economic's, when I went to school, never forgotten that lesson. Sorry; showing my age, my hair helps me in that department.

We as investors need security, for our financial future, who do we trust, when we are investing, scams are particular of most restaurants dinner, and lunch features of the day. Brokers get paid for pushing what the brokerage house has not sold; they need to sizzle that special like it's the bargain of the century.  It's called leftovers, just like the restaurants who offer their daily meals, who wants dead wood or eat lousy food.

Now that we understand the above reasons, why investing companies always have the pick of the century, that will produce a very handsome ROI. No different then when you sit down at a restaurant, first thing, they offer, is their daily specials. The both have one goal, to get rid of their specials and offers from the brokerage house. Why they have sales meetings. It's all pre-mediated!

Investing is always going to be a very complexed, complicated, as well as a gamble; with money you can afford to invest with, or perhaps your just taking a very highly uneducated risk with money that you can not afford, to gamble. Dumb, we always say that after we get shafted again, not very smart at all. It's called an emotional state of mind, just like buying a vehicle for all the wrong reason.

The information l am sharing is very logical, for many reasons; that make sense when you review this blog, l have provided you with many links, to educate your abilities, and desire, for success, without a gamble.

Now all you have to do is educate yourself, why hand over your hard earned money to a total stranger when he is sell your something you would encounter in the rain forest, called quicksand! No one needs this at our age. So bookmark this site, for information that you will find on this blog, which will enhance and improve and provide you with a brighter financial future.

OK at what cost, less than your spending right now. Your time also has a price; results are vital. So why do most mistake activities for results? Never could understand that concept, cause your lazy. Did l say that out loud?

Why most fail with their investments!

No, this blog will not provide you with all the answers, but if you're an investor, I learned something back when I was in grade 9, that works to this day. Not going to bore you with that illustration, not complicated either, but time-consuming for me to explain it to you. You will find all them answers somewhere on this blog.

What it will do; is make you a wiser investor, definitely much more educated with a financial plan that makes sense without all they calculated risks, we did our homework. Is what you will learn, from following this blog.

It's no secret; Am dedicated to one company that provides me with all l have shared. It's a business I have studied since I was a kid. I think we all can benefit; from what you will understand, and why it works...

Sounds like I am trying to sell you on this blog, but guess what you're right, and so is the price. Free! What will make it complicated, is your thinking of why it will not work, spending more time, for the wrong reason. It's a proven fact!

Going to leave you, with a video; I watch each day!!

                                                                 Just click on the above link!!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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