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Friday, February 5, 2016

Here are The Reasons on Why I have Not Updated My Blog

February 5, 2016

Life has a way of taking a hold of your time and focusing "YOU" on a different journey. So much has happened since l last wrote a post here, some good some not so good, but how life is.

Been spending a lot of time on home improvements, since my ex-wife finally moved out. We left on good terms, so that is a positive thing. Started with my kitchen, next thing l know l am painting the ceilings, walls, replacing the floors along with all the light fixtures, sink, faucet, you're getting the picture.

 Now the problem is the rest of the house needs my attention, soon to the bathroom same thing, living and dining room, hallways, removed carpet replaced with hardwood, that is a job all on its own. The proper tools is a requirement, why to try to do something if it is not your best work. Fortunately, l had most of the tools to do the job with a professional finish, which I am happy.

How the Upstairs looked like, we had to move everything to get
the below results, it was fun we ate well.
Got a lot done, bonding time, the rare moment also got help!
Main Hallway Under Construction

Finished Product Living Room
Now that first floor is all completed, it's on to the second floor, but before we get there, I need to change the stairs from Oak to Mahogany finish. Wow have you ever sanded banisters on stairs, no fun at all.  I Paid my son to do the dirty job, and then l applied the applications to make them look entirely different.

How the Stairs Use to Look Like

How The Stairs Now Look Like
The madness has not come to an end as of yet, still have the second floor to finish off along with hallways, painting, drywall and all the prep time it takes for you to be ready to paint and lay down the new floor. Since my son works from home he wants me to build him a Music Studio, yes a studio so l did. What his into master and engineering music, along with performing, writing killer lyrics, with the correct beats to enhance it to another level of perfection, as well as producing, and god knows what else. Here is a kind of cool interview on Erik. 

Under Construction

How it will Look When It is All done
 So now l need to get back to the laundry room, replace the waste pump, and then the sump pump, might as well do it all correct, replace all light fixtures. Yes, l also replace furnace and the air conditioning since l got my money worth for both items. When l said l was updating my house was not taking any short cuts. Had to replace all the pumps since they were pretty old, and could go at any time.

By the way, l am not looking for a part time paying job doing what l enjoy making home improvements. Looking towards having this project finally complete within the next three months. How it is when you do it part time.

All the Best,

Joseph F. Botelho One Gram at a Time

Joseph Botelho

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