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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Always "Move" forward with everything you do!

April 3, 2012

Easier said than done, but we do have this ability if we understand what directions and why we need to do it, then it becomes reality. You have to believe in yourself to be able to move fully forward in whatever it is your doing in life. We all encounter daily obstacles that deprive our thinking and making our set direction more difficult in obtaining our success, we desire. We need to know when to call on others to provide you with the much-needed guidance you’re lacking.  You need to find ways to resolve issues; stop procrastinating them and set a game plan that will give you results.

Understanding your fears and having the ability to let go of your fears is not an easy task at all. The Very complex process, it deals with emotions, and emotions have the abilities to impair your judgment and decisions. When you over think, you become convinced by the visualization you have created in your inner mind. Some call it mind games you play with yourself. The results are usually a waste of human energy. Nothing accomplished or gain in your thinking patterns.

What we need to do is learn how to change this thinking into a positive pattern of thought, illustrating your weaknesses and strengths of your visualization is your first mission.  Always think of the things you did right!  Positive reaffirmation way of thinking and adding conviction to your thinking. Understanding what you did correctly will offset what you did incorrectly; teaching you how to overcome our fears one by one. When we tackle our fears, we deal with them one at a time and mastering that fear into a positive achievement.  Is a step in the right direction of understanding your positive outlook in life, one at a time!

The power of visualization is an “Art” that has been used for centuries by many people from all walks of life who all live in all different countries but understand the power of visualization. Role playing in your mind is an effective way of allowing your brain to become more confidence when it deals with obstacles or any other visualization you played in your mind; it’s a particular movie. How you end it, is your decision you’re in total control of your dreams. Success is never just one race, just when you thinking you have found it, another race begins, so make it a marathon. One can never be too comfortable with the directions and obstacles he will face, but being ready for the challenge; is the attitude that makes "Winners from Losers."

Don’t ever stop trying to be a better person.
Took me a long time to fully understand this 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho


Connie S Owens VA said...

Your article reminded me of something I use to say a lot: emotions worked like alcohol, altered my mind and my mood. Afterwards it was like being in a black out. Remembering what I said or did was near impossible, especially what I said.

Great insights and thank you for making me think. :)

jfbmarketing said...

Hi Connie, thinking is a good thing when you think you are on the right track of doing something special. I also liked the way our presented your concept of what it reminded you off.. Yea at times it has that ability to make you slow down and think!!!!

Unknown said...

Well said, good article. The problem with a lot of people is having that fear. Fear is nothing but an evil spirit which keeps people away from achieving their goals. Do yourself a favour and fight that little negative voice, after all, it's powerless...

jfbmarketing said...

Your absolutely correct Salmi, most people just no concept of their fears are, until you notice what you fear you will never move ahead.

Anonymous said...

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jfbmarketing said...

Thanks for the kind words, it is from the heart, what l enjoy doing writing articles that help or provide a direction............ glad you have enjoyed it!!

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