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Showing posts with label American debit. Show all posts

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What is Hyperinflation, do You have Solutions

April 16, 2014

We all need to understand the real meaning of hyperinflation, going to perhaps education some of our new readers in this current situation. It's not a very popular topic, but one we are all going to encounter sadly enough.

How we protect ourselves from the fiat currency, will take time, the direction along with an education. It's just simply going to happen, to many financial factors pointing us to a hyperinflation state. Hyperinflation frequently according to history has only concentrated on one country, as it did with Germany and Zimbabwe.

The biggest difference with this Hyperinflation it could and more than likely will have a global effect. It will create an increase in your daily needs, which we use each and every day. We could see prices rising by 200 percent or more for the specific items you bought just recently.

I am talking about things we use daily, food, gas and any product that has to be shipped. We will have a sharp increase that we will not appreciate, the prices we are paying for these's items today are at a bargain compared to what we will be paying for in the very near future.

So actually, how do you protect yourself from global hyperinflation, invest in an asset that is rescission proof. What this asset is all about, it has been around since the earth was created. Why gold? Governments cannot reproduce this asset, as the fiat currency. The fiat currency has the potential to collapse in 2014. 

There are endless videos, articles on this topic, going to share you with one, that makes the most logical financial sense. He's not selling you anything at all, just providing a solution to global hyperinflation. How you use his advice will determine your ROI on your investment, investing will always be a gamble. 

I watch this video; over and over then l take a different script from it, and Google it, getting more financial facts on it, trying to understand something l never knew. The information shared could change your financial situation. Not saying it will, but for some, it will, just research being used wisely.

The biggest Investment is in life, and it's complicated, we deal with so much, understanding and balancing a financial plan for our daily life is a challenge, for many of us. The fact is you could lose just as much whether you're "Rich or Poor." Think of what l just shared.

If you want to know a solution, that has necessary financial backing. That could also protect your holdings within your retirement plan. You know the one you're going to live from for the rest of your golden years. The question is it protected by a fiat currency or an asset?

If this makes sense, Then review this solution.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The End of America. There Will Be No Economic Recovery, Because!

September 30, 2013

There is so much riding this evening, with the American way of conducting business, on a global platform! President Obama is under a server amount of pressure. Making it 17 years, since the last occurring’s, at this magnetite that took place.

How can you overcome issues, which have a need, and demand survival? America needs to increase borrowing to avoid defaulting on their debt, beyond September 30, 2013. This with a fiat currency; just is not going to look, overly impressive.

Could Congress be heading towards a government shutdown?  With the Republican leaders in American House of Representatives refusal to President Barack Obama’s demand for additional printed money to run the government beyond the request date of September 30, 2013, so it may perhaps avoid default.

It will play, with many financial factors, according to Central Banking systems of rating and distribution of funds. Could China have a trump card? What if they called their loan, what would America do? What if they want their payment in gold, as the asset, avoiding, the fiat currency?

Whenever an investment of gold is made, it is a vote against central banks credibility with savers still further. It can also be considered a measurement of mismanaging of money by central banks.

Even if the American Government, in a last minute agreement that could avoid a shut-down, financial markets will still face the effects of a $16.8 trillion debt ceiling by the middle of October. It could cause major concerns for the next political stand-off.

Many analysts indicate with a soft dollar, with U.S. bond yields improving, which would support the gold prices. For investors who desire a safe investment during this time of uncertainty, should consider investing in gold according to the experts. As the dollar continues to face daily challenges, this will certainly have an impact on the direction of gold as a future provider of your retirement pension plan.

                                                    Live Gold Prices USAGOLD

Government Shuts Down as Congress Misses Deadline,
Siobhan Hughes and Corey Boles contributed to this article on The Wall Street Journal

More information on this topic. 

Fed's Non-Taper Damage Control

When Investors Wake up the Gold Price Will Soar

Will the Fed start tapering in September?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Understanding the Impact of Financial Cyber War Damage on Our Retirement

August 28, 2013

Wow busy time of year, kids are getting ready to go back to school, vacations are coming to an end, but commodities are performing beyond belief, all due to with what is happening in the "Middle East." Why is that? Whenever a war starts, we as working stiffs get shafted, and many also get very rich.  

The greed factors are real, way out of control when you add, all that has happened, since the last bailouts of fortune 500 companies. Who had fixed assets; against their liabilities, also looked very promising, for their future, and direction of their stocks for shareholders.

If you recall a questioned asked by President Obama, during the hearings on why they should be compensated, for their mistakes? We all know the company and their reps who answer this question! The President, asked a simple question, how did you arrive here for these's meeting, did you drive, took a plane or a train?

The answer was no different, and then the CEO of a large bank, who decided to buy a luxury Condo in Miami, yes ocean front, which cost a slick $400k with his company’s bailout money.

The answer Obama got that afternoon was we took the "Co-Operate Jet." How much did that cost President Obama asked? Not really sure, our accountants take care of that information. You would have to address that question; to our accounting department.

So much propaganda being shared in the World Wide Web, who do you trust, which financial newsletter that provides accurate information. Even with all the most educated, and wisest financial reporting, you’re still going to make, an enormous mistake. Just an extraordinary, sad fact, we will all have to face one day.

Going to share some strong statements, that have been shared, and we all had to be warned, advised or just forgotten that issue, that perhaps presented itself with a window of opportunity for our benefit. Global investing is not for anyone, takes guts and luck. For one simple reason, that it can be devastating to our nation’s future success.

The media can control the ups and downs of how the stock markets globally will close out at the end of those business days. SEA has now created a new battlefield, called Cyber War, has the worse imaginable results to all of us, from a financial point of view. Numbers never lie.

The Cyber War is when the SEA breaks into a major financial newspaper and borrows their twitter account for a few minutes. "Then Proceed" to broadcasting premeditated fabricated tweets; to all their followers, and all who decide to re-tweet it, sending it out to more readers who may just do the same thing.

It almost happened, with two leading major players in the financial media world who have this type of control of their readers, followers and subscribers that create a viral message, by sharing with their followers and customers also. 

On July 18, 2013, an article posted by Tekoa Da Silva with Peter Schiff "I think the Dollar is Going to Collapse before markets do."

More Examples to be published and shared with our readers and subscribers, need you to understand the value of this crisis we are facing this video will provide you with this equation, not a pretty one at all. 

Us Debit $16 Trillion, a visual Perspective.   You will understand what this debt looks like with fiat currency. It's going to having an effective with our planning of retiring comfortably. Now What?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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