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Friday, March 4, 2016

How do we Protect Ourselves with Hyperinflation

March 4, 2016

First of all, we need to understand what the term Hyperinflation means? It is currently happening worldwide the country can not sustain or keep up with their deflated currency.  Everything we bought yesterday costs more today.

How and where do we invest our money in, certainly not with any bank, stocks are very unpredictable, the same with most mutual funds, or stock options, very confusing and expensive if we decided on the wrong road for our financial return. Could cost our retirement savings we had at one time. Here is the best performing asset in 2016.

I am no expert in this field, but I do listen to the ones that are experts in this area of expertise, Jim Rickards, Mike Maloney, and  Nick Barisheff to mention a few. What controls inflation, debt indeed plays an essential element. Take for example the American deficit at the end of 2015 was $18.1 Trillion dollars with a budget for the fiscal year of 2016 to be approximate $19.4 trillion, mind boggling. How will America and many other countries make their interest payment on their debt? Print more money which is only a bandage that increases additional inflation.

What backs up the U.S. buck, there is no commodity at all. Why Richard Nixon eliminated the gold standard, so he could have his freedom with the U.S. Buck used all over the world as the currency of choice. When Governments need more money, they just print it, who cares at the time, that is their solution. Then along came Mr Ronald Regan, the white shining armour man who had to compete with the cold war with Russia.

What did this competition prove other than increasing spending on their Military Forces, just created more debt? Ronald wanted to have the most up to date weapons, planes, ships, submarines to protect the world. We do appreciate his judgement, but only got us all into a painful period that took years to come back and haunt us all. It arrived several years ago; Mr Bush help the increases also with his reckless spending with a war that never proved any of the claims he had made.

Some of the Solutions for Hyperinflation

-Central Banks have to stop printing more money so they can keep up with the interest on the deficit.
-Government has to find a way to lower their expenditures 
-Increase taxes, with a better system of collecting taxes that are outstanding. 
-Federal Government has to raise the Reserve Requirements
-Federal Government has to implement stricter limitations, regulations with tougher disclosure for mortgage brokers and stock brokers

What are some of your thoughts with Hyperinflation, do you think it is happening at an alarming rate?

The biggest problem with Government Data released for public viewing is that its masquerade corrupted and manipulated by unreliable information.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Biggest Obstacle that Holds You from Success!!

January 21, 2014

We have just ordered another program on some site, which promised you so much success. We get all excited, and say this is the one that will make me "rich and fruitful." Within a very short time, it gets lost with all your other programs. That never lived up to your expectations.

Hang on; we just joined another program that is on it's "pre-lunch announcement." They say a spot and secure your position. It's the biggest decision ever on the Internet, so you did it again. How our minds work, always looking for that magical freedom dust, as in results, without any dedication or effort.

Our minds work in mysterious ways; we have the ability to control the thinking pattern, but most of us never do it. So we defeat our abilities before we provide them with an opportunity to become a reality. It happens so often; we second guess our thoughts, why is this? Been studying this thought pattern for a very long time.

The biggest investment you will ever make, also the most complicated, the most difficult one you will have to appreciate fully, or perhaps learn how to understand why it works! It's the only investment you will ever have to become well educated. Like I said, not going to be easy. Most of us can invest in any investment with money; this one is not about money. What this one is about, it will make or break your future, simple as that.

The biggest obstacle that holds you back is how you think! People pay for this advice, but unfortunately, they never understood the concept, skills involved with this investment. They were too busy, memorizes formulas that provided an (ROI) on their stocks, options, or whatever they invested their money. "This is why investments are so complicated."

Education in any specialty is a lifetime process; we can never allow our minds to accept a comfort zone. If we do not learn something new each and every day in our brand, then we have not invested wisely at all. It all of a sudden became a gamble with our investment.

I am no expert on investing, but I like my (ROI), it is a calculated risk that provides you with positive results, all that matters. Why would l allow someone who would ask me, what is your account number before you can ask questions? Sad, next time you talk to your financial advice, listen to him differently. The only thing you should understand is he cares nothing but his commission. So results are a well-calculated decision on his part unless you were on his end. Then you would also benefit, your just a file on his daily duties.

I was good at that; I played that game to an excellent return on my investment, which was my time. Only thing l understood, if l invested in my day, it's the only asset I can never buy back. So learned that my time had to be productive, wisely used. See I understand one thing, there is an international language in investing, it is called numbers, they can be abused, but they can never lie. Numbers are the "International Language of Investors." They are traceable with the feds, why they also understand this language.

Learn This Concept on WHY, and we are programmed to fail!

We are all magnificent on making excuses on why it will not work; we have an excuse for every move we make. We spend more time on why it will not work than it will not work. There is an old saying, one I need you to eliminate from here on. Misery just loves company; we feel at home. Stop doing this, right now.

Age, education, looks, who we married, schools we went to, friends, family, luck, setbacks due to a way we think. We can come up with so many excesses just the way we did it when we did not want to go to school as the child.

It could be a fact, and our minds have attached us to becoming defeated much easier than applying steps for success. Not as much work involved, and besides, so many people have tried this and failed. Why should l do this?  We only have an ability to think small, when the other has the same price, with much more financial results. Never understood them numbers, at all. So understand this concept "The Magic of Thinking Big."

So to become successful, you have to know this type of accomplishment. Learning what it takes in building confidences and destroy you fear. You have to re-read what I just shared. It's all I have, really is. The magical dust for success invests in your abilities.

It's what I share with my partners, building a solid foundation, has nothing to do with the above, we become, who we think we are sometimes. It's more than likely the greatest secret ever shared, why it is the greatest secret. Now you know the secret, use it wisely.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, September 6, 2013

Investing is Dedication we all Need to Have to Become Successful

September 5, 2013

Well, summer is kind of over, but kids are back to school for some of us, not a bad thing at all until your encounter the school buses on your way to work. Hey, life is filled with obstacles how you control them is how they will work out. You need to plan everything you do, almost.

Investing is no different, is it; not really, we all calculate the odds and then more than likely thinking about pulling that trigger. Some of us that do it have gossiped among our peers, they are so lucky. We have all heard that a few times. Why is that? Think about it for a second or two!!

Financial planning works when you're dedicated to a plan; that provides you with your real "ROI," all we should worry about is what is our return on our investment. Mistakes can be avoided, with the correct knowledge and forecasts. Then it becomes a more calculated risk with odds that have an opportunity of providing you with the best possible ("ROI")...

I read and study this topic, each and every day, just part of the future financial planning with an asset, which will never be duplicated by Governments what so ever. For theses reason l have shared on my blog, it is the most financial, logical reasoning's that provides you with the above average results.

Hey if you do not understand what your return is? Then this is not for your abilities. Investing advises that can and more than likely provide you with quicksand, not a good walk is it? The advice in the financial world is like the daily special at your favorite restaurant.

They need to sell what they hold, at whatever cost. greed kicks in. Now, what? Your stuck and more than likely going to take many steps backward, and lose a lot of hard-earned retirement money. Not exactly what you had in mind, only had you done your homework, yep that simple.

You know l have felt every single pain l have described here, but it is not about me. Financial Freedom is the easiest thing to achieve, been doing it all my life since I had a paper route. Never, ever; relied on anyone except my abilities.

Dedication is the key to any one's success if you do not have this, you're just spinning your tail in what you're doing or trying to achieve. Mindset is vital, shared by many self-improvement programs and the pioneer of personal development is the man who started this trend. If you watch this presentation more than likely will solve all of your concerns in life, really will.

Speaking at a level that is meaningful, with an impact that can direct you to start reviewing your daily activities, on how you spend, what you make and how you're going to provide for each and every month. Life is spent in two different ways, most of us, dedicate more energy into why things will not work, instead of why they can operate. See what l mean? Just things that you will learn if you decide to dedicate yourself to a more meaningful and fruitful life without the stress.

This blog is filled with articles on this asset gold, interviews with many top experts in this field that provide sound advice on why investment can be very complicated and most never enjoy the actual (ROI) they should have benefited from their efforts.

I like writing because l believe in what l do is making people better, and providing information they already knew, l just provide a reminder for us all. Learning how to think on your own, research, dedicate your retirement with a direction.

You can lose just as much, "Being  Rich, as you can; Being Poor."  

       What a concept makes sense 
when you think about what l just shared with you.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, July 19, 2013

Investments, Why Are They So Complicated, to Figure Out?

July 19, 2013

Why investing will always be the biggest single gamble you will ever make. Several reasons play into this theory of investing that hooked me.

Every since we were kids, we learned something new each day and applied it to our daily life’s. Then we got wiser and stopped learning something new. Education is a lifetime sentence, either you adapt to changes or you do not.

Investing is so complicated for the following reason so much uncertainty in the global economy, which has had trends that were unpredictable for all the inside manipulation being a standard bandage instead of a permanent solution to world financial crises.  Used by the power of International Governments, in so many countries.

So who do you honestly trust for the formation and solutions of the present hyperinflation we are experiencing.  Hyperinflation can have, devastating financial results for all of us, without a large amount of warning.

Whether you’re investing in a new house, cottage, boat, vehicle or just a plain old investment! How can you honestly feel comfortable with all the trends that have power over the value of what you’re about to invest in.
Understanding the complexity involved with your evaluation on your investment, is a wise way of reviewing and understanding all of the predictable risks involved with this assessment.

The odds always look better on paper; why is that? What did we miss? Why did l do this? The voices play over and over in our inner mind.  We hear it and are immobilized, powerless and incapable of turning off the voices. Investing without a doubt will always be complicated, too much manipulation within the markets. That actual gearshift’s the up’s and downs of your (ROI).

Understanding and applying some of these concepts into your investing abilities will eliminate many heavy losses that none of us appreciate. You can be very rich and still losses more than you desired, works for the poor and the rich.

History has had its way with investing in any market, peaks and valleys have always been obstacles that we need to avoid or find. Peaks are good but valleys create fatalities for our retirement, we will all retire one day.

So what can we do, is really a fair question that we need to revise daily, with merit and reasoning. Think back to when you were a kid, you had no boundaries. What these statements mean, are the most important investment you will ever make to adjust your abilities.

Creating the most powerful mindset you can create is the step that will make you either successful or just another lost angel in life. Jim Morrison actually wrote those words, they make intellectual sense. We all have this ability, but why most of us fail, too simple.  

Take some time and review this blog, hey if you decide not to, that is OK, if you leave some feedback you created a back link. Whatever you decide! I got turned on to this type of investing from Nick Barisheff  CEO of President of Bullion Management Group Inc.

The rest is up to you! Investments, why are they so complicated, to figure out?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

If your going to invest, then you need to learn the five "P's"

May 7, 2013,

The days, weeks and months are flying by, so much happening daily, how would one understand all the trends that occur daily from an investor's standpoint of options. Very confusing even from the most gifted, seasoned financial adviser's.

So a question is what do you do? Not really a good question to be thinking of, but one that needs attention. We read so much here on the internet, but it has one goal what is the benefit to them the sellers. Who do you trust or invest your time in? Time is really the only logical thing l can think of, you can never buy it back.

See this makes sense something you can never have back is a demand just like gold, it can not be printed or reproduced it's a one shot deal. The key element is how are you going to review your investments, and understand what l am sharing with the five p's.

The results you will ever achieve is the most expensive investment you will ever make, l say this for the simple reasons, the results are only three percent who will use this wisely and most will fall into the 97 percent of failure. Most humans can not afford to invest in time. So it really has no competitive market, would you not agree? so if you going to invest, then you need to understand them five P's.

This is your next step>>

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to Create a Residual Income, "Recession Proof!"

November 20, 2012

Watching and reading a lot of good information that has many "Financial Benefits," life will always go on, how you direct your obligations is entirely up to you. With all the uncertainty in the world economy, only one real asset stands out, for several reasons. Changes will take place on January 1st, 2013; we have heard this and that for most average blue, white collared people that we are.

Some of us think of how we will plan our retirement well others are reorganized their retirement plans we all fit into one of these two categories, not what we desired, but just outlining facts that make sense. The hardest thing we have against us is our mindset; we should have done this and done that! Guess what? You know the lyrics backward now, and you got good at it. So what can we do or learn from what have forgotten or got good at?

Being good at what you do takes many things that have to play a particular role in your progress, most people mistake activity daily as an accurate result of accomplishment, how far from the truth. How do you measure success is in the progress of your "ROI," return on our investment is the only stat that will provide you with an "Honest" answer. You need to understand how these words have control of your success, mastering them is the first step. Learn these six words and fully know what they mean  "Only to YOU and no one else!"







Words that have an impact on our abilities, why some of us do not succeed. You need to an active mindset, pleasant dreams as illustrated in the book "The Secret." We have heard this all so many times, but as simple as it is, very few take this emotional level to our real desires and then become reality. Not sure why this works, understanding that this is why very few of is take this road. We all suffer from this syndrome, "Stop" and "Start" leave one program for another.

If you leave your current program, can you cash out and return your purchase or investments? Liquidate your "Assets" as if it was a brick and mortar company. We can; we invest in an "Asset" that is recession proof and be used as simple as a debit or credit card, cash out any time nice feature to have when all else makes no financial sense. When you join our team you will be provided with a "Blue Print," all l can share at the moment, just read what l wrote and what my passion is, pretty clear would you not agree?

Understand what Basel III will mean to your current "Asset" if you own this "Asset."

Once you read that article, you will want to come back and review the "Final Paragraph" on this article one that will provide you with additional information on why our team has a "Blue Print for Success." We share and fully understand the true meaning of giving back with all the support that provides results. When you become successful means, l am getting the rewards also as you will. Understand this concept, and you will reap the rewards one gram at a time.

Watch this Short Presentation, and take action!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Most Competitive Market But The Most "Rewarding!"

November 15, 2012

I guess the title caught your attention if it did not, then your here for other reason! The internet has countless opportunities that come with all kinds of magical dust, to make you "Rich" beyond your wildest dreams. We have read one or two of them splash pages, or landing pages that got our attention for no real apparent reason.  So why is this so much different than all of the other opportunities that have a similar concept.

The key to any investment in my mind is real simple what was my (ROI) return on my investment, how do l rate it among many conditions. What we do is provide you with the most creative way of having access to your investment, by investing one gram at a time. Fits in your wallet and easy to use anywhere in the world, real simple features that are provided as our rewards.

So what l am saying is you have access to your account 24/7 hard to argue with this opportunity, it's in your back pocket, with easy access and useable. Walk into a restaurant. drug store, any stores in your favorite mall you have access with your card. It's a leader in the industry, if your company is not providing you with your access, then what do you have?

Learn the "Secrets of the Rich," they invested in them self !!!

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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