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Showing posts with label gold investing. Show all posts

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Austrian School of Economics Explained ... Ron Paul

May 3, 2014

This has been a ride without any real destination, just a bunch of wrong turns before you understand where this asset is heading into. Gold has been pin pointed by Central Banks, that it will effect how they pay their interest on their loans. Hard to reproduce gold, why they make the fiat currency their choice.

Simple and very logical, they have access to the ability of printing more of the fiat currency into circulation. Devaluing the fiat currency at a very disturbing rate to all who have access to this currency, most of us, I would say!

So how do you know your money is safe, with all the corruption, manipulation with the banking and government system, they seem to go hand in hand. They both need each other. How can America have a debit of just over 17 trillion million dollars.

Lets break this up for a real understanding of what this means to every American. 

-The American population is 317,934,600
-Debit by each Tax payer $134,467.14
-Debit by each citizen $54,586.60
-If you calculate the above numbers you would get a Debit of $17,355,050,645,211

The above numbers are real, I did not create them, but your governments have spoken nothing but plain pre-meditated fabrication to the American People. Each one that has become the President, has contributed too this financial disaster.

Ron Paul, has provided us from his very early days an education that he always foreseen and now it is happening. When you review his speech, you will think about the numbers, and why it happened. The corruption is unreal, we all have been mislead.

The mistakes the American President's have done was always worried about the world, instead of taking care of their own back yard. Thinking of what is actually happening, you as the President is what needs more attention. Start supporting the tax payers and voters, who voted you in. The world will still be around, and so would many more American's who went over seas, and never returned home.

Think of all the wars America has been involved with, now understand the cost factors to promote and support each of them wars. Money that could of be redirected more wisely, accept they just added to their credit line. Review the above numbers, how they where created, just one of the biggest contributors

Put some time aside, and study this speech it will provide you with all you already knew, just never paid attention to it. What we are good at.

This speech was introduced to me by Nick Barisheff CEO and President of Bullion Management Group Inc. Mr. Barisheff is also the author of $10,000 gold, his on track on his financial predictions, with this asset.

Enjoy the speech and review it several times.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The key to success "IS" we become what we think about!

January 8, 2014

The weather has set the tone, for the New Year in 2014, cold and harsh. We all want to succeed, build a financial retirement plan that will allow us to enjoy the reasons we have dedicated and worked so hard. The problem is we have forgotten to plan this strategy. Why is that?

We are all humans, so much going on in our daily life's, and we forget to put some money towards a retirement plan. Investing with time is a commodity you will never, ever have the opportunity to get back, regardless of how much money you have or do not have.

The question is, in the morning when you wake up, is this the person you see in the mirror in your bathroom mirror? You're more than likely have a set of words you use, each and every morning! Why me, how did I get myself so behind, all I ever get is more bills? You're no different than most people in society! Not even your fault; to be upfront, and honest with you!

So where did you go wrong? You used the money for other reasons, somewhere good, but a few were bad reasons. We failed to plan our retirement future. The good thing is, we still have time to re-direct our financial future. This is really possible, not going to be easy at all, why would it be? If you have an interest, then you might want to read more?

The first thing you need to do is stop doing things you hate doing! They waste human energy and more than likely assets you cannot afford to use unwisely. So many books have been written on this topic, with very little results for one simple reason, we doubt our abilities. This is the hardest change you will ever need to make, your mindset, not a simple concept at all.

A mindset is the most important investment you will ever make, for the reason you're determined to achieve your wishes in life. We do have this ability, Earl Nightingale, shares the strangest secret, an absolute masterpiece. Listen to this masterpiece, yes it is old, but raw facts that provide results in your journey with success.

Forget all the click bank links, that promise you will make x amount of millions. If you really want to plan a financial future, listen to this over and over until it becomes reality. You will find that key, you really will, because you're investing in the most important asset, you will ever invest in, your mind.

See everything you apply in your daily life, came from this original material, everything else has been watered down, missing important ingredients, that provide the correct receipt for success in whatever it is that you define success with. Why do men with goals succeed in life and them without them fail?

This is all you really need to really understand, the strangest secret is a concept that is over looked, for the simple reason it is really that simple. The key to success is, we become what we think about. Learn this concept and you will never worry about any financial obligation again.

So let's get back to your retirement plan if you're interested in saving some money, not spending it, but investing a future with your financial obligation, then you may want to invest a little time and review this video. If you're tired of the fiat currency then you will benefit from this investment.

Review this if you want, what you should have had!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The End of America. There Will Be No Economic Recovery, Because!

September 30, 2013

There is so much riding this evening, with the American way of conducting business, on a global platform! President Obama is under a server amount of pressure. Making it 17 years, since the last occurring’s, at this magnetite that took place.

How can you overcome issues, which have a need, and demand survival? America needs to increase borrowing to avoid defaulting on their debt, beyond September 30, 2013. This with a fiat currency; just is not going to look, overly impressive.

Could Congress be heading towards a government shutdown?  With the Republican leaders in American House of Representatives refusal to President Barack Obama’s demand for additional printed money to run the government beyond the request date of September 30, 2013, so it may perhaps avoid default.

It will play, with many financial factors, according to Central Banking systems of rating and distribution of funds. Could China have a trump card? What if they called their loan, what would America do? What if they want their payment in gold, as the asset, avoiding, the fiat currency?

Whenever an investment of gold is made, it is a vote against central banks credibility with savers still further. It can also be considered a measurement of mismanaging of money by central banks.

Even if the American Government, in a last minute agreement that could avoid a shut-down, financial markets will still face the effects of a $16.8 trillion debt ceiling by the middle of October. It could cause major concerns for the next political stand-off.

Many analysts indicate with a soft dollar, with U.S. bond yields improving, which would support the gold prices. For investors who desire a safe investment during this time of uncertainty, should consider investing in gold according to the experts. As the dollar continues to face daily challenges, this will certainly have an impact on the direction of gold as a future provider of your retirement pension plan.

                                                    Live Gold Prices USAGOLD

Government Shuts Down as Congress Misses Deadline,
Siobhan Hughes and Corey Boles contributed to this article on The Wall Street Journal

More information on this topic. 

Fed's Non-Taper Damage Control

When Investors Wake up the Gold Price Will Soar

Will the Fed start tapering in September?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gold has a factor that has to be reviewed, if this happens!

August 22, 2013

"My passion," for this asset is vital for much financial and logical reason’s, the “Fiat Currency” is really a lost and high-risk concern many of us should have.

I try and review as many articles on this topic that l can and provide information we all can benefit and even perhaps take advantage of, really nothing wrong with this concept at all. Would you not agree?

One of the alerts l got was an article that motivated me to share this priceless information on conditions that can make or break many (ROI’s.) This information l am going to share, is all confirmed by the World GoldCouncil (WGC.)

We have been debating who truly is the world leader in the consumption of gold. Is it China or is it India, what would happen if one stops buying gold? Could this have an effect on your savings for the retirement?

By Frank Holmes
CEO and Chief Investment Officer
U.S. Global Investors

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What can this company do for your financial future

July 31, 2013

Another month has passed by and this means the time that we will never get back. So how you use your time is vital when preparing and planning your future financial goals. Opportunities come and go without any warning.

How many opportunities have your joined since you started marketing on the Internet, and how many have you failed at? Not trying to be negative, just reminding you of your progress, some have done exceptionally well to a certain degree.

Dedication and a burning desire for success should be a daily affirmation that you need to develop and make it a regular habit. Success takes time and sometimes luck. Luck is defined this way if you were to take the first letter of the word "success" it would mean this Labour Under Correct Knowledge. How you become lucky in life.

So now your thinking of perhaps getting involved with the current magical dust formula that is the hottest company on the internet. The hype is high, and so are the rewards for only another $25.00 or whatever the cost is you will be making x amounts of dollars in minutes of signing up.

Ever read one of them sales pitches lately, if you did your not alone!

Hey, l am no different, l have joined countless and useless companies that promised the world and my life would never be the same. The only thing they got right was my life did change, lost more money again.

The first company I joined was Amy-way, made some money with them, but Amy-way showed me that big money can be made in MLM. You have the correct knowledge and dedication. I had enough cleaning products that would last me the rest of my life, so l left.

Went on to the next one, then another one and another one, until l said one-day l am done with MLM. Walked away from this type of business for several years. Then about three years ago, l got involved with another MLM company, but the only difference is l am still with this company, yes generating a residual income and growing.

The company is having worldwide growth and providing solutions to people's financial freedom by offering different types of investments long term, short term with an asset that can never be reproduced. Once you own it, it is yours until you decide to cash it in. Not like all the cleaning products l bought, there was no hope of me getting a return on them products.

If this story sounds like one that you have lived, not asking you to join anything but only take a look at what this company will do for you and your future financial obligations.

If you decide that you want to learn more about this opportunity, then just fill in the required information at the end of the presentation a short outline of what this company is all about and perhaps improve your situation!!

Just Click here for the Presentation 

Click Here For Registration

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, July 19, 2013

Investments, Why Are They So Complicated, to Figure Out?

July 19, 2013

Why investing will always be the biggest single gamble you will ever make. Several reasons play into this theory of investing that hooked me.

Every since we were kids, we learned something new each day and applied it to our daily life’s. Then we got wiser and stopped learning something new. Education is a lifetime sentence, either you adapt to changes or you do not.

Investing is so complicated for the following reason so much uncertainty in the global economy, which has had trends that were unpredictable for all the inside manipulation being a standard bandage instead of a permanent solution to world financial crises.  Used by the power of International Governments, in so many countries.

So who do you honestly trust for the formation and solutions of the present hyperinflation we are experiencing.  Hyperinflation can have, devastating financial results for all of us, without a large amount of warning.

Whether you’re investing in a new house, cottage, boat, vehicle or just a plain old investment! How can you honestly feel comfortable with all the trends that have power over the value of what you’re about to invest in.
Understanding the complexity involved with your evaluation on your investment, is a wise way of reviewing and understanding all of the predictable risks involved with this assessment.

The odds always look better on paper; why is that? What did we miss? Why did l do this? The voices play over and over in our inner mind.  We hear it and are immobilized, powerless and incapable of turning off the voices. Investing without a doubt will always be complicated, too much manipulation within the markets. That actual gearshift’s the up’s and downs of your (ROI).

Understanding and applying some of these concepts into your investing abilities will eliminate many heavy losses that none of us appreciate. You can be very rich and still losses more than you desired, works for the poor and the rich.

History has had its way with investing in any market, peaks and valleys have always been obstacles that we need to avoid or find. Peaks are good but valleys create fatalities for our retirement, we will all retire one day.

So what can we do, is really a fair question that we need to revise daily, with merit and reasoning. Think back to when you were a kid, you had no boundaries. What these statements mean, are the most important investment you will ever make to adjust your abilities.

Creating the most powerful mindset you can create is the step that will make you either successful or just another lost angel in life. Jim Morrison actually wrote those words, they make intellectual sense. We all have this ability, but why most of us fail, too simple.  

Take some time and review this blog, hey if you decide not to, that is OK, if you leave some feedback you created a back link. Whatever you decide! I got turned on to this type of investing from Nick Barisheff  CEO of President of Bullion Management Group Inc.

The rest is up to you! Investments, why are they so complicated, to figure out?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Monday, April 15, 2013

Windows of Opportunities with Gold, could this be true?

April 15, 2013,

Gold has been on a roller coaster ride, this is a fact without any doubts but guess what it still has the value that is undervalued at the current moment. Here is an opportunity to take advantage of, governments will always be able to print money, gold can not be reprinted or reproduce. Review how it has performed, we have seen them charts, we are dealing with an asset that the actual value is being camouflaged by unpredictable global financial circumstance.

So much world debt, so much greed going on with banking systems, just last week a VIP of RBS of Scotland's got arrested on fraud charges, full story here.  We have seen it over and over again, it is not going to stop, greed will always be a common factor in humans, who we deal with. Not so long ago the Cyprus Crises and bank fraud.  Just a couple of examples.

What effect is it having with paper money? Many things that we have heard over and over again, but one asset they have only temporary control with is gold. No different then what Franklin Delano Roosevelt did 80 years ago to control inflation and the value of gold he manipulated the market by confiscation of gold by forcing owners to cash out at a pre-determined fixed rate. The laws at times only have one law, their law so can this happen or is it happening. Again history shows a chart that only grew and were growing again, with again a slight obstacle.

So how do you protect yourself from all of this, not an easy answer at all? Too many factors play here! The odds are hard to read, but history is hard to be proven wrong also. Demand and supply have always controlled the cost factor of what an asset's value was at any given time. So are you holding a paper currency locked up with a banking system that is using your asset's for their benefit or are you in control of your future financial obligations, meaning a real (ROI) return on investment.  I did not create these's odd's, and why gas is so expenses, nope had nothing to do with it, but it affects me deeply. Inflation is what is happening, scary stuff but the writing is on the wall. Can this create windows of opportunity with gold investing.

So what will you do if your job is suddenly a rumor, walking papers last thing you could imagine and since you were on contract with them, no benefits at all. You are done, like dinner, wow! Now, what? You're going to read a section of the paper you have not read in a long time, classifieds looking for a job. Not many very attractive ones being posted is there?  So you turn to marketing on the internet or something along them lines.

Yea you do need to do something "FAST" bills do not stop being mailed at all. Scary, why the odds are not predictable anymore, you have Korea looking for attention, Europe bailing out countries to maintain credibility with the Euro currency. So if you have an interest in getting an education may well be from home, where you will need to be to make this happen. I did this, l got focused and learned what l had to learn. Needed solutions to what l think make the most logical long-term financial sense.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gold confiscation 80 years ago, Can it happen again?

April 10, 2013

Gold confiscation occurred 80 years ago to become a manipulative factor of controlling inflation by the U.S. President at the time Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What he did was forced owners to cash out at a pre-determined fixed rate. Could history repeat itself, not sure with all the uncertainty going on with the global economy, like rolling a dice and hoping for the best? Could "Government's" do this and force all owners of bullion to cash out at again a prevailing rate?

So gold dropped approximately another $15.00 bringing it to $1,559.00 an ounce, makes no logical financial sense when you review all the trends and what has happened with Cyprus and many other primary indicators that provide the investor with information to make an intelligent investment move hopefully, we do hate mistakes. The key factor is homework is a must, l mean the asset gold is the only benefit to a global financial recovery. Why do you think China has aggressively being buyers rather than sellers. Think about what this country is doing!

So how do you leverage this asset towards your financial benefits for retirement, educational funds for your grandkids, if that was part of your thinking! Education is a must when to understand world trends, can you afford to make yet another mistake. Only you can answer that! Times and the economy have drastically changed into a more complicated, unpredictable environment that we have created as humans. Stop blaming others for mistakes, the greed factor is like gold it has always been around, why it is a wise investment for that simple reason. It can control life's and, more importantly, a global world.

One of the wise's experts in this field that l believe in for all the right reason's I have studied his methods and his predictions over the last eight months or so. This man Nick Barisheff, President and CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc. has more knowledge and concrete facts that will make you realize what he is saying about the asset gold. Nick Barisheff, predicts this asset will have a value of $10,000.00 an ounce by the year 2017. Is he wrong? Too early to say, but his logic makes more sense as all the rules become more complicated in the economy. The actual benefit is that Governments will never be able to print gold and devalue it, as they are doing with the paper money. The only solution for Governments would be what  Franklin Delano Roosevelt did! So the question is can it happen again?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Planning your Retirement wisely, with a system..

March 23, 2013

So much term oil going on, are you concerned about the effect it will have, hope you are for many reasons. We just went through this not so long again, why do banks have this "Freedom." The ability to change their direction as long as it is in their favorite. So they are not magnificent at what they do, so why do we have to bail them out?

Mismanagement by overpaid advisor's, how the banks got themselves and found the quicksand are now sinking and asking us as clients to bail them out. Something was drastically going wrong here at an alarming rate, so what do we do, how do we overcome this crisis? We have to ask our self's what is real anymore; sure people now have no accesses to their money in a so-called haven. The Crises in Cyprus banking system.

Is there any good news in the global crises, gas is always going up, food prices, all the products we desire and need keep resigning at again an alarming rate. What can we do to relief the pain on these unforeseen obstacles that have an effect on our financial status? Can not trust banks, our retirement plan since it is geared towards the shrinking dollar as it has been invested, by our financial advisor

might provide a solution will make sense to a few
who understand the concerns

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, February 8, 2013

The Perfect Gift for "Your" loved one!!

February 8, 2013

It's an occasion that you have thought of, it has crossed your mind and perhaps you already have the perfect gift for your loved one, congratulations your one of the few. What did you get him or her, had to be special since you have thought about it and, already and ahead of the game? But for most who have only thought about it and still thinking about it, reminding our self of how last year went. BTW, how did it go, was it special and she/he was blowing away?

Hard at times to impress our loved ones, and you will know if you have gotten them the "Perfect Gift" for this particular moment Valentines. Last year can not be the same as this year then you became predictable and given it no thought as his or her view. So this year impress her or him with something entirely different. We have the most classy gifts and attention grabbers that will make them say the magical words.

Here is your Perfect Gift
email me for the codes to additional savings.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Physical and Political Hurdles"... here"s the choices

January 18, 2013

Do you think that Money Market Funds are doomed, l do not care if they have the paper value at all. My approach is l want to feel my investment, or at less have access to it without any unforeseen circumstantial situations that we forgot to calculate into our "ROI Equation." 

Investing will always be a gamble, the odds and all the advice you have heard it more complicated for accurate decisions that will provide you with "Financial Rewards!!!" It's no different than going to the local track, betting on some donkey or mule. Even worse odd's, the local or not so far away mini get away to the Casino Dinner night out having fun. The question next days is how did l do? Hey, we had fun, and what life is all about.  How most thing, we wing it, is this "YOU."

I enjoy these's type of odd's. Are the rewards no different than studying for an exam at school? What school taught us to do as an educated individual is apply are formulas and keep the risk factor affordable. Sometimes you need to margin investments, we all been there, l mean actual investors in any business have felt the emotional ride and rode the wave effortlessly! When you finally understand the "Physical and Political Hurdles...

There are many financial concerns that we will share on this blog and l will welcome any "Guest Writer" that has views on the above concerns. Key concerns that will be a battle is how will China play as a world ruler in our future financial world, will the U.S. solve the exciting clash of generations with several other primary worldwide concerns that we will be sharing and hope for interactive solutions that have rewards, benefits and most of all makes logical sense. The last one will be difficult to understand fully, but there is hope l believe. 

I certainly think your future financial desires have an opportunity to be fully revised or enhanced it can be done all l need you to watch this powerful video presentation on how l am going to alter your mindset with "Football as your Mindset." 

Why they only play 16 Reg season games, no one can afford to lose one game. One game makes or breaks your success. This Football Video will motivate you to see success as the only option, no room for mistakes.

Watch the Best Motivational Video you will have every Watch!! 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is there an Economical Limitations with Gold?

October 16, 2012

Seems to be a topic that is gathering an enthusiastic world audience; what will Gold provide me with future options with world economics playing an important factor on my (ROI) as an investor! There seem to be more and more  Hedge Funds and Major players investing and taking a bigger commitment as the investment of choice. Traders Report issued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission grew by 282,000 ounces just last week, posting an 11 straight week of future value.

Investing will always be a "Risky" factor, not exactly for everyone, so now that l got your attention, some of us enjoy the odds, it's a real complicated game, most lose, but some do win. Yea the odds are bad in that category no need to paint a picture. So how do we win, sorry l do not have the answers, but what I do have is pertinent information that has merit.

I will be sharing information that could and more than likely will enhance your overall "Financial Benefits," creating a stream of assets. Why l enjoy this topic so much, l am also starting to see the "Financial Benefits" that l created for me. Why we do what we do, we want and have a desire to succeed, impress our loved ones without any limitations with our abilities.

The internet has more stories than you would find at any Library, book store and where ever you can think of that provides this type of information. Why most will always fail, they have no idea how to invest, when you use your credit card on the internet, you have just invested in a product. Now it is more than likely be another project that had no (ROI). Sad but true, hey l have done it, many times. Why I know it will not work.

So why is this article so much different then all the others you have read, for a very simple reason, l am only looking for the top 3 percent of the Marketers who understand this concept, why they are where they are today. Why I dedicate myself to this excellent idea that has a very attractive (ROI). By writing and sharing what I see is a real competitive edge for the ones who have followed and taking advantage of this system.

Follow this blog for important updates that will be effective our "Financial Benefits" in the "New Year," we can benefit from it or take a different approach, either way, I have no control over that. So take a tour of what l believe will enhance our life. Register here as a free member! 

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Welcome To One Gram at a Time

Thank you for taking the time to understanding the "One Gram at a Time Page," it has other meanings, other then the...

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