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Thursday, August 28, 2014

"How to Use Energy to Motivate You're Words"

August 28, 2014

There are words that heal and words that kill, words that are cheap, and words that are deep. What makes one word different from another other than definition and meaning? We have all heard the saying "Talk is Cheap" and the side of the spectrum "Words are deeper than a knife." the factor that makes one word strong, and one word worthless is not the definition of words but the "Energy" we put in those words. You can inject love or hate, sincerity on insincerity, truth or lies, anger or peace, fear or faith, trust or distrust, and hope or despair in words.

And the "Energy" you inject into words determine the impact it has on people, things and even ourselves. You can tell a lot about a person based on the "Energy" of their words. In 2010 when l was on my death bed, very ill having internal bleeding and had to have emergency surgery to save my life where they had to remove one third of my stomach I heard a lot of words from people. It has taken me all these years to recover from the illness and bounce back. During my first year of recovery I looked like death on wheels.

I had many people tell me"you are looking better" but the were just empty words of courtesy with no real "Energy Truth" in them. They were nice hollow words. But I did not personally know her outside of the spa and a customer, every time she came in she would say, "You are really looking fabulous." Those words were such a big part of my healing and recovery. Her words were filled with the energy of "Empathy, Truth and Love" that they penetrated deep into my physical body and brought health and healing to me from a cellular level. Her words actually help heal my very cells.

About a year later, when l started to look normal again. I told her how her words were a big contributing factor in my healing, and she simply smiled at me in her English Accent said. "Darling I was just telling the truth."

Pay attention to the words you speak and do an "Energy Check" to see what kind of energy you are importing in them. Like the book of Proverbs tells us. "Life and Death are in the power of you're words."

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