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Monday, August 8, 2016

Key Elements to Understanding the Mindset of Your Future Prospects

August 8, 2016

What are the key elements of understanding the mindset of future and potential prospects? We make cold calls and never take the time to review their profile on such platforms as LinkedIn, Facebook and so many other social media platforms that will provide you priceless information on the person your calling.

Sales are all based on an essential element of understanding their emotional state and how you will approach this client. People buy items when you have them in an emotional state, not a logical state. When they are in a  logical state, it means they are thinking and reviewing everything that you have shared.  Why would anyone spend $100,000.00 on a brand new vehicle when a $20,000.00 car provides the same results getting you from point "A" to point "B."

There is not one single logical reason that says you have to spend $100,000.00 on a vehicle. If you can think of one logical reason, please do share it with us. They bought that vehicle based on their minds being in an emotional state, and they saw themselves as someone special, better than most it increased their status symbol all emotional reason not one is a logical reason.

In most cases people who buy high ticket items barely can afford the payments, there are exceptions of course there are. If your wealthy you can do whatever you want in most cases, but I am talking about the average hard working "blue-collar" type of people that exist. So your job is to understand who you're dealing with and making sure you're understanding when you first speak to a client there mindset is at a logical state. Now you need to convert and shift their thinking to an emotional state.

 How do you do this? This will apply to any industry that involves selling you need to know your product inside out, have proven testimonials from past clients. An excellent sales staff is well trained understands that painting a story is the best way to selling anything, people listen to stories and visualize themselves owning that product in their mind. This is very effective if you're in the automotive industry. People see themselves taking their first trip, what will their neighbors, friends say about what they have just purchased, it is all about status and feeling good about your investment.

People will only buy, or join your business if they feel that you understand their need, they have confidence in you as a professional, people purchase items or join companies because they have faith in you and the information you have provided and shared with them. Why it is so important to listen to the needs of your customers. When you listen to your prospect, you know exactly what they are looking for. "There is an old saying people do not like to be sold but love to buy." Keep this in mind at all times.

Selling is a process, and you need to have an updated process, continuous training, learning all you can see about all the latest developments within your industry. Customers want to feel confident with who they are dealing with, so you need to be as competent as possible with your product your selling. Why the first impression is so important with any type of communication with another human. When you understand your product and how it will solve or improve a potential client is how sales are generated in a down market or any other type of market. Sales is an Art, it is why some are very successful in this industry, they have master the skills at all levels of the process.

Regardless of what you are selling, the purpose of business is all about making your client and company's life better. When both parties feel like they got exactly what they were looking for it is a win, win situation for both sides. The best source of new prospects will always be the ones that get referred to you and your company. They already know something about who you are as a leader in this industry and feel confident you will provide them with the solutions they need.

Selling beginnings after the sales are made, a good salesperson will follow up with their new client and ask them generic questions making sure they are still very satisfied and if they have any issues that need to be addressed. You have just done something 97 percent of the sales staff never do, a follow-up call. It is an excellent time if they are totally satisfied to ask for a referral. A simple question like do you know anyone who will also benefit from what you have just purchased? People love to talk about who they are and what they have, what a concept?

Good sales people never run out of prospects, because all the 
referrals they get from past sales,  they keep in contact with their clients, 
always there to help them with any problem they may have.

Picture taking by (my daughter) Ashley Botelho, somewhere in Colorado

What if you were able to brand yourself like no one else in your industry? Would this get your attention? I will share some information that could change how you are performing with your prospects and closing ratio, the only number that matters.
 Do you know your closing ratio?

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

Friday, April 8, 2016

Recognizing why You're sales are down and what You need to do

April 8, 2016

The worst mistake you can do is to panic, thinking that this sale slump will never come to an end. You start second guessing yourself, wondering what it is your not doing. The smartest thing you can do is take a deep breath, relax your mind. At this current time, the last thing your brain needs is additional pressure from you panicking.

Sometimes you need to back away from all the pressure, what I use to do was go to the gym and have a good hard workout, this cleared my mind. If you are not into working out then, do something entirely different that you enjoy doing. Do a crossword puzzle, anything to get your thoughts away from your sales slump. The more you think about your depression with sales, the problem will only compound without any results.

There is also an old remedy that works for many people it is called de-stressing with healthy foods. Eating certain foods will help you with the stress level you're having currently. Here are some of the examples of healthy foods you can add to your diet.

Keep in mind nothing lasts forever, your sales slump will come to an end sooner than you think. Allow your brain to relax, listen to some meditational music to help your mind come to a complete state of relaxation. It's a proven fact when the brain is exposed to certain music beats it can relieve a lot of useless pressure from your mind. One that I use for me to relax my thoughts fully is the Evening Meditation. 

How to revamp your thinking with a killer sales attitude that will change your current slump and close more sales. Think about baseball; they have a coach for almost every situation, from a bench coach to a pitching coach a first base coach, third base coach along with all the other coaches that the team employees. They correct small mistakes, which the player has no idea he is doing, his off his rhythm, they get him back on track.

What you need to do is review all of your latest sales you have made. Recall all the steps you took to make that sale; each transaction is different. Sit down, analyze each phase with each customer . this will allow you to see how you've made the sale and why you've done the deal. It works like magic, you reinforcing positive vibes that change your thinking and gets you understanding some the mistakes you might have made with the clients you did not close. Just like the baseball player who had it pointed out to him by his coach.

Then get back on track with some sales training, listen to some Zig Ziggler's sales training, to keep you focused, read some good books on sales, how to close more sales. They are countless of books that will help you, achieve more sales. But you need to study them, not just read them like a novel. Big difference explore the concepts that have been laid out for you.

If you apply these steps, you will drastically see results from the moment you meet your first client. You're better prepared; you have new found confidences in your abilities. You become an entirely different person. Hope these tips help you sell more than you ever did, but more importantly sales slump never last forever.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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