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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Understanding Predictable Behaviour Patterns

March 28, 2012

Understanding Predictable Behaviour Patterns

When you understand what this title has in store for you, it will be like having a crystal ball in front of you. You just know how this person will react; making your marketing skills prolific in the sense you already knew their weaknesses by using and understanding this concept.  Using this very useful technique is an absolute “Art”.  Let’s learn more about this subject and benefit from it.

When we test human responses to marketing efforts.  People react to certain words, phrases and enticements, such as words “Free”, “Sale”, and up to 75% off. What creative marketing calls a sizzle; we have now created a niche market for an audience that has our attention. A real dream comes true, in a simply explained manner.

Creates cultural reactivity that we all have felt and learned from; this type of thinking and understanding takes an effort to master and generate the above statement. When we understand a person’s cultural idealism which knowing the excellent pictures that play in their mind, we now know and anticipate their behavior and reaction.  Perhaps l have sparked an interest in you, we all have had this type of thinking, knowing ahead of time.

Predictable behavior patterns occur daily, and they get rather boring as we all know, but when we use this method in a business transaction! Happens, you have created a competitive edge to negotiate a reward winning contract, perhaps a sale or just an excellent contact and lead. Marketing is a contact sport when you think about it.

Master and learn how to use good reactivity to your advantage, is a step in the winner’s circle of successful negotiating with results. This concept has created more wars than any other nation, why because when your emotions get the attention, it becomes personal and we try and protect our boundaries our beliefs. Over time, we break this pattern and strengthen our morals or break apart entirely. This is one of the strongest cornerstones of our conviction.

We as humans, well some of us become emotional reactivity, meaning how we will react to certain situations that comfort us. Make or break the deal, absolutely in its finest fashion allowing you to obtain an additional advantage in your control in this case. We all know some people are just plain weird, they become hot-head, indolent or just plain over emotional. With much luck perhaps with age and maturity they will learn their deviations that prevent them from achieving their dreams.

Mastering your reactivities and keeping them in perspective without over reacting,
is a chore for most of us!
We just repeat our faults!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How HGH Supplements Work, providing you with theses results

March 27, 2012

Human growth hormone also called somatotropin, is a protein hormone of 190 amino acids (building blocks of protein) that is created and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland. It has two types of effects, both of which are highly beneficial to the vital, active human body.

One main type of action of the HGH is its direct effects on other kinds of cells. The growth hormone binds to its receptor on target cells then creates some particular action. Fat cells, for example, are the target cells of HGH, so they have growth hormone receptors. Once bonded there, the growth hormone causes them to break down triglyceride and suppresses their ability to take up and accumulate circulating lipids -- in other words, fat storage is prevented!

HGH also acts to create other indirect effects in the body by causing secretion of IGF-1, an insulin-like growth factor hormone. IGF-1 is secreted from the liver and other tissues in response to growth hormone. The action that governs mostly growth-related effects of HGH.

This same effect is also the power behind muscle growth. It stimulates both the differentiation and proliferation of muscle cells, stimulates amino acid uptake and synthesizes protein in muscle and other tissues. This is where HGH's ability to influence overall muscle and skin tone comes from.

Growth hormone has significant effects on:

  • Protein metabolism:
    HGH causes increased amino acid uptake, increased protein synthesis and decreased oxidation of proteins.

  • Fat metabolism:
    HGH enhances the utilization of fat -- gives your body the ability to break down fat cells more efficiently.

  • Carbohydrate metabolism:
    HGH is one of the several hormones that maintain blood sugar within a normal range.
Because of the abilities of HGH mentioned above, you can soon see that without it, muscle tone declines, fat stubbornly sits in the body and resists metabolism, and hair, skin and nails (all composed of proteins) deteriorate. In fact, scientists now believe that HGH has a role in most healthy functions of the body, including sexual function, proper operation of stomach and bowels, liver, and all glandular systems. Whether HGH is directly interacting with individual cells, or playing its essential part in the correct function of other bodily systems, it's essential throughout the body for youthful vigor and health. The problem is, HGH augmentation has traditionally been a benefit reserved for the super-rich: until now, only injections of HGH could have an effect in the body, and at a cost of thousands of dollars per treatment. More recently, pharmaceutical companies and natural supplement companies have fine-tuned the science of HGH stimulation in the body utilizing a Growth Hormone releaser. That is, by natural means, the body can be stimulated to produce and release its own HGH, increasing levels to those of an enthusiastic, vital person.

One such supplement is GenF20™, a supplement from a quality manufacturer. Their product works by using a formula to trigger and stimulate the pituitary gland to produce and secrete more HGH itself. The HGH goes into your body just as nature intended, in other words, through the glandular system -- just as it did when you were in your 20s. You see, it is not possible to just make an HGH supplement that would enter the bloodstream by other means than injection because the HGH molecule is too large to pass through the walls of the digestive system, for instance. But with a "release" or stimulator product, your body does the HGH producing itself. Once stimulated by the supplement, HGH goes to work in the body delivering all the benefits detailed above. If there's a fountain of youth, this is it, say doctors who've reviewed the product.

Why not see it for yourself. 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

APSense Has Totally Changed!

March 21, 2012

APSense Has Totally Changed!

The complete concept has not changed, what has changed is the format and how we get viewed and exposed on the internet. The APSense Team has revamped our total imagine, getting our message circulated is creating what we call a niche market. The market that we all need to tap into, why for the simple reason they have the same interest as we do.

Understanding our target market is a rewarding feature, creating an audience that has the same interest as we do, does a dream come true. We now have an audience that speaks the same language we speak. The have a need, desire and are willing to gather the information for them to make a purchase. Music to our ears is what that states.

APSense Social Media Business
site has created an effective target-ting market that will display your abilities in a whole new arena. Regardless of what you are promoting, the is a "Market" with that type of audience. Sharing your sizzle, is how you get their attention, learn this concept. Being unique, creative with a game plan that works, will enhance your odds for clicks and leads to your site.

Changes have come to how we market our products, offers and whatever it is we promote, is an absolute "ART". You have to understand the concept of how you get visitors to spend time on your site. They create the bounce ratio; they have an interest in what you are offering. They spend time on your site; they have a need for what you are promoting.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What is HyperGH 14x?

March 13,2012

What is HyperGH 14x?

Before we answer this question, ask yourself what you love about women. Well, there are many things to love about the female species. Some guys like a lady's posterior. Others love the breasts that only a woman can flaunt. And some of us like a little of both.

Now ask a woman what she likes about the male physique. You'll get various answers, ranging from a friendly smile to particular body parts. But the more you press a woman, the more you'll find a universal truth about women and what they love about the muscular body.

Women love a guy with muscles. Duh.

And this is one of the several reasons why the makers of HyperGH 14x created this dietary supplement HGH releaser, formulated specifically for muscle growth and development. Benefits include:
  • increased lean muscle mass
  • reduced body fat
  • more energy
  • greater results from similar workouts
  • faster recovery time

HyperGH 14x is designed for men of all ages, be they in their twenties or higher up on the yearly scale. Same product focused benefit. But the result is clear: a natural boost in the gym, for more muscles and increased sex appeal.

Not Another HGH Releaser

HyperGH 14x is designed specifically for muscle growth, with a natural boost of energy, faster recovery and increased muscle tone.

Growth hormone plays an essential role in muscle development and maintenance. In particular, the influence it has on exercise-induced growth hormone response (EIGR), in which high-intensity training stimulates a release of growth hormone, is of interest to men who want natural and sustainable growth of muscles.

An HGH releaser formulated for muscle growth is designed to stimulate larger natural pulse releases of growth hormone, for increased exercise capacity and better recovery. The result of this? More muscle.

Moreover, such a product should work with your circadian rhythm and your body's natural cycles. Research shows that growth hormone is released in pulses that typically spike before bed. Should you be interested in an HGH releaser for muscle development, it's advisable to pursue a product to be taken right when you get up and again before bed.

For the Young Gun

The young guys will like this: an HGH releaser is substantially safer than both synthetic HGH and those infamous anabolic steroids.

Neither of these previous treatments, when taken outside of medicinal purposes - and let's be honest, steroids are usually taken for muscle growth - are sustainable over the long-term, nor are they safe when used to get big in the gym. Side effects of steroids, and to a lesser extent, synthetic HGH? Acne, bleeding, shrunken testicles, impotence, intense mood swings, hair loss, a risk of cancer.

An HGH releaser for muscle growth is a safe and natural option, with herbals and amino acids rather than synthetic drugs that can damage one's health, to say nothing about what steroids can do to one's looks. Shrunken testicles and permanent damage to your sperm? Doubtful the ladies would like that.

For the Baby Boomer

Are think muscles just for the young guys? Hardly. Joe Weider does pretty well for himself, and he's in his nineties. Jack Lalanne was pretty darn fit and with daily workouts til his last day in this life. His age? Ninety-six.

That said, these guys are and were serious bodybuilders right up til the end. Not all of us have that kind of devotion. But it's certainly possible to have enough muscle to get those sexy looks from the ladies that, admit it, we all love, when we doff the shirt come a warm summer day.

For that individual, an HGH releaser designed for muscle growth and development can encourage the natural growth hormone required for more energy, muscle tone, strength and bone density. Moreover, considering the average man loses ten percent of his growth hormone each decade after 40, natural growth hormone therapy is advisable.

With 10,000 Americans hitting the 60-year mark each day, seniors want to look young and live well, with better skin, less fat, more lean muscle tone and perhaps even a modicum of sex appeal.

To do this, choose a natural supplement, with ingredients that are proven to stimulate growth hormone and one that's safe for long-term use.

Enter the HGH releaser for muscle growth.

For You

If this speaks to you, and you're looking for a raw edge for more energy and muscle growth and retention, consider an HGH releaser designed for the gym.

Your criteria should be specific: you're looking for an HGH releaser with a high enough dose that you'll see results from your time in the weight room, yet well within safe levels.

As well, you'd do well to purchase a product that's manufactured in a cGMP-compliant facility to ensure the highest standards and purity of the ingredients used within. If it has an oral spray with Alpha-GPC, that's great, as studies show that Alpha-GPC can increase muscle contractions during a good workout and with growth hormone release to match.

Finally, look for an HGH releaser with live 24/7 customer support and a firm money-back guarantee. That's a sign that the company stands by the product enough to know not only that it works, but it also works very well.

In other words, for safe and sustainable muscle tone that will have the ladies looking at your chiseled physique, buy HyperGH 14x. Your edge in the gym.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, March 8, 2012

What Price Are YOU Willing to Pay to Ignore YOUR Passion?

March 8, 2012

What Price Are YOU Willing to Pay to Ignore YOUR Passion?

Is life too short to waste 40+ hours a week working at something you don’t like?

Then maybe it's time to “Fulfill Your Passion” … and start to earn a living doing what you love the most, no matter what it is!

Like most people, your parents probably told you to do two things growing up:
Get your education and settle into a well-paying job. It doesn't matter whether you like the job or not - like Nike says - "Just Do It"!

As a matter of fact I know a fellow that got a great paying job right after he finished high school, he worked for the same company until he retired he took an early retirement - the problem - hated every single day he was there, but the money was decent. Here is the real kicker, two years after he had retired he was in a "freak" accident that took his life.

I thought about that long and hard...........
I didn't want that to be my situation.

9 of 10 people you ask will admit that they feel unfulfilled by their work. Therefore, what price are you willing to pay to ignore your passion or have something you do that fulfills your time and energy.

Take some time to reflect and if you want to consider options that can satisfy your desires. You have life experiences that can be leveraged to generate income: YOU just may not be aware of them yet. There are strategies you can use to minimize any risks as you transition to becoming an entrepreneur.

YOU can live a life of abundance, one that you can achieve your dreams, desires and goals. YOU can be, do and have whatever you desire if you are just willing to take that step forward. Just believe you can!

Abundance means more than having a lot of money. Money is an important tool to have, and it makes life easier to help fulfill your dreams and goals. I want to do everything possible to help you live a happy and abundant life. That’s why I'm hoping this short article offers you something to think about.

I would love to be able to deliver to you a powerful method that you can use immediately to begin creating greater success and help you towards living your life of passion.

Contact me at your leisure to find out more.

Well-written article by my good Canadian friend Cory Blackman, a senior writer over at APSense Social Business Media Site.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Monday, March 5, 2012

HGH is Not Steroids

HGH is Not Steroids

Human Growth Hormone is not steroids. Read that again. HGH and anabolic steroids are not the same things. Got it? Good, because there are so many misconceptions about both agents of human growth and development that most people simply lump them into the same category.

Heck, even the media doesn't know the difference. Most stories you read about performance enhancing drugs just hide the fact that the journalist who wrote the story doesn't have a clue about what steroids are, what HGH does and there's no gray area that separates the two in athletic competition. HGH is not steroids. Simple as that.

A Definition Please...

HGH is a synthetic version of growth hormone, a 191 amino acid protein-based peptide hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland and responsible for cell growth and regeneration. Growth hormone determines your height, bone density, skin condition and your body's ability to repair itself and look young.

Anabolic steroids are a drug that mimics the effects of testosterone and dihydrotestosterone. Such drugs, including Halotestin and Durabolin, increase muscle size and strengthen bones. They're legal only with a doctor's prescription to treat medical conditions related to lack of testosterone. When taken for reasons other than this purpose, they're illegal.

Having said this, both HGH and steroids have anabolic properties, meaning they can 'build up' human tissue. And in some cases, they produce similar benefits. They also share similar side effects, and in the event you're looking for a safer alternative to HGH and steroids for a natural advantage in the gym, we'll review that too.

Where the Confusion Comes From

HGH and steroids are both legally available to treat medical conditions related to hormone deficiencies. Some endocrinologists prescribe HGH to treat growth hormone deficiency, in children and adults. When administered to a child, HGH can increase height, which makes it a popular treatment for children who demonstrate stunted growth.

HGH is also approved to treat cachexia – loss of body mass from AIDS.

Steroids are a legal way to handle deficiencies in testosterone. Such drugs can cause puberty to start early and can treat boys with a genetic disorder. As with HGH, they're legal only when prescribed by a doctor.

Both HGH and steroids are synthetic and have performance enhancing properties. They can both increase muscle volume and human performance though steroids more dramatically than HGH.

Their anabolic properties make both HGH and steroids an attractive option for individuals who want to enhance the human condition. In that light, HGH is most often abused for cosmetic reasons, particularly to look younger. And steroids are often misused between 10-100 times their recommended dosage to build muscle mass.

Handle With Care

While both treatments are synthetic, HGH is a synthetic form of growth hormone. Somatropin is a popular patented version of HGH.

Steroids, though designed to mimic testosterone, are simply drugs.

As you may have heard, both synthetic HGH and steroids come with a concerning list of side effects. Among other things, HGH, when taken with injections, can cause abnormal bone growth, nausea, joint stiffness, increased risk of diabetes, several forms of cancer and more.

But it's those steroids, and the many health hazards associated with them, that have received the most attention in media circles. This include:
  • damage to sperm
  • permanent impotence
  • shrunken testicles
  • gynecomastia (man breasts)
  • hair loss
  • acne

Steroids are also linked to increased blood pressure, the risk of heart attack and stroke. There is also compelling evidence that steroids can cause irritability, intense mood swings, and 'roid rage'. The death and double murder surrounding former WWE superstar Chris Benoit's early demise are an infamous case of such a phenomena.

Men looking to make gains in the weight room should avoid needles altogether, be it from HGH or steroids. Instead, they might consider another route.

A Safer Alternative: The HGH Releaser

An HGH releaser is a dietary supplement of herbals and amino acids designed to stimulate natural production of growth hormone.

Unlike synthetic HGH, an HGH releaser contains no growth hormone. Instead, it's formulated to encourage the pituitary gland to release growth hormone naturally, for similar benefits of more intrusive HGH injections, but with milder results and without the reported side effects.

The HGH releaser has received substantial media attention in recent years as an anti-aging supplement. And yet, with the influence of growth hormone on muscle development, a natural growth hormone supplement may have applications for all men looking to build muscle naturally, but without the dangers of synthetic HGH and those nasty steroids.

An HGH releaser may help with muscle growth and offer more energy. But to benefit the most from such a product, it's advisable to choose an HGH releaser with the right dosage for muscle growth and energy, yet within safe and acceptable levels.

To that end, and if this interests you, look for an HGH releaser formulated specifically for muscle growth. Ideally, it should consist of an oral supplement and a spray with Alpha-GPC. The product should be taken twice a day, once in the morning and again at night, to maximize your circadian rhythm and anticipated, exercise-induced growth hormone release.

With this in mind, you might consider HyperGH 14x, which in addition to having the above prerequisites, comes with the enteric coating, which maximizes absorption and delivers the most ingredients to the small intestine where they're processed and used for the greatest benefit.

All the Best

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