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Thursday, November 4, 2010

This is how the back-link club works

November 4, 2010

Since we started this group yesterday, interest in it has continually grown. And many Apsense members have formed their own opinions about what it is we are trying to do. The concept of back-linking is not new, nor can Joseph or myself be credited with it.

However, the concept of this club is mine and the way I envision it working to the benefit of all involved, can best be explained as follows:


We are looking for serious business people who are interested in crafting and sharing quality content with other Back Link Club members. The main objective is to elevate each others rankings and to improve each others bottom line.


* Niche topics? web development, web hosting, domain names, blogging, WordPress, CMS, software, search engine, SEO, programming, tips, tricks, hacks etc.
* Original unique content ? not published anywhere in original or any modified form.


* First paragraph? The first line automatically becomes the META description tag of the article. Please choose your text carefully.

* Article text? Try to add bold, underlines, bullets, numbered lists, paragraphs, and h3 tags wherever required to give your article text more clarity.

* Link policy? We allow up to 3 external links to other sites. All links are do-follow.

* Images? Strongly recommended. Optimized fast loading images with maximum 450px wide.

* Post length? We recommend you have a minimum of 200 words.

* Author signature? We allow up to 2 links to your personal blog or site. Sorry, NO AFFILIATE LINKS allowed.


1. Register HERE. (not yet active)

2. Submit a short bio including 2-4 links to past articles, blogs, or Apsense Revpages.

3. Once we verify that you are not a spammer your account will be activated.

Written by,

Gilbert Cintron

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a minimal fee to participate in this club. Research has proven that if there is a fee involved only the most serious business minded will apply.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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